17 July 2008

Tuesday 1 July 2008--Going Back

So, after we took showers on Thursday we played with the parachute again and did ceramics in crafts. I used to be pretty good, but after 2 years of not doing it all I managed was a big "HP" to maybe hang on my wall and a lightning bolt. That night we had campfire again. Personally, I think our skit went really well. But, since all the other camps were actually leaving, it became rather depressing and a lot of the Top Hand girls started crying. I probably would've if it wasn't for the fact that we're coming back. Houdini and I talked until bedtime, mostly about going home and me trying to comfort her about her family and why her Dad's in Orlando. I was pretty tired though, so I didn't continue my tradition of staying up late on the last night...though it's not technically even the last night...

Friday, Ducky and I went running in the morning with Tinkerbell--it must've been 2 1/2 miles plus walking briskly for a mile or so. It felt incredible to run--to get my mind off Aunt Susan, Houdini, and everything that's been bothering me. To just concentrate on the rhythm of running. We ran back up the drive way for a very small time, but my allergies (and Ducky's too) were so bad it was hard to breathe. This annoyed me because my muscles could've kept going, but...I simply couldn't breathe.

We hopped for breakfast, then went back to "finish packing," which, for me, consisted of stuffing my sleeping bag. (Oh, and I forgot to mention the dead mouse we discovered behind the stove! Eurgh!) Then we headed to the barn to set up our various stations. Mine, horseshoes, didn't take long--pound the sticks int the ground as good as possible and laugh at how we all stunk at throwing them. But THEN, only 15 minutes before the rodeo was set to start, we had to hurry back up to Troop House to put our stuff in the trailer...And then back down to the barn! Well, of course, the rodeo started late, so it didn't matter. The rodeo itself wasn't terribly exciting. I mean, all the girls from Top Hand did really well, but it was only the three same events, so...The counselors, etc, did some stuff when the girls were done. Tink beat Tweety wearing basketball shorts, which was amusing. To be honest, horseshoes got really boring, just constantly picking them up and handing them to girls--though some were really good! There was an awards ceremony that we didn't get any awards in, and...Finally check-out! =] Leslie took me for ice cream in Woodland Park. When I got home, I unpacked, TRULY washed my mess kit, and started my whites. Once I finally got to the computer, here's what I found: 136 new e-mails (46 I cared about), 402 Spam, 2 PotterCasts, and 22 new videos from my YouTube subscriptions!!!!

Saturday wasn't terribly exciting. Commissary, where, erm...I didn't buy much. Dad and I went swimming again. =] We watched Airplane. On Sunday I did some errands with Leslie: skin care, watch band, stuff at Home Depo. I also reorganized my medicine cabinet. (Oh, on Saturday morning Leslie and I had a personal training session.) We went to the gym, got our times mixed up about Yoga, and ended up swimming. I swam 800 m and sat in the jacuzzi, both of which felt really good. =]

Monday I mostly sat rereading Oracle Quest and catching up with a bunch of stuff online--I met a Colorado Springs HP fan on Facebook and I now know when I'm volunteering for Terminus: Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. (35 days! Squee!) After all the running around at camp, it felt way too lazy, but I think I deserved it, in a way. After dinner Dad, Leslie, and I watched a VERY strange X-File--they're always strange, but this one especially.

Today I finally uploaded the pictures from camp. I also watched An Inconvenient Truth again this morning. (but Elyse made me very uncomfortable when she came home and practically glared at me for watching something. I have every right, especially since I'm leaving soon, but it made me uncomfortable!) I kind of messed around online some more, then read a lot after lunch. I did some last minute laundry and packing, too. At six, Leslie and I went to the gym, Elyse rudely tagging along. We went o the ellipticals for about 30 minutes, which felt strangely good. And then we went to the new Body Attack class. I twas hard, but a lot of fun and the best exercise I've had in a long time. We ate dinner at 8:45...and, yeah, I hope to go to bed soon because I have to get up early.

It feels weird to be going back to camp. I'm excited to actually be at the barn for these 10 days (hopefully!!) and I'll be happy to see my friends again (Sunshine, Kodiak, Houdini). But, on the other hand, HOME has been so nice and peaceful. Actual quiet and alone time. When I get back I'll have to deal with the people who had been bugging me once again. But, AH, I can't believe I forgot to mention this. We got our mini staff cups and we'll get to decorate them! Squee! Oh, and my unit will be Horsin' Around. Juniors. =] Basically, I have mixed feelings about going back.

List of good dinners I had:
Friday: Lentils and vegetables, corn on the cob
Saturday: Enchiladas!!! =]
Sunday: Turnip and Spinach soup (surprisingly good)
Monday: Szechuan Stir Fry
Today: Frittata, Spinach Salad


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wirpsamaria said...

Chica! I love you. Glad you liked the spinach/turnip soup. It was a new venture in my culinary career. And hey, we have enchiladas scheduled on the menu upon your return to this abode. Stay strong, maintain your integrity, and remember that empathy and compassion are the most powerful agents of change in this world. Try always to see that shining gem of light in everyon you meet, and every circumstance you face. You know we love you and await you with open arms. Ebony meows a big long hello!!! Abrazos. Leslie.