15 July 2008

Tuesday 17 June 2008--50

Days until Terminus! Yay! But, continuing with camp. Yesterday afternoon we did archery (and I actually hit the target twice!) and then spent time playing with a parachute like little Brownies. But it was so fun! And we had to hop again, but dinner was amazingly good. Cornbread and this amazing vegetable soup with spinach and potatoes and random vegetables. Plus a really good apple cobbler for dessert. After dinner we sat around for a while and then went to a dance party with Brownies, which was a billion times more fun than I expected it to be. I mean, there was nothing at all to be self-conscious about so we all went pretty crazy. But when we got back, I fell asleep within like 2 minutes of turning off the lights and slept really well.

We had to do flag this morning and then breakfast obviously. Aaaand...we got to take showers this morning. It felt so amazing to be clean and have soft hair again. Then we spent about an hour and a half decorating our handbook folders all tacky-ish. And we played random, amusing, fun games until lunch. Now, we've had metime for about two hours. I wrote a letter to Mary Rose, ate pretzels and a chocolate-covered espresso bean, and talked a lot. I should really write more letters, but I don't feel like it.

Later we're doing equipment training and tonight is All Camp, which we get to hide for. Squee! But I think I'll sleep pretty well again tonight, after reading some. Cheers! =]

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