17 July 2008

Thursday 26 June 2008--Soon

So I ended up falling asleep for 45 minutes after I finished that journal entry yesterday. One of the counselors woke us up and then we went to the petting zoo with Tink. I actually really despise the petting zoo, so I only went in there for about three minutes to say Hi to the rabbits. The rest of the time I spent sitting, exhausted, by Houdini and Critter. AFter that we went up to the lodge supposedly to play games, but that only lasted until Pepper recruited us to decorate the lodge for the theme dinner--Unbirthday. I wasn't really into it until Sunshine and I went to get my balloons and people started making dogs. What I love is that they're my balloons and everyone but me can make animals. Once that was finished we went with Squirt to work a little more on our handbooks. For the most part, it was really boring, but I know it really truly had to be done. After dinner (really amazing stuffed green peppers) we played Sardines for a little while, which I actually didn't lose this time, and went to another dance party. It wasn't as much fun as the last two, but it was bearable. We got back to Troop House pretty early, so I made this list of things that were bothering me and read a little. A bunch of counselors came to play rock band with Squirt, but I was so tired that I fell asleep anyway.

This morning after breakfast we cleaned the main camp latrines (meaning we swept them, emptied the trash cans, and replenished the toilet paper). We also finally did the low ropes course. We did the teeter-totter and swinging rope, both of which were relatively easy. And we did this wire balancing thing, which I did with Sunshine. Not to sound arrogant, but I think we were the fastest two. =] I love having good balance! We also did the zip line, but I really didn't feel like doing it so I unhooked people from the zip line down at the end.

I packed, swept the latrines, and swept about half the cabin. Sunshine left around 2:00, and...we're going to take showers really soon. Then crafts, handbook, dinner, and campfire. And HOME really soon! Squee! =] =] Cheers!

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