16 July 2008

Tuesday 24 June 2008--Surprise!

So fire building was pretty boring and pointless on Sunday, but we got to take showers afterwards, which was good because we all smelled pretty bad. Campfire was actually pretty good--basically every counselor song was hilarious and ours was better than the last one because we all actually remembered it! Afterwards we hung around telling random funny stories and then went back to Troop House for bed.

Yesterday morning we played a pretty intense game of Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am. Usually I don't like that game, but I found it really fun. After that we put up and then took down tents, which wasn't very exciting, but at least we learned the specifics of Sky High's tents. And we chose the units we'd like to be in after the break and did Hip-Hop Abs, which wasn't at all effective. But, anyway, during metime Pepper and Pebbles came in and told us we had our overnight and had to go get everything but food and water for the overnight. So we went and got these big backpacking backpacks, tents, tarps, stoves, propane, toilet paper, paper towels, and checked our unit box. But then we got stuck in Troop House for about an hour because there was a lightning storm. Once we finally got going it wasn't too bad, although carrying that tent wasn't fun at all. We got the tents set up (all 3), dug a biffy, made a fire, and lashed a table, then sat waiting for the food. We finally prepared it and had good foil dinners and Aussie bags. Later we went on a night hike to Mystic Meadows, which wasn't bad except I was freezing, and had a non-sappy Scout's Own. And finally went to bed after 11:00.

This morning we made breakfast burritos (which took freaking forever and weren't even that good), washed, broke down camp, and walked ALL our equipment back. Then all I had for lunch was dessert (and a fruit leather about 20 minutes ago). After lunch we got to take showers--I was really happy because I felt absolutely disgusting. We're doing handbook stuff soon and All-Camp tonight.

So, I actually kind of want to go home. I feel pretty crappy about Aunt Susan, because she doesn't deserve cancer *sigh* But, only about three days left--I'll survive. Well....Cheers!

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