11 November 2007

bad day :(

Why, hello, my Leaky friends. *big sigh* I just had a REALLY bad Friday. Why don't you sit down? (actually, since you are on the computer, you probably actually are) So, well, let's see...swimming wasn't that bad, he made me demonstrate again since I'm competitive and all. English was what ruined my Friday though. Okay, so we took our weekly vocab test and I don't think I did that great...I KNOW I missed at least two, and probably one more on the previous weeks thing. Then we had to watch our video projects, two, including my group's. Now, I completely recognized before and after watching ours that it completely sucked. It was hard, because we were all girls who had to be guys most of the time and one of my members really didn't care. Oh, and we had a really bad video camera. So, my (amazingly wonderful) teacher started talking to both of the groups about what we/they could have done better. And, then everyone else starts saying that it was her fault that they were bad, or she was being biased, or that we didn't have enough time or instructions. Which was totally horrible! It was not her fault, she wasn't being biased because the first group that went on Wednesday was a lot better, and she gave us a month to do this and gave us very detailed instructions. I felt horrible for her and I wanted to throw something at three members of the class who will go unnamed. *sigh* I started crying a little because I was so stressed and angry and annoyed and disappointed in both myself and my classmates. Anyway, so that pretty much ruined the rest of my day because that was all I could think about. I did get a small reward of the girl's team winning jeopardy in Geography. We were playing it to study for our test on Tuesday. But, still, a pretty crappy Friday. And I had been looking forward to this Friday because it meant only a week until Thanksgiving and swim team starting OFFICIALLY tomorrow. But, apparently, if you want a good Friday it turns out to be crappy.

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