31 July 2008

Birthdays, Wizard Rock, and more exciting news

Well, I have some very special birthday wishes today!!!! =]

First, to Harry: Happy 28th birthday!!! Over the past 8 years, you have been my constant, silent (literary) friend, always there when I needed to get away from my thoughts or needed someone who cared. =] You have accomplished so much, and I hope you're happy with your life now!!! You are simply amazing, Harry, and I hope your birthday is just as phenomenal as you deserve!!!

To Jo: Happy 43rd birthday!!! I can't thank you enough for writing these books. You gave me a constant friend, and opened me up to the HP fandom, which has given me so many friends from all over the world. I really connect with your books.....I'm a "different" type of person, and the books allow me to be accepted, despite my eccentricities. You are simply amazing and you are beautiful. Thank you so much for sticking with Harry even now, for continuing to excite us with news about Beedle the Bard, the Theme Park, and the Scottish Book...and thank you for putting up with us obsessive fans who want to know every detail right down to the middle name of Harry's great-grandfather! ;)

Next, wizard rock!!!! =] Okay, so yesterday I bought the new Moaning Myrtles' album: What About Myrtle and The Parslemouths' new album: Pretty in Pink (and Green)!!!!!!!!! Squee, that made me so excited. I then proceeded to listen to both albums in full (almost, I only listened to parts of some songs). They are both full of awesome. My favorite songs on What About Myrtle are probably, "What About Myrtle" and "All I Think About." And my favorite songs on Pretty in Pink (and Green) are probably "We Belong Together" and "This is Never Going to End." I'm now low on money on iTunes after buying those, and (last month) the old Moaning Myrtles' album, The Butterbeer Experience's old album, and Lauren's muggle music album. But after listening to this new awesome Wrock music, I wish even more that I was going to Wrock Chicago!!!! =[ *sigh* It would be so amazing to listen to all these bands live, but I can't change that now!

And, there's more exciting news in the world of Harry Potter: The Tales of Beedle the Bard is being released to the general public on December 4th, 2008!!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] =] Thank you so, so much, Jo! This means a lot to me, and I can't wait to read the stories for myself

Erm...so, go listen to some Wizard Rock!!! Wrock rocks!!!! Cheers!

(Oh, and I have now made as many posts as there are days in the month of July...)

30 July 2008

Chamber of Secrets reading group

I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my last post!!!! *hits head on desk hard, then winces and goes back to typing*

The Chamber of Secrets reading group opened today!!!!!! SQUEE!!!! For some reason, I'm really excited for this one, though I didn't have a great experience with the Philosopher's Stone one. Allie is my reading group again, so I'll probably actually participate in this one. I'm still trying to convince Mary Rose to join again despite her bad experience in HBP, because I sincerely miss hearing her thoughts each week! *sigh*

And (recent news!) Allie agreed to look at my paper for Terminus, which is a relief. I'm glad I'll be able to have a big HP fan look at it from the fan perspective, since that's who I'll be talking too. Now I'm just hoping she won't say it's crap! (Just kidding =])


So, I haven't posted an actual journal entry in here since Friday. And for that I am terribly sorry. So let's start with Saturday!!!!

Well, don't remember doing much of anything in the morning. I probably was on the computer for far to long a time, read some, ate lunch around 12:30....Then, once my stepmom came home and we'd finished discussing the menu for the next two weeks/what we'd need to buy, my dad and I headed off to the BX/commissary. I proceeded to get a little depressed at the BX when my dad told me to buy school supplies because it was the last BX/commissary trip I'd have before school starts on the 15th!!!!! =[ Because of this, I forgot to buy replacement razor heads and hair clips *hits self on forehead* That night we had couscous (yummy!) and...umm.....well, I won't elaborate because this is a public blog and the events following are private, but my dad and stepmom (and sort of me) had a pretty HUGE fight and I was pretty worried all night. I didn't have anyone to talk to because our internet went down, so I began rereading Deathly Hallows...for the 8th or 9th time.

Er...Sunday morning I got up and took a shower, then read for a while until breakfast burritos at 9:00. Again, I probably spent way too much time on the internet Sunday morning, read a lot, and ate lunch around 1:00. Then, a little bit after 2:00 we went to the gym as a family--Dad went swimming and Leslie and I ran on the ellipticals...I think it was around 3 and a half miles for me. We went home and changed, then went to go bowling. *blushes* It had been almost two years since my last time bowling, and I ended up with a score of 60. *blushes even deeper* I got discouraged (and annoyed) and didn't play a second game. More time on the computer...And we had a REALLY good dinner!!!! =] Garden burger, roasted zucchini, and roasted kohlrabi/turnips/potatoes. Yum!

I didn't do much of anything on Monday. Nothing that I remember being uber important or exciting, definitely. My day: got up around 8:30, washed dishes I'd forgotten to do the night before (dang it!), ate breakfast, changed, uploaded camp pictures, printed out paper again, read/hung out online until 1:00. Lunch at 1:00, brushed teeth, straightened hair, cleaned out closet, listened to PotterCast, read/hung out online some more. My dad came home around 5:00, and we started cooking...at some point? I think just a little bit after 5:30, and dinner wasn't ready until 7:15!!!! But it was good, again: zucchini frittata and salad. Then my dad and I drove 30 minutes out to Powers to look at a laptop from craigslist. At first, it seemed really good, but slowly quirks began to appear...then even BIGGER quirks. And, yeah, we decided against it.

Yesterday. I woke up at 8:00, ate breakfast, took a shower, and changed clothes. Got on the computer for about two hours (oops!!!), then read more of Deathly Hallows/played Sudoku. Ate lunch around 1:00 again while reading the newspaper...the newspaper reading lasted until about 2:00. Then I brushed my teeth/straightened hair, and did some sort of mix of reading/playing Sudoku/cleaning/hanging out on the computer. I looked endlessly for laptops online and got confused/annoyed/discouraged around and around in a circle. *sigh* It's so HARD to find a good laptop!!! For not much money!!! Anyway, Leslie and I went to Body Pump again at 5:30. I really do love that class so much! =] It always makes me feel good. Pain=good=I know I'm actually getting a workout. So, we ate dinner (stir fry!!!!), I did the dishes, and rushed upstairs to find the Half-Blood Prince trailer, and proceeded to SQUEE a lot (!) when I found it. I watched it two times by myself, and it made me smile/Squee so much!!! I then called my sister, who told me to tell her when it was online so she could watch it and watched it with her, then watched it again with my dad/stepmom. After that Squeeing episode (all of it done by me) was over, we watched a really strange X-Files...it didn't make much sense, but it was hilarious!!! After that I hung out online more, watched the trailer again (that makes 5 times for those of you who are keeping count), read Deathly Hallows and....went to bed.

I woke up around 8:15 today and ate breakfast (yay?) Then I read more of Deathly Hallows/played Sudoku, changed, straightened my hair, and hung out on the computer until 12:00, when I read some more. I ate lunch at 1:00 once again while reading the newspaper (lasted until 1:45), brushed my teeth, did more Sudoku, and spent about an hour and a half planning for Terminus. I'm way too organized for my own good, I've decided. I made detailed list of what I'm planning on wearing each day (which is likely to change, but, I want to know what I have to pack) and what should go in either the suitcase or carry-on. So, from 3 packing list and an outfit "planner," I'm sincerely hoping I don't forget anything, because I'd feel super stupid! I read more of Deathly Hallows and came on here around 5:00...Umm...since it's 5:45, I hope we're going to start cooking relatively soon!!!!

We're hiking 2 fourteeners this weekend (squee!), then school registration/hopefully Water World on the 6th, and then.....................TERMINUS!!!!!!! Yay!

(Oh, and in case you didn't pick up on this, my laptop is dying. The hinge connecting the screen to the keyboard broke on one side and the other side is cracking. So currently I have to leave it open all the time, which means it has completely lost its use as a traveling laptop and if I didn't want to move it around, I might as well have bought a desktop *rolls eyes* So I'm searching for a new, relatively cheap laptop, although Dad and Leslie are being super-nice and offering to buy all of it if it's under 250 dollars or most of it if it's more. But it's hard to find a good laptop for under 600 dollars, and I don't want them spending that much!)

As always, sending happy, squeeful thoughts your way! Cheers!

Happy Birthday, Neville!!!

bday.gif Neville!!!!!!!!!!!! I've loved Neville from the beginning, as a sweet clumsy eleven-year old who couldn't remember anything and was always messing up. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him grow and mature and learn just how amazing he could be. And, Neville, my man, you thoroughly kicked butt against Voldemort and Nagini!!!! I always knew you could do it! Hmm...what would I put on his cake? Probably just: Happy Birthday, Snake Slayer! You're the man! hug.gif Me!!! ^Neville

29 July 2008

Half Blood Prince trailer!!!!!

SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] =] =] =] It's absolutely PERFECT. Granted, the memory isn't the "most important," but it's beautiful. I love the words taken straight from the book, too! Especially the line at the end..."Did you know, Professor...then?" "That I'd just met the most dangerous wizard of all time? No." =] *squees happily* I've now watched the trailer 4 times, and it makes me smile so much each time!!!

Goodness, I waited all day for this, and now I'm so happy!


Happy Birthday, Joel!

Okay, before anyone says anything, yes, I am well aware that Joel will probably never, ever read this. But since I know it's his birthday, I wanted to post a little something for him anyway!

Happy Birthday, Joel!!!! =]

25 July 2008


Ahem, so several very, very exciting things happened today:

The first, of course, is being HOME. By sheer luck that my sister had a party to go to, I was able to go home a whole TWO hours early! Squee!!!! It just feels so amazing to be home, finally. If you think about it, it's actually been 3 and a half weeks since I was home last. That's a really long time, and I missed it so much. Just walking into my room and seeing all the comforting things I've surrounded myself with...Oh, it felt so good. And Ebony was so happy to see me...it actually got really obnoxious once I tried to read, but it was sweet. =] Plus, there's the fact that Dad and Leslie care and try and love so much more. We all helped cook, and then had a pretty dang amazing sit-down, family dinner of spinach-cheese enchiladas (Yum!) and just TALKED. I know that may sound boring to some people, but I've really come to love our dinners and helping cook and just talking about our lives. It's really nice. And I am very excited to sleep in my own bed, with Ebony on my feet, for the first time in 23 NIGHTS!!!! =]

Also, my Ravenclaw house sweater from Whimsic Alley arrived!!!!!!!!!! I was freakishly excited when I opened up the package. And it's absolutely beautiful. It looks just like I imagine the house sweaters should. And, best of all, it's the book colors: blue and bronze, instead of blue and silver like my tie. I really want to buy one of Whimsic Alley's book color ties as well, but that can wait a little while since I do at least have a Ravenclaw tie for Terminus.

And.......The Half-Blood Prince movie trailer is now officially coming out on Tuesday the 29th of July! =] It will debut online on AOL. Which is good, because I didn't want to have to go see a movie I wasn't really interested in seeing just to see the trailer. It seems weird that they waited until 4 months before the movie to release a trailer, when Twilight released one in April and it's coming out in December!!! But...the fact that I've waited so long for a trailer just multiplies my excitement to finally see it!

(I'm way too excited right now. It's kind of scary) Er...well...so, I'm planning on doing one final revision of my paper for Terminus, planning my Intersection, and writing a lot more of my Rwanda story because I suddenly today just had a bunch of ideas and am out of a pretty horrible 6 month writer's block.

As always, I'm sending happy thoughts y'all's way! Cheers!!!

24 July 2008

14 days!!!!!!!!

Dobby's sock!!!!!! Oh my geez!!!!!! THERE ARE ONLY 14 DAYS UNTIL TERMINUS!!!!!! I find this crazy. I mean, I found the conference last...(excuse me while I go search my e-mail) September. I registered for it in January. So, I've been waiting for this conference to come for about 11 months...REALLY waiting (since I was registered) for 7 months. And, now, all of the sudden, in 14 days I'll be in the airport about to get on my plane to Chicago!!! I'll be eating amazing vegetarian food (=]) and hanging out with awesome Harry Potter friends that I've been corresponding with for a year online. I'll be going to presentations, intersections, volunteering, dancing, laughing, singing...spending a WHOLE afternoon with Mary Rose =] I'm really excited for Terminus to get here...

However, before this happens, I need to PACK. Yes, definitely. Probably start laying out stuff on Monday, actually. That way I'll know if I need anything and what I need to go buy. Plus, I'm kind of a dork that way and want to make sure I'm not doing anything last minute. I also need to plan out discussion questions, etc, for my Luna/Neville Intersection. Most importantly, I need to type out and print the final copy of my presentation paper, ask whether I have a projector, and, if I do, make a quick Power Point.

Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! =] I'm definitely excited to spend time with real HP fans and listen to a live PotterCast! Cheers!

23 July 2008

50 things

Okay, since I don't have the ability currently to post videos on YouTube, I'm doing this here. I haven't been tagged because no one on YouTube knows who I am, but I really liked the listing 50 random things about you/things you've done, so here we go. I'm not sure if any of them are particularly exciting, but...well, I guess y'all tell me what you think of my 50 random life activities. Here we go:

1. I've had a poem published
2. I've climbed over 400 stairs tot he top of the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston
3. I've been to Ellis Island
4. I've stayed up ALL night reading a book
5. I've swam in the ocean
6. I've been on a cruise
7. I've swam with dolphins
8. I've been to 11 countries
9. I've been to the United Nations
10. I've been in 3 weddings
11. I've never had a guy tell me I'm beautiful
12. I've been on 2 rollercoasters on the beach
13. I've eaten seaweed
14. I've been whitewater rafting
15. I've been on the 2nd longest zipline in Colorado
16. I've kissed a stingray
17. I've walked around Mayan ruins
18. I've been to a castle in Germany
19. I've been to a Roman city and walked around their baths =]
20. I've been in a musical
21. I've swam in a freezing lake
22. I've been to the Alamo
23. I've been to the Tower of London
24. I've seen over 50 plays/musicals
25. I've choreographed part of a musical
26. I've watched fireworks in 3 states at the same time
27. I've stood in 4 states at once
28. I've been to Disneyworld
29. I've moved 8 times
30. I've been in the Colorado State Spelling Bee
31. I've read over 350 books in my lifetime
32. I've been in the newspaper twice
33. I've eaten lunch at a gas station
34. I haven't eaten meat in 3 1/2 years
35. I've been in a car going 180 kilometers per hour on the autobahn
36. I've stayed in a hotel right next to the Lorelei on the Rhine River in Germany
37. I've eaten fries with a fork in Belgium
38. I've been on an alpine slide in Winter Park, CO (a lot of times!!!)
39. I've created a website
40. I've danced AND sang in the rain
41. I've sat in a hot tub for 3 hours
42. I've swam in hot springs
43. I've been to Yellowstone
44. I've stood 10 feet away from an elk
45. I've been to 40 states
46. I've watched fireworks in front of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis
47. I've watched fireworks from an airplane in Baltimore
48. I've been to several ACLU of Southern Colorado meetings
49. I've never been kissed by a boy
50. I've hiked a fourteener

Er...I hope you enjoyed that. My life hasn't been terribly exciting these past 15 years, but I think I've done a lot more than other kids my age. And I had fun doing this! So, tell me what you think of my 15 years of life. And, if you'd like, do this yourself: think of 50 things you've done in your life that are completely random. Tell me if you do, because I'd like to see it! Cheers!

23rd July: In which Kat rants

Okay, so I've been at my mom's house for 12 and a half days now. And while this happily means that there's only 2 days and less than one hour until I get to go home, it also means that I have gotten increasingly aggravated and annoyed with my mom and being here and everything that goes along with it. So excuse me while I rant for a while, and I promise a slightly more entertaining and happy journal entry will follow.

Well, so, my grandpa was here the 17th to the 22nd. And...I don't know. I wrote to Mary Rose that as much as I love him, I'm not incredibly close to him. I see him once a year for about three days, if that. We rarely talk because he has hearing aids and it's tough for him to hear me over the phone. And, since I'm a pretty quiet person in general when I'm not around my friends, we don't even talk much when I see him. I mean, he's my grandfather, but since he lives so far away and I barely see him, I don't have this close relationship with him like a lot of my friends do with theirs. (It's the same way with my grandparents on my dad's side...this isn't just my mom) I'm a heck of a lot closer to my "grandparents-in-law" that live just outside of Denver because I see them more and have an opportunity to talk to them. But it was stupid, because while he was here the only things I did "with" him were my mom's birthday dinner and going to see The Dark Knight. My mom had planned trips to Denver and all that, but...apparently not, I guess. *sigh*

Okay...so, something that just really started to bug me, though I've been annoyed by it for quite a while now. My mom never saves leftovers!!!!!!!! I know some of y'all might hate leftovers so don't think that's an issue, but it bugs me to no end. A few nights ago we had pasta and there was about 1/4 of the pot left, but rather than saving it they just filled the pot with water and let it soak!!!!!!!! I mean, that could've been my lunch yesterday! Not only does this waste food, and there's a lot of hunger in the world, so that's one reason I believe in leftovers, but it wastes a lot of money because my mom then has to buy a lot more lunch food for us because we don't have leftovers to eat like I do at home. There's basically no lunch food here....I had 1/2 a bowl of cereal for lunch yesterday and about 1/4 of a bowl today. Jeez.

There's also the fact that we never DO anything here. I mean, the most we'll do is go shopping together. And if it's not for books, then I generally hate shopping for more than 30 minutes, less if I'm in a bad mood, maybe more if I need clothes. At home we watch movies and TV shows and go hiking and go see plays together. We sit down and talk during dinner, which I actually like, though I know my sister doesn't.

Basically, I'm incredibly sick of being stuck here. Which is why it's good that I go home in about two days. =] I might not be much less bored during the day, but I'll be happier and more comfortable, because there's a certain comfort and warmth that comes with home.

Mkay...sorry for the ranting! Really, I am! I thank you if you just read all of that, too! Sending y'all the happiest thoughts I can conjure up right now! Cheers!

22 July 2008


So.......yesterday I was feeling really nostaligic. Because yesterday my mind was reeling from reading Deathly Hallows--I'd finished it at 9:30 in the morning, then walked in a half-awake state around the grocery store, then fell asleep on my bed at 4:00 in the afternoon after being awake for 32 hours. During that "nap," I had a horrible dream in which Luna and Ginny died. I woke up, panicked, at 6:00 in the evening, grabbed Deathly Hallows to make sure they didn't, and got confused for a while whether it was morning or evening because no one was home.

Basically, I was really upset yesterday. Because now I KNOW what happened. I'm never again going to experience the wondering and worrying over who will die/what will happen in the next book. I'm likely never going to go to another midnight release again, unless 'The Scottish Book' is released at midnight. I'm never going to have the opportunity to see just how wrong my theories were (actually, a surprising number of mine were right) and stare in amazement at how much stuff John Noe got right (lol). I'm never again going to smell a new Harry Potter book, not that smell that excites me and scares me at the same time. I'm never going to be lost in suspense, unable to put the book down even to go to the bathroom (yeah, I carried the book with me). And I'm likely never going to stay up ALL night, reading nonstop for 9 hours. I'm probably never going to burst into tears when I hold a book ever again. I might never cry so hard when I read a book. And I'm never again going to feel so tiredly giddy when I close a book and read the words, "All was well."

It's like...now I know what happens. A year and 32 hours ago, I didn't. Wow. It's so hard to believe that it's been a year. Like I said, this has been an amazing year. Harry/the fandom have brought me so much that I doubt I would've experienced otherwise.

But that doesn't stop me from missing the excitement and the wonder and the worrying and all the emotions that came with HP book releases (especially Deathly Hallows). I wish there was more...and I'm kind of sad it's over. I don't know why this hit me so hard yesterday, but it did. I almost started crying yesterday. *sniff* And, yes, I know that Harry Potter isn't dead--the fandom is just as alive as ever. But the books are over, and that's something no one can try to get out of.

Once again, thank you for everything, Jo and Harry!

(A year ago today I was in the car on the way to go hiking, listening to my dad reading the Harry Potter book (chapters 11-14) out loud to my stepmom. And I was also trying to keep from crying in front of her about Fred, because she didn't know yet.)


20 July 2008

Hank freaking rocks my socks off!!!!!!!!!

Okay, yes, I know, I've posted enough today (I can hear the voices saying, "Enough already!" so don't bother)! But...I've been randomly looking through Brotherhood 2.0 videos and.........I NOTICED HANK POSTED A NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now actually subscribed, so I will be alerted of this awesomeness in the future. But, seriously, Hank, I love you. NO joke. You are awesome. Nerdfighters!!!!

"Book Eight"

Fresh air

Okay, so this is going to be a really short post, but...just thought I'd share that I did end up going running...I got out of the whole approaching Randy thing because he was asleep (as was my grandfather), so I left a note. =] Squee!!! Okay, it was only about a mile and a half (maybe a little more or less) because I didn't realize how hot it was outside and hence didn't bring a water bottle...so I was kind of dying. Plus I didn't have anyone running with me to motivate me to keep going. That's the main reason I like running with Leslie/other people: because it gives me the motivation to just keep running, even when I feel like I can't!

The fresh air felt really good, though. Er...5 days until I'm back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I still wish I could do something with my friends in those 5 days, though. *sigh*)

It's still a pretty notsome day, but...at least I got that exercise to take my mind off stuff! =]

A pretty notsome day...

Okay, so.....Other than it being the anniversary of waiting for Deathly Hallows (almost the anniversary of the release...), today's been pretty notsome. No sign of a new PotterCast, and the songsfromahat video came out way to early =[ I prefer to have the videos come out late so I have something to entertain me in the evening. *sigh*

So, what have I done today? I've read, watched television, eaten soup and peanut butter crackers for lunch, and hung out on the internet. I really want to go running, but...well, I hate going by myself/having to approach Randy and tell him where I'm going. I've been trying to get ahold of Leslie and ask her if she wants to go running, but she hasn't been answering, and I have a hunch they're doing something awesome and fun like hiking. It's only 5 days and 2 hours left until I'm back home, but...times like this (AKA weekends) are when I wish I was home most, because at home we actually DO stuff on the weekends as a family (well, just the three of us, but you get the picture). I'm bored out of my mind, and I really wish I had friends to do stuff with. But, as usual, they all kind of...forget about me during the summer.

I'm going to go listen to Nerdfighterlike to cheer me up, I think. And try to call Leslie again.

Anyone interested in trying to cheer me up? *attempts to smile and fails* =/

A year ago today...

I was freaking out, anxiously awaiting the release of Deathly Hallows!!! Actually, if I'm remembering correctly, I was watching Gilmore Girls...(lol) It feels so weird that it's been a year already. In this year, I've had the best times. I joined LL and the Reading Groups and analyzed the heck out of Deathly Hallows...and had so much fun that I proceeded to do the same for Half Blood Prince and Philosopher's Stone. I've made some pretty dang amazing friends through LL and gotten addicted to watching Harry Potter fans make vlogs on YouTube. I've listened to PotterCast...written a poem about the journey fans went through (I posted it a while back)...attempted (and failed) to draw fanart. Most everything that wasn't resolved in the book/Epilogue has been revealed by Jo, and there's been a lot of drama in the fandom: Dumbledore being gay and the whole Stupid Jo VS. Steve Vander Ark fiasco. A documentary about Jo came out, and she released a pretty dang awesome prequel featuring James and Sirius =]

It's funny, because when I go back and read my old posts leading up to Deathly Hallows, I was so worried that...nothing would be the same. It's not, really, because there's no more books to look forward to. (The Scottish Book????) But, there's still a lot of stuff to discuss and figure out and look forward to. Jo has revealed an awful lot of stuff about the characters since last July, stuff that sparks more major discussions and we can try to figure out some other things that still haven't been revealed (like what house Grubbly-Plank was in). Of course, there's the movies and conferences and Theme park to look forward to!!!! The fandom is still just as close and just as fun and...I love it just as much.

I mean, I definitely experienced a lot of Post Potter Depression, and I still have my Harry Potter memorial up on my wall. But I'm not any less obsessed with Harry Potter, and I'm not any less excited when there's new Harry Potter news...even if now, it's mostly about the movies. Basically, as long as there are people who love Harry Potter and worship the very ground Jo walks on, the fandom will live on. And, personally, I hope that will be forever =]

So.....ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!! Wow. Such an awesome year. And I can't wait until Terminus, either!

Anyone who's reading this and is a Harry Potter fan...tell me about your year since Deathly Hallows came out!! What did you think before the book came out and after the book came out? Are you still obsessed? Has anything changed??? And...anything else you'd like to say! Leave me a comment...or something like that!


19 July 2008


It's 200 days until my 16th birthday! Yeah, really random. But I was looking at my Facebook countdowns and...yep, 200 days. There's also 6 days, 6 hours until home. 19 days until Terminus. 124 days until the Half-Blood Prince release. 184 days until Bush is out of office (and hopefully Obama is president!) 513 days until the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park opens!!! I know, aren't all of those really exciting? ;D Just kidding...

So...I'm going to see The Dark Knight today. Yes, pathetically with my mom and grandfather, but I want to see it so much that I don't really mind. And.....I'm kind of hoping to go running tomorrow with Leslie. =]

I know no one really reads this journal, but if you do...I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! *hugs* And I'm sending happy thoughts, though the postal service still has control over when they'll get there! Cheers!

18 July 2008

My realization...

Is that I honestly don't have a life. My life is books and running and the internet. I've been reading what my friends are doing and watching 5AG videos. And all of them are going to do stuff with friends constantly, or going somewhere, or...doing something exciting. While I sit at home curled up with a book and music and go on the internet and fantasize about my friends...who don't seem to care, because if they did they'd invite me to do something. Yes, I know I went to camp, which was awesome. And, yes, I know I'm going to Terminus. But...I wish I had something more to do. Or just someone to do stuff with. *sigh* Okay, time for updates on what I'm looking forward to over the next seven days:

Tomorrow: Mom's birthday (which actually doesn't mean much of anything), going to see Dark Knight (with my mom. Uberly pathetic), Freaky Friday on TV =]
Sunday: New songsfromahat video!!! and maybe a new PotterCast...sometime this week, I hope
Monday, July 21st: Year anniversary of Deathly Hallows
Tuesday, July 22nd: Gym class with Leslie, new episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager
Wednesday, July 23rd: ???? (sad)
Thursday, July 24th: Gym class with Leslie, new episode of My Boys
Friday, July 25th: HOME!!!!
Monday-Friday: new 5AG videos

I still hope that I can do something with my friends in the upcoming week. By now, Water World is probably out unless my friends can get me a ride...but, I doubt it. I probably WON'T end up doing anything with friends, but I'm allowed to hope. Even if it rarely brings me anything.

I'm sorry I'm such a downer today. But I've had a pretty crappy day. And though I've survived 7 days at my mom's house...there's still 7 more to go. *sigh* At least I do have my books. Er...cheers!

Friday 11 July 2008--Endings

So I most definitely have just over six days to cover in this journal entry--this will probably take a while, and I most likely won't finish today =] Here goes...

After dinner on Saturday, there was yet ANOTHER dance party--the 4th one!!! Houdini and I didn't participate much...Only when we wanted to, the rest of the time was spent sitting outside just doing random things. After everyone but us and Sky High Adventure left, we watched Open Season. I sat by Wombat, who was really loud so I wasn't completely getting the movie. By 10:30 Houdini and I decided to go to bed, so...yeah, Open Season is definitely a movie I need to rewatch. But, oh my geez, sleeping in the lodge was SO uncomfortable. As a rule, I can't sleep on my back and my chest right on the ground was rather suffocating. But then when I was on my side, the floor was cutting right into my hip--so I woke up A LOT to switch sides. Not a good night, that's for sure, and we didn't even get to sleep in as much on Sunday because all the working in the kitchen woke me up at 7:30. We had to pack all our stuff up relatively quickly (most people weren't up until later), move it all onto the back porch, and set up all the tables for breakfast.

After breakfast all the camps still there helped clean up the lodge and went to do sports. The main game being played was softball, which I completely stink at. So Houdini, Feather, and I went up to go "play basketball"--we pretended to do that for while (shot baskets) and also kicked a soccer ball back and forth for 20-30 minutes until that got boring. Mostly, we talked an awful lot about injuries and just some general life stories. More towards lunch we shot some baskets while talking, then helped put a lot of equipment away. Lunch was pretty quiet, which was nice. But afterwards we didn't get any metime--The CITs went to their units to help the counselors prepare for the girls and us WITs/Wranglers waited on the porch for riding staff and then went down to the parking lot and got organized with directing/parking cars and the trailers. Things went pretty smoothly--I was helping load trailers--until it started to rain, then thunder and lightning. First we huddled in trailers, still coming out to help families load luggage, but once we had 5 people and the trailer tipped forward. Somewhere between 3:00 and 3:30 it started to absolutely pour rain!!! Kandi came and we fit TWELVE people into the cab of a truck (meant for five people) to be driven to the barn. It wasn't very comfortable, but the sheer hilarity of the situation made up for it! We passed two parents and Cocoa (who thought we were crazy). Once down at the barn they let us go up to the old hayloft, then cleaned. We straightened boots, relabeled the helmet numbers, and seriously swept every single part of the breezeway so there wasn't dirt/dust in corners, etc, and helped feed. Dinner was pretty good, and we totally owned at campfire...with our reused "We Will Rock You" song from the second Sunday campfire. There was a gorgeous double rainbow. And we sang SO loud to the new CIT/WITs in Arrowhead--all of us were freakishly hyper!!! Something about 3 weeks =] It was the earliest we'd gotten back to Troopie, but we went to bed after 11:00.

Hmm...so Monday was July 7th and officially a month until Terminus!!!! It was also our first morning as WITs going to early breakfast, which only meant getting up at 6:50 and eating crappy cereal (in my opinion, anyway). Er...I don't remember anything too special. We basically did a lot of chores in the morning after catching, grooming, and tacking horses. To be honest, it was mostly Basil and me sweeping, mucking, etc and...we were really late for lunch =[ Once again, about 25 minutes of metime and then back down to the bark to catch, groom, and tack all over again. I helped out in the ring somewhat, but I mostly remember doing more chores around the barn, getting really annoyed that Basil and I were doing most of the work. Oh, and Houdini was feeling sick that day, for reasons I found out later. We helped load the Kobota again and then went to dinner. And...after dinner there was sports again!!! GAH! Once again, I didn't play--just sat next to Houdini on the picnic tables by the volleyball court talking. Oh, and there was an absolutely gorgeous sunset that evening. =] What I remember most about Monday was that it was COLD--the coldest day of camp so far and it's JULY. *sigh* So, when we got back to Troopie we wrote any problems we had with CIT/WIT IIs (boy did Basil and I have a lot to say!) and then went to bed.

So, Tuesday. We went to our second early breakfast, caught, groomed, tacked, did basic barn chores (well, we didn't catch until around 9:15 because Top Hand had their ground lesson first). I guess the work by the others improved somewhat, but I still felt Basil and I were doing most of it. Squirt called us to the lodge at 11:30 just to tell us the CIT/WITs (I & II) had to be at the back of the line for lunch...which we would've been anyway, so kind of annoyed me. Basically no metime again and back to the barn. Catch, groom, and tack again, then redo some barn as well as some new ones. We left around 4:30 to begin our walk to Middle Puddle. I got a package w/ brownies (=]) but there wasn't a letter(=[). On the way, we stopped at Troop House to grab a few things and drop off other stuff. We saw Juice on the way and wanted a ride, but it turned out we didn't need one...it took about 20 minutes to get from the car to Middle Puddle. Once there, we put the horses in the pasture and fed them, then set up our tent (our small, small tent). We helped Petunia cook a little--she made this really good stir fry, but there was no rice so we made them into fajita things. We also had cheese quesadillas and non-melted Puppy Chow for dessert. It was really cold (and I had to do dishes in that cold!) so the fire felt really good. But...TWO HORSES GOT OUT!!!! Lil said she didn't need all of us, so I stayed behind with the Top Hand girls, trying to stay warm, while they did a Scout's Own. Both horses were caught and brought back so...we went to bed. It wasn't a very good night. I was freezing and Vegas progressively spread out so Basil and I had about 1/3 of the already small tent.

We slept in until around 8:00 Wednesday morning, then quickly fed the horses. The same two escaped AGAIN, but they'd just gone back to the barn, so we let it go. Afterwards we changed real quickly, caught, groomed, and bridled the horses, and took down our tent. Petunia made these amazing chocolate chip pancakes and the WITs helped clean up since we'd be walking back again. We stopped at Troop House to drop off stuff we'd had for the overnight, and ended up at the barn between 10:30 and 10:45. So, we did some basic chores, and Squirt came up with a new list of chores for us to do. So, I spent a while picking up big rocks in the arena, considerably boring and tedious. We weren't late for lunch, but we had to be in the back again anyway. During lunch the staff had a freakishly long meeting about something or other. Whatever it was, it caused an awful lot of the counselors to cry and meant I seriously got NO metime. Well, so we caught, groomed, and tacked again, then set girls off on a trail ride. Since there weren't any girls in the arena, I finished picking up big rocks while Hershey and Basil mucked the arena and the three of us complained about the lack of work everyone else did and how rude Tat2 was. Mmm, after that Basil and I swept and mucked stalls, and...Knicker pushed us into pulling weeds in the arena. It was horrible--my allergies flaring, Tat2 complaining, Vegas telling us just to stop while she didn't do anything herself, and overall really tedious. Something about Vegas bitching at me and being forced to do work and the fact that I'd been holding back my feelings about Aunt Susan and the staff meeting made me BREAK DOWN. I ran into the Wrangler room crying, and Squirt actually had the nerve to ask if I was okay. I cried for a little, then pulled myself together enough to help with the last of putting away horses. Squirt took all 4 of us to Troopie on the golf cart to get shower stuff, where she tried talking to me and I cried more. I managed to pull myself together to get through dinner (a stupid "Clue Dinner"), but once the girls left our table and Houdini asked why I looked so sad, I started crying again, which lasted quite a long time. I walked to Troopie with the other people who still needed shower stuff, then up to Arrowhead to get their stuff from the overnight, and back to showers. Oh, the first shower in 4 days felt SO, SO amazing. And after showers we hung around with Wombat while Basil and Vegas had their hair french braided. Back at Troop House, I explained my reasons for crying and Houdini told be she'd been feeling sick because she's pregnant! I'd kind of worked it out, so it actually wasn't too surprising. But...we managed to go to bed relatively early, which was good. =]

Thursday, now. Well, so we had to go to early breakfast again. The only thing I really mind about it is that I have to resort to eating Chex cereal, and I'm not really a fan...When we got down to the barn we did chores--I swept a lot, and we fed/watered the horses that were in stalls, plus Fancy out in the ring. We helped with the beginning of Golden Horseshoes ground lesson, then went to go catch, groom, and tack horses (again). Erm...while they were doing their lesson in the arena, I got the idea that we could clean saddles, which we did! Yay! (I guess) It's better than a lot of the other tedious chores we've had to do before. When Top Hand came in to do their ground lesson, we moved out to the breezeway. We cleaned all the leather saddles that weren't on horses pretty thoroughly, and...well, smelled like saddle soap, but that's better than a lot of things. Once we were done with that, we had a short time until lunch.. Petunia and Ribs came up with MORE random chores for us to do, one of which was picking up twine from the pasture, which Basil and I went to do. So, erm, I actually got about 20 minutes of metime on Thursday! Amazing! (better than none, anyway) We'd actually left the horses in the arena, so we didn't have to catch or groom them, really. Just saddle, so we didn't NEED to be there 30 minutes ahead of time. But whatever. The basic summary of my afternoon was that I did work for 4 hours straight (I only sat down for about 5 minutes because Lil TOLD me to). I swept the breezeway really thoroughly, straightened the hoses, fed Fancy (the hay cut my arm, and since I'm allergic, gave me hives all over), and reswept the breezeway of the hay I'd dropped. Then, Bronze Bits was trotting for the first time so for about 20 minutes I ran with horses and helped control Rana, who was in a really bad mood. After that, Basil and I mucked stalls, with the sweet help of Kodiak for a little while =] We asked Tat2 to feed the horses while we were doing that, which she was apparently incapable of. And...since there was hay in the breezeway now, we swept that real quick. Then I swept the tackroom. And we mucked about 5/8 of the arena, then Lil told us to make the Wranglers do the rest of it. By this point (5:30), I was pretty exhausted and hungry. The 4 of us (Vegas had gone to get pancreas meds) walked up to flag/dinner. I staffed with Kodiak that evening, and I'll be honest...dinner kind of sucked. And I didn't have a popsicle for dessert.

The CIT/WITs were in charge of campfire Thursday night. It was Crazy Hair campfire, so I had this really funny looking high 80s side ponytail. We did a pretty good job with the fire and leading songs and all, but once we sang Linger at the end...ALL of us started crying. Jeez, that was not fun. I mean, when you've lived together for 4 weeks, there's a unique connection and it's hard to leave. Squirt sent us down to Troopie to clean...Aaaaaaaaaaaand...Surprised us with a party!!! There was a cake with our names/symbols for us on it, a bunch of chips, soda, brownies (mine), and music. It was so much fun, definitely the perfect last night. We did Copperhead Road out on the porch for the last time (I definitely won't do it until next summer at camp, if then). It was nice, because Pepper, Tink, Bubbles, and Blossom were all there. (Though, since Sunshine left early again it wasn't QUITE the same) So, after a very fun party we walked Tink back down to Lucky Circle. And then Squirt sat us down in the middle of the road by the trail up to Troop House and said we were going to do a Scout's Own. Oh, Crap. (That was my first thought) Like I said, I'd lived with these 15 girls for 4 weeks. I had a connection with 14 of them, and a really strong relationship/friendship with most of them. So we all got really sentimental, and I ended up crying/sobbing (along with Vegas). As sad and sappy as it was, it was really sweet. Because around these girls, I can be myself totally. More than anyone, they know the true me, secrets no one else does, I trust them beyond anything, and...they love me for everything about me. So, once the sentimental Scout's Own was done, we walked back to Troop House. And we ended up going to bed after 12:30. Yay!

We were planning on sleeping in until 7:15, but Tat2 left her alarm for 6:50 on. And I really WANTED those 25 minutes of sleep, so I was thoroughly annoyed. I mean, she knew we didn't have to go to early breakfast, and she left it on anyway. *sigh* So we got dressed and all that joyous stuff, then went to flag. Our last flag. *sniff* (not really) And breakfast. I staffed with Houdini and we had really good French toast =] After breakfast we went down to Troop House to really seriously clean. It was pretty gross, all the dirt and trash that was under our beds and the dirty mattresses and...yeah. GROSS. I pretty much swept the whole time, and people kept getting in the way and not helping. Gah. After we were done cleaning, the WITs went to go get boots and stuff from the barn, and once we were back to Troop House all of us walked up to the lodge. We did the camp evaluations and...erm...sat around for the rest of the morning, pretty much. Talking. I also organized the pictures into stacks for Bubbles. So...lunch was pretty crappy. A peanut butter sandwich and a cookie. After lunch Houdini and I decorated our staff cups with my Sharpie and then all of us did our evaluation talk things with Squirt and Tink. All of mine were really positive. I just need to talk more apparently at the barn (?) and tell Squirt what's bothering me/going on (*rolls eyes*). Then, the awards ceremony! I got the "Next President of the US" which...er...I guess is a compliment. Aaaaaaand...then Home. Actually, not home. Mom's house. Okay, so and then...away from camp. Which is just really sad because I love camp. The atmosphere, the amazing friends, the horses...*sigh*

So yeah. I miss it a lot. For every bad time at the barn, I would come back to smiling faces and everything would be better (almost). So, I think I will go back next year, despite what I might've thought before. Cheers!

17 July 2008

Saturday 5 July 2008--Stuff..A lot

So I have to cover almost 4 days plus so ranting in this entry, so I have a hunch this will take up an awful lot of space. Starting with Wednesday...

On Wednesday morning I had to get up at 6:00 to go to work with Leslie, the only way I could be driven back to camp. Well, needless to say, it wasn't very exciting--I sat around reading Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul for about 3 and a half hours, and also checked my e-mail for the last time before coming here. We met Dad for lunch at Poor Richards, which was really nice. I had an amazing veggie burger. =] But then came the time when I had to leave with Dad to drive back to camp. =[ As I said in the previous entry, I had zero excitement to be coming back. And I was exhausted, so I was half asleep on the drive up. We arrived pretty early, which meant that I sat around with the other CIT/WITs waiting for everyone to arrive. Once this finally happened, we split off into our various groups--I went down to the barn with the other 4 WITs. We helped the two horse groups choose boots and helmets, then helped load the Kobota (feeder). Dinner was hugely crappy, and we had to help Horsin' Around with their skit for campfire--it got really annoying and tedious. Our own song went really good, though. But we didn't get to bed until really late, which stunk because I was EXHAUSTED. *sigh*

Thursday morning, Basil, Vegas, and I (I'm pretty much always with them) were with Horsin' Around--at the barn assisting with their ground lesson and a little in the ring until 11:00, and then to their health checks (considerably boring). I had to be at the barn with Basil and Vegas at 1:30, which basically meant I got zero metime. Anyway, we helped catch, tack, and groom the 6 horses we'd be using, but right when the Brownies walked down it started lightning. It stayed lightning for a while, and DeJaniero got especially spooked and pulled hard on the fence. Not long after that, it started pouring rain AND hail. I felt horrible leaving the horses in the pasture, but there was nothing we could do. Anyway, we basically got stuck in the barn with Brownies until 4:00, when they left and it cleared up. We cleaned around the barn, watched Lil and Kandi run Spaghetti, and then helped feed/fill water again. Gah, and all the groups (that had CIT/WITs anyway) had cookouts that evening, and we ALL had to go, even though I really didn't want to. Just as the last people got dessert, the sky decided to pour rain and hail AGAIN. So we were stuck in a cabin with a bunch of young girls--it got so freaking hot and smelly and LOUD, and all I wanted to do was go to bed. We also had to wash dishes in the cold, with freezing water. It was still lightning when we walked back (after 9:15, I might add), which I wasn't comfortable with at all. And we didn't even get to bed as early as I would've liked.

Yesterday morning Basil, Vegas, and I were at the barn again. Since it was a Brownie group, Lil wanted all three of us in the ring for the entire two hours. It got so dang hot in the arena--so we, along with Ali, took the opportunity to spray each other with the hose when Squirt asked us to fill containers with water. Once all the horses were untacked, the girls gone, and the horses put away, Basil and I did a large amount of chores. I swept the tack room, which took a LONG time, we disinfected the boots and helmets, and then mucked one of the stalls (even though supposedly the Wranglers did that). By that time, we were basically late for lunch--joyous. =] (sarcasm) We were with Horsin' Around again int he afternoon, which meant I actually got metime and managed to finish a letter to Dad and Leslie. We were at the barn with them from 2-4. This time we only helped with their ground lesson in the tack room--it was actually fun because the girls were really enthusiastic about it. Then the girls were at archery until 5:30. I had never seen girls that young doing archery. It was adorable to watch and a few of them were actually relatively good. Several of the girls were hanging all over me--I had gained a (as one girl called it) "Luna fanclub." Dinner was actually surprisingly good--potato casserole and dinner biscuits. The CIT/WITs had to help with the Fourth of July carnival--I was with Almond and Nudge doing the Water Balloon Toss. It was boring, but going okay for a while. Then we started fighting with the eggs and water balloons (oh, and we got to pie the program staff). I got relatively soaked and became really cold--but poor Nudge go hit with 6 water balloons and she was freezing (which says something because she's never cold). So, we got to change into warmer clothes, and the people who got egged or whip creamed took showers while we sat in the Lodge--Basil and I did our staff evaluations. We were there until after 10:30, and the lights weren't off until way after 11:00.

So..this morning the 5 WITs, the Wrangler, and riding staff were supposed to go on a trail ride. We'd gotten them all ready and warmed up in the arena and were headed out to the trail. But Hershey couldn't freaking control her horse--it wandered towards the hay and she couldn't get it to follow even though younger girls are perfectly capable. So, we didn't get to go! Lil would've had to stay, and since Ribs is only 17 she couldn't take the rest of us. The only really fun part was loping back up the hill to the arena. Basically we rode for 45 minutes around the arena--walking, trotting, loping, etc, and then cooled them down and went to lunch. There, we discovered we were going on a hike. It was to Mystic Meadows--I guess it was vaguely fun, but it was also pointless. We had metime at the lodge (which I never actually consider metime) and...FINALLY took showers--First time in FOUR days. It felt amazing, because before that I felt disgusting. Dinner's really soon, then a movie, and we're sleeping in the lodge. That actually really pisses me off, because I'm sure I won't get very much sleep.

So, I suppose I've had fun, though yesterday evening to today have been crappy. And I haved Hershey before, but now I'm pissed off at her (it's scary). Plus, Amber from driver's ed is a CIT II and she pisses me off just as much--she's still really rude. I guess riding this morning was still fun and it was AMAZING to be back on a horse (oh, I rode Midnight). But Squirt's been lying to us about our activities quite a lot recently and a bunch of the CIT/WITs are still really bugging me. I really want a long run, but since Tink isn't our counselor anymore, that isn't possible. I also want HOME, but that won't happen until July 25th. So...life/camp could definitely be a lot better. *sigh* Well, Cheers!

Tuesday 1 July 2008--Going Back

So, after we took showers on Thursday we played with the parachute again and did ceramics in crafts. I used to be pretty good, but after 2 years of not doing it all I managed was a big "HP" to maybe hang on my wall and a lightning bolt. That night we had campfire again. Personally, I think our skit went really well. But, since all the other camps were actually leaving, it became rather depressing and a lot of the Top Hand girls started crying. I probably would've if it wasn't for the fact that we're coming back. Houdini and I talked until bedtime, mostly about going home and me trying to comfort her about her family and why her Dad's in Orlando. I was pretty tired though, so I didn't continue my tradition of staying up late on the last night...though it's not technically even the last night...

Friday, Ducky and I went running in the morning with Tinkerbell--it must've been 2 1/2 miles plus walking briskly for a mile or so. It felt incredible to run--to get my mind off Aunt Susan, Houdini, and everything that's been bothering me. To just concentrate on the rhythm of running. We ran back up the drive way for a very small time, but my allergies (and Ducky's too) were so bad it was hard to breathe. This annoyed me because my muscles could've kept going, but...I simply couldn't breathe.

We hopped for breakfast, then went back to "finish packing," which, for me, consisted of stuffing my sleeping bag. (Oh, and I forgot to mention the dead mouse we discovered behind the stove! Eurgh!) Then we headed to the barn to set up our various stations. Mine, horseshoes, didn't take long--pound the sticks int the ground as good as possible and laugh at how we all stunk at throwing them. But THEN, only 15 minutes before the rodeo was set to start, we had to hurry back up to Troop House to put our stuff in the trailer...And then back down to the barn! Well, of course, the rodeo started late, so it didn't matter. The rodeo itself wasn't terribly exciting. I mean, all the girls from Top Hand did really well, but it was only the three same events, so...The counselors, etc, did some stuff when the girls were done. Tink beat Tweety wearing basketball shorts, which was amusing. To be honest, horseshoes got really boring, just constantly picking them up and handing them to girls--though some were really good! There was an awards ceremony that we didn't get any awards in, and...Finally check-out! =] Leslie took me for ice cream in Woodland Park. When I got home, I unpacked, TRULY washed my mess kit, and started my whites. Once I finally got to the computer, here's what I found: 136 new e-mails (46 I cared about), 402 Spam, 2 PotterCasts, and 22 new videos from my YouTube subscriptions!!!!

Saturday wasn't terribly exciting. Commissary, where, erm...I didn't buy much. Dad and I went swimming again. =] We watched Airplane. On Sunday I did some errands with Leslie: skin care, watch band, stuff at Home Depo. I also reorganized my medicine cabinet. (Oh, on Saturday morning Leslie and I had a personal training session.) We went to the gym, got our times mixed up about Yoga, and ended up swimming. I swam 800 m and sat in the jacuzzi, both of which felt really good. =]

Monday I mostly sat rereading Oracle Quest and catching up with a bunch of stuff online--I met a Colorado Springs HP fan on Facebook and I now know when I'm volunteering for Terminus: Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. (35 days! Squee!) After all the running around at camp, it felt way too lazy, but I think I deserved it, in a way. After dinner Dad, Leslie, and I watched a VERY strange X-File--they're always strange, but this one especially.

Today I finally uploaded the pictures from camp. I also watched An Inconvenient Truth again this morning. (but Elyse made me very uncomfortable when she came home and practically glared at me for watching something. I have every right, especially since I'm leaving soon, but it made me uncomfortable!) I kind of messed around online some more, then read a lot after lunch. I did some last minute laundry and packing, too. At six, Leslie and I went to the gym, Elyse rudely tagging along. We went o the ellipticals for about 30 minutes, which felt strangely good. And then we went to the new Body Attack class. I twas hard, but a lot of fun and the best exercise I've had in a long time. We ate dinner at 8:45...and, yeah, I hope to go to bed soon because I have to get up early.

It feels weird to be going back to camp. I'm excited to actually be at the barn for these 10 days (hopefully!!) and I'll be happy to see my friends again (Sunshine, Kodiak, Houdini). But, on the other hand, HOME has been so nice and peaceful. Actual quiet and alone time. When I get back I'll have to deal with the people who had been bugging me once again. But, AH, I can't believe I forgot to mention this. We got our mini staff cups and we'll get to decorate them! Squee! Oh, and my unit will be Horsin' Around. Juniors. =] Basically, I have mixed feelings about going back.

List of good dinners I had:
Friday: Lentils and vegetables, corn on the cob
Saturday: Enchiladas!!! =]
Sunday: Turnip and Spinach soup (surprisingly good)
Monday: Szechuan Stir Fry
Today: Frittata, Spinach Salad


Thursday 26 June 2008--Soon

So I ended up falling asleep for 45 minutes after I finished that journal entry yesterday. One of the counselors woke us up and then we went to the petting zoo with Tink. I actually really despise the petting zoo, so I only went in there for about three minutes to say Hi to the rabbits. The rest of the time I spent sitting, exhausted, by Houdini and Critter. AFter that we went up to the lodge supposedly to play games, but that only lasted until Pepper recruited us to decorate the lodge for the theme dinner--Unbirthday. I wasn't really into it until Sunshine and I went to get my balloons and people started making dogs. What I love is that they're my balloons and everyone but me can make animals. Once that was finished we went with Squirt to work a little more on our handbooks. For the most part, it was really boring, but I know it really truly had to be done. After dinner (really amazing stuffed green peppers) we played Sardines for a little while, which I actually didn't lose this time, and went to another dance party. It wasn't as much fun as the last two, but it was bearable. We got back to Troop House pretty early, so I made this list of things that were bothering me and read a little. A bunch of counselors came to play rock band with Squirt, but I was so tired that I fell asleep anyway.

This morning after breakfast we cleaned the main camp latrines (meaning we swept them, emptied the trash cans, and replenished the toilet paper). We also finally did the low ropes course. We did the teeter-totter and swinging rope, both of which were relatively easy. And we did this wire balancing thing, which I did with Sunshine. Not to sound arrogant, but I think we were the fastest two. =] I love having good balance! We also did the zip line, but I really didn't feel like doing it so I unhooked people from the zip line down at the end.

I packed, swept the latrines, and swept about half the cabin. Sunshine left around 2:00, and...we're going to take showers really soon. Then crafts, handbook, dinner, and campfire. And HOME really soon! Squee! =] =] Cheers!

16 July 2008

Wednesday 25 June 2008--Colors

After I finished that journal entry yesterday I kept attempting to read more of Pride and Prejudice, but I was so tired that I was kind of losing track of the plot and kind of gave up and dozed off somewhat. Once metime was over we went to go put the backpacking backpacks in the garage of staff house. Then we went up to the lodge--first Squirt handed out mail, and I finally got an actual letter! =] That made me really happy. We also did this color personality test, which I didn't find as good as other personality tests I've done. I got Blue-Green (basically), meaning I'm an "in touch with my feelings-intellectual" person. Kodiak was the only other Blue. We made posters in our groups with words we thought described us. Then got distracted by a fox outside the lodge and Squirt almost forgot to let Kodiak and me present our poster. Our kaper was flag, and Squirt made it into this weird challenge where we had to come to attention, march, and salute in synch with each other. After dinner was All Camp--Dinosaur Egg Hunt. Oh my god, so stupid!!! We never even freaking found our second clue at the petting zoo, and the watermelon wasn't where the staff people said it would be (by the latrines). And I didn't even eat any watermelon because last night was so not the night for waternelon. But we went to bed at apretty decent time--10:15 ish.

This morning us five WITs woke up at 6:10 to go down and feed the horses, which wasn't too bad (actually kind of amusing) except I didn't get to go running and I'm tired as heck. For breakfast we had these really good home made waffles. Oh, so amazing! =]

After breakfast we went to Upper Pond for canoeing/swamping. I canoed, which was a lot of fun, but I wasn't really in the mood to swamp and get all disgusting with pond water.

I have no idea what we're doing this afternoon, but I'm really exhausted, so I think I'm going to stop this entry and make an attempt to sleep that probably won't work. Cheers!

Tuesday 24 June 2008--Surprise!

So fire building was pretty boring and pointless on Sunday, but we got to take showers afterwards, which was good because we all smelled pretty bad. Campfire was actually pretty good--basically every counselor song was hilarious and ours was better than the last one because we all actually remembered it! Afterwards we hung around telling random funny stories and then went back to Troop House for bed.

Yesterday morning we played a pretty intense game of Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am. Usually I don't like that game, but I found it really fun. After that we put up and then took down tents, which wasn't very exciting, but at least we learned the specifics of Sky High's tents. And we chose the units we'd like to be in after the break and did Hip-Hop Abs, which wasn't at all effective. But, anyway, during metime Pepper and Pebbles came in and told us we had our overnight and had to go get everything but food and water for the overnight. So we went and got these big backpacking backpacks, tents, tarps, stoves, propane, toilet paper, paper towels, and checked our unit box. But then we got stuck in Troop House for about an hour because there was a lightning storm. Once we finally got going it wasn't too bad, although carrying that tent wasn't fun at all. We got the tents set up (all 3), dug a biffy, made a fire, and lashed a table, then sat waiting for the food. We finally prepared it and had good foil dinners and Aussie bags. Later we went on a night hike to Mystic Meadows, which wasn't bad except I was freezing, and had a non-sappy Scout's Own. And finally went to bed after 11:00.

This morning we made breakfast burritos (which took freaking forever and weren't even that good), washed, broke down camp, and walked ALL our equipment back. Then all I had for lunch was dessert (and a fruit leather about 20 minutes ago). After lunch we got to take showers--I was really happy because I felt absolutely disgusting. We're doing handbook stuff soon and All-Camp tonight.

So, I actually kind of want to go home. I feel pretty crappy about Aunt Susan, because she doesn't deserve cancer *sigh* But, only about three days left--I'll survive. Well....Cheers!

Sunday 22 June 2008--Blah

Well, okay, so after dinner we played a few games of Statues. And Twitchy totally made my day because she was wearing one of Mrs. Pierce's AP Lang and Comp shirts. I kept making myself get out during statues, though, because I don't like the game very much. After a few games, we all went into the lodge to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I simply adore that movie, but Sunshine hadn't seen it before so it was quite amusing to watch her. My ankles got really dirty after the hike yesterday, and the cabin smelled horrible when we all took off our shoes last night. But once again I fell asleep pretty much as soon as the lights turned off and my head hit the pillow.

We got to sleep in an hour this morning, though =] Flag was after breakfast for the first time in my memory, and then we did crafts. I made another lanyard fish and a weird Shrinky Dink keychain with Luna on it. We're doing fire building during check-in and have another campfire tonight--which we need new song for. *sigh* Well, Cheers!

15 July 2008

Saturday 21 June 2008--Catch up

Okay, so ignore that last part. I just remembered what we did Thursday morning and now I really feel like an idiot that I couldn't remember. Pssht...Anyway, we played Capture the Flag for an hour and a half, which was loads and loads of fun. But since I'm pretty fast, I was kind of a target of the other team I cut my leg on the log their bandana was hidden behind. And then I totally biffed it--I cut my arm, shoulder, knee, and bruised my knees pretty bad too. The sad thing was that NEITHER team won!!! It was very amusing, though. After we decided to give up/surrender, Pebbles took us to go do a bunch of kapers--window washing, sweeping/cleaning the showers, and fixing the singing rocks. We had metime then (obviously) and after that we finally did the equipment training for overnights/cookouts. And then the other half of the cabin started cooking for dinner. It took a little while because it was propane, but we had really good pizza quesadillas and dirt and worms, and I helped to dishes (to be honest, it was mostly Nudge and me doing dishes from our side of the cabin). We still had to go to campfire that night, which was vaguely annoying but actually really amusing--during training, Dynamite had accidentally said that if you see a bear, you "take your shirt off" and the counselors did a skit teasing her about it.

Friday we got to sleep in, and then we cooked our chocolate chip pancakes for the cookout, which were awesome. We proceeded to go STRAIGHT to lunch. Gah, that was annoying because I wasn't hungry at all. I mean, I seriously could have just skipped breakfast and eaten lunch. Right after lunch Squirt, Critter, Sunshine, Duckie, Dynamite, Flamingo, Hershey, and I played a game of Egyptian Rat Slap, which Squirt won. Then we were with Pebbles for Behavior Problems training, which was actually pretty interesting. We then "applied what we learned" to the movie A Bug's Life, and I finally got an actual letter from Leslie. That night we played Sardines (which I lost), finally took showers again (Squee!), and had another dance party. Again, the dance party was great, but we got stuck in the lodge because it was lightning and when we finally got to Troop house people wouldn't shut up--it must've been after 11:30 by the time they finally shut up. *sigh* (And no metime! Gah!)

Oh, and last night and this morning we got to staff tables. This morning we did the zip line, which was phenomenal. =] I stopped running too soon, though. =[ And this afternoon we hiked to Manitou Lake. The hike there was great and it was nice to be out of camp. But we didn't walk back on the highway, so it was all uphill and the Juniors were dying. It wasn't that bad (in my opinion), but...I felt bad for the younger girls. We've been just sitting in the lodge for an hour now. Dinner and flag soon. Something tonight. Kodiak's birthday. And...we've been here 7 days! Cheers!

Thursday 19 June 2008--Sports

So I didn't actually ride the Diglers yesterday because I knew I'd injure myself. Instead I sat and talked with Houdini. And we're doing lanyards today instead. But yesterday evening was incredibly fun! We did sports with the Brownie and Junior girls, who were so adorable and sweet. I slept really soundly last night, too. This morning....

(I never got a chance to finish this entry)

Wednesday 18 June 2008--Fun =]

Okay, so we never actually did equipment training. Instead we watched Finding Nemo and learned that "your camper can teach you stuff" and wrote about Gill being Nemo's mentor figure. Funnily enough, it was the idea of our counselors. Totally. But, I found it really annoying because sitting on my bed doing nothing is something I can do at home--I came to camp to do stuff and hang outdoors. Then we had to do flag again and ate dinner--stir fry! =]

After dinner we all got to dress up really funny and hide--I hid with Nudge (Katie) behind this really big tree behind flag circle. We were so freaking obvious, but only three of the 5 groups found us! I wore this funny black, old lady dress with sequin designs and a masquerade mask. But it was really a CIT hung plus Sketch. Oh, and Sketch got a picture of a bunch of us and I desperately want her to send it to me! For dessert, we got this amazing brownie covered in mint chocolate chip ice cream. =] But I was so tired last night--I was falling asleep while we were hanging at the lodge and I fell asleep before everyone else even turned off the lights last night. And I slept like a rock--8 1/2 hours of sleep! Squee!

We slept in a little this morning until 7:15, and today was pajama breakfast. And we got to pet a pony this morning! =] Granted, it was J-lo and Gigi, who are big butts, but I was happy to finally see and take care of a horse (okay, pony). Then we got to spend some time writing down songs we knew for a song book and playing a bunch of games we knew. Then lunch and pulling equipment for the overnights/cookouts tonight. The first 15 minutes or so of metime I spent shaving my legs with Critter, Basil, Houdini, and Sunshine. It felt so good, but was vaguely awkward when Pebbles drove by in the golf cart.

I think we're doing crafts and something else this afternoon. Dinner. More girls coming, including some girls moving into Arrowhead. And sports later tonight. =]

Er...well, happy thoughts! Cheers!

Tuesday 17 June 2008--50

Days until Terminus! Yay! But, continuing with camp. Yesterday afternoon we did archery (and I actually hit the target twice!) and then spent time playing with a parachute like little Brownies. But it was so fun! And we had to hop again, but dinner was amazingly good. Cornbread and this amazing vegetable soup with spinach and potatoes and random vegetables. Plus a really good apple cobbler for dessert. After dinner we sat around for a while and then went to a dance party with Brownies, which was a billion times more fun than I expected it to be. I mean, there was nothing at all to be self-conscious about so we all went pretty crazy. But when we got back, I fell asleep within like 2 minutes of turning off the lights and slept really well.

We had to do flag this morning and then breakfast obviously. Aaaand...we got to take showers this morning. It felt so amazing to be clean and have soft hair again. Then we spent about an hour and a half decorating our handbook folders all tacky-ish. And we played random, amusing, fun games until lunch. Now, we've had metime for about two hours. I wrote a letter to Mary Rose, ate pretzels and a chocolate-covered espresso bean, and talked a lot. I should really write more letters, but I don't feel like it.

Later we're doing equipment training and tonight is All Camp, which we get to hide for. Squee! But I think I'll sleep pretty well again tonight, after reading some. Cheers! =]

Monday 16 June 2008--Camp ramblings

So, I actually have more time and a lot more to say. I want to start by saying how amazing it feels to have friends around me who are genuinely excited to see me and talk to me. When I walked into Troop House, Nichole, Lizzy, and Katie all ran at me to hug me. That true happiness from friends glad to see me hasn't happened in a long time, and the feeling is just so amazing. I can't help but be happy and have fun =]

Except for last night. Gah!!! It was so painfully hot in Troop House. I fell asleep pretty easy for a hour to an hour and a half, but then Squirt came back, which woke me up. And I was so tired and hungry and uncomfortable and HOT that I couldn't fall back asleep. It must've taken me around two and a half hours to fall back asleep, which made me really angry at my alarm when it went off at 6:45 this morning this morning. And we had to hop. Everyone at my table was really tired, so breakfast was awkwardly quiet. After breakfast, we did health checks, which took absolutely FOREVER. Strangely, I lost 5 pounds and now weigh 104 even with all the weight classes and swimming and running. Then we proceeded to do the first 11 paces in the CIT/WIT handbook. It was pretty boring, and we were all so tired. But we have a large amount of power now! We got to sing before lunch and got first food. And the younger campers find us fascinating and really do look up to us. =] Mmm...I believe we're leaving soon to do archery, which should be fun even though I stink horribly at it. Then hopping for dinner again, and then I think a dance party later tonight. Hopefully, I'll sleep better tonight since it's already cooler and I'm tired. But, yeah, HOPEFULLY!

Sunday 15 June 2008--First

This won't be very long, but I just really want to get camp stuff down in a journal some way. So, I had a bunch of strange fears about coming to camp. But I'm really happy to be here. It's great to see Vegas and Katie--and Lizzy's here too =] Plus, I'm just really happy to be back at Sky High because the atmosphere and everything here are so amazing. Oh, and just to get general information out of the way, Squirt and Tinkerbell are the counselors and we're in Troop House. And we did a Barbie Girl parody for the campfire song. Fun, fun. =] But, I honestly don't have much else to say...just to get to the end of the page, I'll rant a little about the fact that we don't have cubbies to put stuff in. *sigh* But that's the one complaint I have.

Catching up

Hi!!! Long time, no see =] Except I've been keeping up in my handwritten journal, so it's all okay. So...I'm going to do the same thing that I did the first two weeks this summer I was stuck at my mom's house and post things I'm "looking forward to"

Today: Gym class(es) with Leslie, Secret Life of the American Teenager
Tomorrow: Possibly running shoe shopping with Leslie, One year anniversary on Leaky
Thursday: Grandpa comes (I guess that's exciting...), new My Boys
Friday: Uh.... (sad)
Today-Friday: more new 5AG videos
Saturday: Mom's birthday
Sunday: New songsfromahat video
Monday, July 21st: Year anniversary of Deathly Hallows
Tuesday, July 22nd: Gym class(es) with Leslie, Secret Life of the American Teenager
Wednesday, July 23rd: ???? (sad)
Thursday, July 24th: new episode of My Boys
Friday, July 25th: HOME!!!!
21st-25th: more new 5AG videos!!! =] =]
Things I hope will happen at some point: Water World, trip up to Denver to go shopping, hang out with Joel, Melissa...

Umm...so, anyway, as you can see I'm not all that excited to be here, away from camp. I miss it so much. I know that there were times during camp where I said, "I want to go home" and kind of meant it, but...Well, for one thing, I'm not home. And also, there are just too many things about camp that I love. I really miss the atmosphere, the family meals, the friends, the scenery, the food (scary, but I had a cheese sandwich for dinner on both Saturday and Sunday. That's NOT DINNER), and even the barn. Because for every bad morning/afternoon doing tedious chores at the barn, getting pissed off at Tat2, coming back to my friends smiling and wanting to talk to me made it all better--especially the time Kodiak actually said, "I missed you." So...yeah, I just really do wish I was still there. *sigh*

Okay, so I'm going to start posting everything I wrote down during my month at camp. Enjoy! Cheers!