20 July 2008

Fresh air

Okay, so this is going to be a really short post, but...just thought I'd share that I did end up going running...I got out of the whole approaching Randy thing because he was asleep (as was my grandfather), so I left a note. =] Squee!!! Okay, it was only about a mile and a half (maybe a little more or less) because I didn't realize how hot it was outside and hence didn't bring a water bottle...so I was kind of dying. Plus I didn't have anyone running with me to motivate me to keep going. That's the main reason I like running with Leslie/other people: because it gives me the motivation to just keep running, even when I feel like I can't!

The fresh air felt really good, though. Er...5 days until I'm back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I still wish I could do something with my friends in those 5 days, though. *sigh*)

It's still a pretty notsome day, but...at least I got that exercise to take my mind off stuff! =]

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