15 July 2008

Catching up

Hi!!! Long time, no see =] Except I've been keeping up in my handwritten journal, so it's all okay. So...I'm going to do the same thing that I did the first two weeks this summer I was stuck at my mom's house and post things I'm "looking forward to"

Today: Gym class(es) with Leslie, Secret Life of the American Teenager
Tomorrow: Possibly running shoe shopping with Leslie, One year anniversary on Leaky
Thursday: Grandpa comes (I guess that's exciting...), new My Boys
Friday: Uh.... (sad)
Today-Friday: more new 5AG videos
Saturday: Mom's birthday
Sunday: New songsfromahat video
Monday, July 21st: Year anniversary of Deathly Hallows
Tuesday, July 22nd: Gym class(es) with Leslie, Secret Life of the American Teenager
Wednesday, July 23rd: ???? (sad)
Thursday, July 24th: new episode of My Boys
Friday, July 25th: HOME!!!!
21st-25th: more new 5AG videos!!! =] =]
Things I hope will happen at some point: Water World, trip up to Denver to go shopping, hang out with Joel, Melissa...

Umm...so, anyway, as you can see I'm not all that excited to be here, away from camp. I miss it so much. I know that there were times during camp where I said, "I want to go home" and kind of meant it, but...Well, for one thing, I'm not home. And also, there are just too many things about camp that I love. I really miss the atmosphere, the family meals, the friends, the scenery, the food (scary, but I had a cheese sandwich for dinner on both Saturday and Sunday. That's NOT DINNER), and even the barn. Because for every bad morning/afternoon doing tedious chores at the barn, getting pissed off at Tat2, coming back to my friends smiling and wanting to talk to me made it all better--especially the time Kodiak actually said, "I missed you." So...yeah, I just really do wish I was still there. *sigh*

Okay, so I'm going to start posting everything I wrote down during my month at camp. Enjoy! Cheers!

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