24 July 2008

14 days!!!!!!!!

Dobby's sock!!!!!! Oh my geez!!!!!! THERE ARE ONLY 14 DAYS UNTIL TERMINUS!!!!!! I find this crazy. I mean, I found the conference last...(excuse me while I go search my e-mail) September. I registered for it in January. So, I've been waiting for this conference to come for about 11 months...REALLY waiting (since I was registered) for 7 months. And, now, all of the sudden, in 14 days I'll be in the airport about to get on my plane to Chicago!!! I'll be eating amazing vegetarian food (=]) and hanging out with awesome Harry Potter friends that I've been corresponding with for a year online. I'll be going to presentations, intersections, volunteering, dancing, laughing, singing...spending a WHOLE afternoon with Mary Rose =] I'm really excited for Terminus to get here...

However, before this happens, I need to PACK. Yes, definitely. Probably start laying out stuff on Monday, actually. That way I'll know if I need anything and what I need to go buy. Plus, I'm kind of a dork that way and want to make sure I'm not doing anything last minute. I also need to plan out discussion questions, etc, for my Luna/Neville Intersection. Most importantly, I need to type out and print the final copy of my presentation paper, ask whether I have a projector, and, if I do, make a quick Power Point.

Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! =] I'm definitely excited to spend time with real HP fans and listen to a live PotterCast! Cheers!

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