17 July 2008

Saturday 5 July 2008--Stuff..A lot

So I have to cover almost 4 days plus so ranting in this entry, so I have a hunch this will take up an awful lot of space. Starting with Wednesday...

On Wednesday morning I had to get up at 6:00 to go to work with Leslie, the only way I could be driven back to camp. Well, needless to say, it wasn't very exciting--I sat around reading Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul for about 3 and a half hours, and also checked my e-mail for the last time before coming here. We met Dad for lunch at Poor Richards, which was really nice. I had an amazing veggie burger. =] But then came the time when I had to leave with Dad to drive back to camp. =[ As I said in the previous entry, I had zero excitement to be coming back. And I was exhausted, so I was half asleep on the drive up. We arrived pretty early, which meant that I sat around with the other CIT/WITs waiting for everyone to arrive. Once this finally happened, we split off into our various groups--I went down to the barn with the other 4 WITs. We helped the two horse groups choose boots and helmets, then helped load the Kobota (feeder). Dinner was hugely crappy, and we had to help Horsin' Around with their skit for campfire--it got really annoying and tedious. Our own song went really good, though. But we didn't get to bed until really late, which stunk because I was EXHAUSTED. *sigh*

Thursday morning, Basil, Vegas, and I (I'm pretty much always with them) were with Horsin' Around--at the barn assisting with their ground lesson and a little in the ring until 11:00, and then to their health checks (considerably boring). I had to be at the barn with Basil and Vegas at 1:30, which basically meant I got zero metime. Anyway, we helped catch, tack, and groom the 6 horses we'd be using, but right when the Brownies walked down it started lightning. It stayed lightning for a while, and DeJaniero got especially spooked and pulled hard on the fence. Not long after that, it started pouring rain AND hail. I felt horrible leaving the horses in the pasture, but there was nothing we could do. Anyway, we basically got stuck in the barn with Brownies until 4:00, when they left and it cleared up. We cleaned around the barn, watched Lil and Kandi run Spaghetti, and then helped feed/fill water again. Gah, and all the groups (that had CIT/WITs anyway) had cookouts that evening, and we ALL had to go, even though I really didn't want to. Just as the last people got dessert, the sky decided to pour rain and hail AGAIN. So we were stuck in a cabin with a bunch of young girls--it got so freaking hot and smelly and LOUD, and all I wanted to do was go to bed. We also had to wash dishes in the cold, with freezing water. It was still lightning when we walked back (after 9:15, I might add), which I wasn't comfortable with at all. And we didn't even get to bed as early as I would've liked.

Yesterday morning Basil, Vegas, and I were at the barn again. Since it was a Brownie group, Lil wanted all three of us in the ring for the entire two hours. It got so dang hot in the arena--so we, along with Ali, took the opportunity to spray each other with the hose when Squirt asked us to fill containers with water. Once all the horses were untacked, the girls gone, and the horses put away, Basil and I did a large amount of chores. I swept the tack room, which took a LONG time, we disinfected the boots and helmets, and then mucked one of the stalls (even though supposedly the Wranglers did that). By that time, we were basically late for lunch--joyous. =] (sarcasm) We were with Horsin' Around again int he afternoon, which meant I actually got metime and managed to finish a letter to Dad and Leslie. We were at the barn with them from 2-4. This time we only helped with their ground lesson in the tack room--it was actually fun because the girls were really enthusiastic about it. Then the girls were at archery until 5:30. I had never seen girls that young doing archery. It was adorable to watch and a few of them were actually relatively good. Several of the girls were hanging all over me--I had gained a (as one girl called it) "Luna fanclub." Dinner was actually surprisingly good--potato casserole and dinner biscuits. The CIT/WITs had to help with the Fourth of July carnival--I was with Almond and Nudge doing the Water Balloon Toss. It was boring, but going okay for a while. Then we started fighting with the eggs and water balloons (oh, and we got to pie the program staff). I got relatively soaked and became really cold--but poor Nudge go hit with 6 water balloons and she was freezing (which says something because she's never cold). So, we got to change into warmer clothes, and the people who got egged or whip creamed took showers while we sat in the Lodge--Basil and I did our staff evaluations. We were there until after 10:30, and the lights weren't off until way after 11:00.

So..this morning the 5 WITs, the Wrangler, and riding staff were supposed to go on a trail ride. We'd gotten them all ready and warmed up in the arena and were headed out to the trail. But Hershey couldn't freaking control her horse--it wandered towards the hay and she couldn't get it to follow even though younger girls are perfectly capable. So, we didn't get to go! Lil would've had to stay, and since Ribs is only 17 she couldn't take the rest of us. The only really fun part was loping back up the hill to the arena. Basically we rode for 45 minutes around the arena--walking, trotting, loping, etc, and then cooled them down and went to lunch. There, we discovered we were going on a hike. It was to Mystic Meadows--I guess it was vaguely fun, but it was also pointless. We had metime at the lodge (which I never actually consider metime) and...FINALLY took showers--First time in FOUR days. It felt amazing, because before that I felt disgusting. Dinner's really soon, then a movie, and we're sleeping in the lodge. That actually really pisses me off, because I'm sure I won't get very much sleep.

So, I suppose I've had fun, though yesterday evening to today have been crappy. And I haved Hershey before, but now I'm pissed off at her (it's scary). Plus, Amber from driver's ed is a CIT II and she pisses me off just as much--she's still really rude. I guess riding this morning was still fun and it was AMAZING to be back on a horse (oh, I rode Midnight). But Squirt's been lying to us about our activities quite a lot recently and a bunch of the CIT/WITs are still really bugging me. I really want a long run, but since Tink isn't our counselor anymore, that isn't possible. I also want HOME, but that won't happen until July 25th. So...life/camp could definitely be a lot better. *sigh* Well, Cheers!

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