30 July 2008


So, I haven't posted an actual journal entry in here since Friday. And for that I am terribly sorry. So let's start with Saturday!!!!

Well, don't remember doing much of anything in the morning. I probably was on the computer for far to long a time, read some, ate lunch around 12:30....Then, once my stepmom came home and we'd finished discussing the menu for the next two weeks/what we'd need to buy, my dad and I headed off to the BX/commissary. I proceeded to get a little depressed at the BX when my dad told me to buy school supplies because it was the last BX/commissary trip I'd have before school starts on the 15th!!!!! =[ Because of this, I forgot to buy replacement razor heads and hair clips *hits self on forehead* That night we had couscous (yummy!) and...umm.....well, I won't elaborate because this is a public blog and the events following are private, but my dad and stepmom (and sort of me) had a pretty HUGE fight and I was pretty worried all night. I didn't have anyone to talk to because our internet went down, so I began rereading Deathly Hallows...for the 8th or 9th time.

Er...Sunday morning I got up and took a shower, then read for a while until breakfast burritos at 9:00. Again, I probably spent way too much time on the internet Sunday morning, read a lot, and ate lunch around 1:00. Then, a little bit after 2:00 we went to the gym as a family--Dad went swimming and Leslie and I ran on the ellipticals...I think it was around 3 and a half miles for me. We went home and changed, then went to go bowling. *blushes* It had been almost two years since my last time bowling, and I ended up with a score of 60. *blushes even deeper* I got discouraged (and annoyed) and didn't play a second game. More time on the computer...And we had a REALLY good dinner!!!! =] Garden burger, roasted zucchini, and roasted kohlrabi/turnips/potatoes. Yum!

I didn't do much of anything on Monday. Nothing that I remember being uber important or exciting, definitely. My day: got up around 8:30, washed dishes I'd forgotten to do the night before (dang it!), ate breakfast, changed, uploaded camp pictures, printed out paper again, read/hung out online until 1:00. Lunch at 1:00, brushed teeth, straightened hair, cleaned out closet, listened to PotterCast, read/hung out online some more. My dad came home around 5:00, and we started cooking...at some point? I think just a little bit after 5:30, and dinner wasn't ready until 7:15!!!! But it was good, again: zucchini frittata and salad. Then my dad and I drove 30 minutes out to Powers to look at a laptop from craigslist. At first, it seemed really good, but slowly quirks began to appear...then even BIGGER quirks. And, yeah, we decided against it.

Yesterday. I woke up at 8:00, ate breakfast, took a shower, and changed clothes. Got on the computer for about two hours (oops!!!), then read more of Deathly Hallows/played Sudoku. Ate lunch around 1:00 again while reading the newspaper...the newspaper reading lasted until about 2:00. Then I brushed my teeth/straightened hair, and did some sort of mix of reading/playing Sudoku/cleaning/hanging out on the computer. I looked endlessly for laptops online and got confused/annoyed/discouraged around and around in a circle. *sigh* It's so HARD to find a good laptop!!! For not much money!!! Anyway, Leslie and I went to Body Pump again at 5:30. I really do love that class so much! =] It always makes me feel good. Pain=good=I know I'm actually getting a workout. So, we ate dinner (stir fry!!!!), I did the dishes, and rushed upstairs to find the Half-Blood Prince trailer, and proceeded to SQUEE a lot (!) when I found it. I watched it two times by myself, and it made me smile/Squee so much!!! I then called my sister, who told me to tell her when it was online so she could watch it and watched it with her, then watched it again with my dad/stepmom. After that Squeeing episode (all of it done by me) was over, we watched a really strange X-Files...it didn't make much sense, but it was hilarious!!! After that I hung out online more, watched the trailer again (that makes 5 times for those of you who are keeping count), read Deathly Hallows and....went to bed.

I woke up around 8:15 today and ate breakfast (yay?) Then I read more of Deathly Hallows/played Sudoku, changed, straightened my hair, and hung out on the computer until 12:00, when I read some more. I ate lunch at 1:00 once again while reading the newspaper (lasted until 1:45), brushed my teeth, did more Sudoku, and spent about an hour and a half planning for Terminus. I'm way too organized for my own good, I've decided. I made detailed list of what I'm planning on wearing each day (which is likely to change, but, I want to know what I have to pack) and what should go in either the suitcase or carry-on. So, from 3 packing list and an outfit "planner," I'm sincerely hoping I don't forget anything, because I'd feel super stupid! I read more of Deathly Hallows and came on here around 5:00...Umm...since it's 5:45, I hope we're going to start cooking relatively soon!!!!

We're hiking 2 fourteeners this weekend (squee!), then school registration/hopefully Water World on the 6th, and then.....................TERMINUS!!!!!!! Yay!

(Oh, and in case you didn't pick up on this, my laptop is dying. The hinge connecting the screen to the keyboard broke on one side and the other side is cracking. So currently I have to leave it open all the time, which means it has completely lost its use as a traveling laptop and if I didn't want to move it around, I might as well have bought a desktop *rolls eyes* So I'm searching for a new, relatively cheap laptop, although Dad and Leslie are being super-nice and offering to buy all of it if it's under 250 dollars or most of it if it's more. But it's hard to find a good laptop for under 600 dollars, and I don't want them spending that much!)

As always, sending happy, squeeful thoughts your way! Cheers!

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