25 July 2008


Ahem, so several very, very exciting things happened today:

The first, of course, is being HOME. By sheer luck that my sister had a party to go to, I was able to go home a whole TWO hours early! Squee!!!! It just feels so amazing to be home, finally. If you think about it, it's actually been 3 and a half weeks since I was home last. That's a really long time, and I missed it so much. Just walking into my room and seeing all the comforting things I've surrounded myself with...Oh, it felt so good. And Ebony was so happy to see me...it actually got really obnoxious once I tried to read, but it was sweet. =] Plus, there's the fact that Dad and Leslie care and try and love so much more. We all helped cook, and then had a pretty dang amazing sit-down, family dinner of spinach-cheese enchiladas (Yum!) and just TALKED. I know that may sound boring to some people, but I've really come to love our dinners and helping cook and just talking about our lives. It's really nice. And I am very excited to sleep in my own bed, with Ebony on my feet, for the first time in 23 NIGHTS!!!! =]

Also, my Ravenclaw house sweater from Whimsic Alley arrived!!!!!!!!!! I was freakishly excited when I opened up the package. And it's absolutely beautiful. It looks just like I imagine the house sweaters should. And, best of all, it's the book colors: blue and bronze, instead of blue and silver like my tie. I really want to buy one of Whimsic Alley's book color ties as well, but that can wait a little while since I do at least have a Ravenclaw tie for Terminus.

And.......The Half-Blood Prince movie trailer is now officially coming out on Tuesday the 29th of July! =] It will debut online on AOL. Which is good, because I didn't want to have to go see a movie I wasn't really interested in seeing just to see the trailer. It seems weird that they waited until 4 months before the movie to release a trailer, when Twilight released one in April and it's coming out in December!!! But...the fact that I've waited so long for a trailer just multiplies my excitement to finally see it!

(I'm way too excited right now. It's kind of scary) Er...well...so, I'm planning on doing one final revision of my paper for Terminus, planning my Intersection, and writing a lot more of my Rwanda story because I suddenly today just had a bunch of ideas and am out of a pretty horrible 6 month writer's block.

As always, I'm sending happy thoughts y'all's way! Cheers!!!

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