20 November 2007

Happiness is...

Inspired by my BEAUTIFUL friend Chickadee: To me, this is what HAPPINESS IS...

Leaky Friends

After reading a post that Chickadee made in the Common Room today, I suddenly got the urge to write about how thankful I am to have all my Leaky friends. Get ready for a long read (like anyone really reads this), because I have a lot to say.

I'll probably start with Chickadee. Perhaps it's just me, but I feel that the two of us have become really close. She's so sweet and caring. She actually listens to (reads) the posts I make, unlike a lot of the people in the Loft. I feel like she understands me, too. I don't have that many real friends, just people who hang around with my friends so it looks kind of like they are my friends. So I don't have that many people that i can just sit down and have a nice good TALK with, and all they do is LISTEN, without walking away or getting distracted or ignoring me. I always feel so much better if I come home and see a post from her. Of all my friends I've met on Leaky over the past 4 months, I feel closest to her! And, of all of them, she is the one I most want to meet in person sometime, even if it means I have to travel out to North Carolina to do it! Hey, I've never been there, so why not!

Hmm, next would probably be Jeff. He's actually closer in age to me, though I don't feel as close to him. He's brilliant, and the main reason I love him is because he's a teenage guy and a fan of Harry Potter. Really, I don't meet many of teenage guys who are obsessed with Harry Potter, so I really admire him. =D He, too, listens to what I say and pays attention.

Then, there's voldyhate'r. Unfortunately, she seems to have been captured by World of Warcraft or some video game like that so I don't see her very much anymore. But we are the SAME AGE, which is always a plus.

Sethtaylorsummer would probably be another Lounger that I feel close to. We aren't in the same reading group, unfortunately, and she has a lot of work taking care of her kids. But I always have interesting, enlightening conversations.

Of course, I feel I am friends with all of the people who hang out in the Lily&Stag Inn, that was just a quick list of those who I feel closest to. We all have connections. Yes, we all love Harry Potte (duh), but we also all love analyzing books or we wouldn't have joined the reading groups. We all share quite a lot of information on our lives, so I suppose that shows we like to interact with other people!

Anyway, as I said at the beginning of this post, I am VERY thankful to have all of my Leaky friends. They mean so much to me! I try to imagine life back before I found the Lounge...and I can't! I must have been so bored! I didn't have nearly as many people to talk to! I hardly ever feel truly lonely anymore, because there’s almost always someone on Leaky when I sign on! I am so grateful to have all these people who find what’s going on in my life interesting. I’m not used to it, but I’ve learned to dismiss that fact and just love it. What I really want now is to be able to meet them sometime! The Lounge has changed my life in so many ways, the first, obviously, being that it gives me some interaction with other people who actually care about me and know who I am (my name), and I feel that I can tell anything.

Thank you, Leaky! And a big hug and thanks to all my friends and people who have talked to me and reached out to me! You don’t know how much you’ve contributed to my life! I love you ALL!

11 November 2007

bad day :(

Why, hello, my Leaky friends. *big sigh* I just had a REALLY bad Friday. Why don't you sit down? (actually, since you are on the computer, you probably actually are) So, well, let's see...swimming wasn't that bad, he made me demonstrate again since I'm competitive and all. English was what ruined my Friday though. Okay, so we took our weekly vocab test and I don't think I did that great...I KNOW I missed at least two, and probably one more on the previous weeks thing. Then we had to watch our video projects, two, including my group's. Now, I completely recognized before and after watching ours that it completely sucked. It was hard, because we were all girls who had to be guys most of the time and one of my members really didn't care. Oh, and we had a really bad video camera. So, my (amazingly wonderful) teacher started talking to both of the groups about what we/they could have done better. And, then everyone else starts saying that it was her fault that they were bad, or she was being biased, or that we didn't have enough time or instructions. Which was totally horrible! It was not her fault, she wasn't being biased because the first group that went on Wednesday was a lot better, and she gave us a month to do this and gave us very detailed instructions. I felt horrible for her and I wanted to throw something at three members of the class who will go unnamed. *sigh* I started crying a little because I was so stressed and angry and annoyed and disappointed in both myself and my classmates. Anyway, so that pretty much ruined the rest of my day because that was all I could think about. I did get a small reward of the girl's team winning jeopardy in Geography. We were playing it to study for our test on Tuesday. But, still, a pretty crappy Friday. And I had been looking forward to this Friday because it meant only a week until Thanksgiving and swim team starting OFFICIALLY tomorrow. But, apparently, if you want a good Friday it turns out to be crappy.

08 November 2007

Harry Potter Fandom

Friday 2 November 2007 HP Fandom

So, I’m breaking my streak of chapter discussions here with some thoughts on what’s been going on lately in the Harry Potter fandom. I’m a little annoyed at certain people at TLC/LL who are taking everything so personally. Not everyone…I love my Leaky family! It’s just that some of them take everything Jo says the wrong way and don’t bother to listen to other opinions or read what actually happened. Granted, I think we’re all stressed right now. We’re all tired from school/work. And the fandom has been in the spotlight, the eye of the world a lot since the news about Dumbledore and all. Wee aren’t used to that, just at book releases. We’re used to being our quiet little fandom, full of geeks who understand each other, having most people just ignore us obsessed ones. Or maybe that’s just me…I feel like we’ve been getting too much attention from the media lately. And it certainly IS stressful.

But, where did all this arguing begin? Personally, I think it started with Jo’s suit against India. All I know is that an Indian festival replicated Hogwarts and the Hogwarts Express for their theme and some of Jo’s “representatives” sued them. But, if I heard correctly, India rejected the claim and nothing happened. Personally, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with this suit, but the story caused a lot of disagreement. I don’t know if that’s actually when all this happened, but…maybe.

Anyway, then there was Jo coming out about Dumbledore at Carnegie Hall. We got media attention from EVERYWHERE on that. And goodness, that practically split or normally pleasant and agreeable fandom down the middle. I argued with people I never thought I would ever! There was so much flaming of Jo and her decision. All I did was politely get my opinion out there. I was appalled at how some people acted! A lot of it was disgusting and horrifying. I mean, just because he’s gay DOES NOT MEAN HE’S A PEDOPHILE! Sheesh! Dumbledore is still the same intelligent, wise, friendly old man and the best headmaster Hogwarts ever had. It doesn’t change anything about his character, just like having brown eyes or the favorite color of orange. It does add information to the story—the reason he waited to go after Grindelwald was that he loved him. So, yeah, it’s important to the story, sort of, but Dumbledore is still the same. He’s witty and perceptive and Harry’s most important mentor and guide to destroying Voldemort. I know it’s against some people’s religion (lol, stamp collecting), but that religion also says to be respectful and understanding to everyone. All the flaming of Jo and gays broke my heart. Jo doesn’t want any more publicity, money, or attention. She gets plenty of it and didn’t do any of this for attention in the first place. A fan asked her a question about Dumbledore’s love life and she answered truthfully. She’s an honest, beautiful, and giving woman. And I will love her forever. She’s given me and the world so much, mainly friends. I don’t exactly have many friends (being Luna), and most of the ones I do have I connected with through Harry Potter :D

All right, and now there’s this news about Jo suing Steve for his book he’s planning to come out with. I think it makes perfect sense. Harry and his world belong to Jo, and Steve shouldn’t be making money off her creation. I love Steve, really, I DO. He’s spent long hours and late nights making Lexicon for us so we can look up facts. But it’s free—he’s not making money off of the website. And it really does seem like he doesn’t listen to Jo…I was wondering though, if we would be reacting differently if this was someone other than Steve, who we didn’t love so much.

Well, the fandom just seems to have changed a lot. It’s not the same. *sigh* But I still love (almost) everyone in it! ROWLING’S WOMAN THROUGH AND THROUGH!