15 July 2008

Saturday 21 June 2008--Catch up

Okay, so ignore that last part. I just remembered what we did Thursday morning and now I really feel like an idiot that I couldn't remember. Pssht...Anyway, we played Capture the Flag for an hour and a half, which was loads and loads of fun. But since I'm pretty fast, I was kind of a target of the other team I cut my leg on the log their bandana was hidden behind. And then I totally biffed it--I cut my arm, shoulder, knee, and bruised my knees pretty bad too. The sad thing was that NEITHER team won!!! It was very amusing, though. After we decided to give up/surrender, Pebbles took us to go do a bunch of kapers--window washing, sweeping/cleaning the showers, and fixing the singing rocks. We had metime then (obviously) and after that we finally did the equipment training for overnights/cookouts. And then the other half of the cabin started cooking for dinner. It took a little while because it was propane, but we had really good pizza quesadillas and dirt and worms, and I helped to dishes (to be honest, it was mostly Nudge and me doing dishes from our side of the cabin). We still had to go to campfire that night, which was vaguely annoying but actually really amusing--during training, Dynamite had accidentally said that if you see a bear, you "take your shirt off" and the counselors did a skit teasing her about it.

Friday we got to sleep in, and then we cooked our chocolate chip pancakes for the cookout, which were awesome. We proceeded to go STRAIGHT to lunch. Gah, that was annoying because I wasn't hungry at all. I mean, I seriously could have just skipped breakfast and eaten lunch. Right after lunch Squirt, Critter, Sunshine, Duckie, Dynamite, Flamingo, Hershey, and I played a game of Egyptian Rat Slap, which Squirt won. Then we were with Pebbles for Behavior Problems training, which was actually pretty interesting. We then "applied what we learned" to the movie A Bug's Life, and I finally got an actual letter from Leslie. That night we played Sardines (which I lost), finally took showers again (Squee!), and had another dance party. Again, the dance party was great, but we got stuck in the lodge because it was lightning and when we finally got to Troop house people wouldn't shut up--it must've been after 11:30 by the time they finally shut up. *sigh* (And no metime! Gah!)

Oh, and last night and this morning we got to staff tables. This morning we did the zip line, which was phenomenal. =] I stopped running too soon, though. =[ And this afternoon we hiked to Manitou Lake. The hike there was great and it was nice to be out of camp. But we didn't walk back on the highway, so it was all uphill and the Juniors were dying. It wasn't that bad (in my opinion), but...I felt bad for the younger girls. We've been just sitting in the lodge for an hour now. Dinner and flag soon. Something tonight. Kodiak's birthday. And...we've been here 7 days! Cheers!

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