30 July 2008

Chamber of Secrets reading group

I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my last post!!!! *hits head on desk hard, then winces and goes back to typing*

The Chamber of Secrets reading group opened today!!!!!! SQUEE!!!! For some reason, I'm really excited for this one, though I didn't have a great experience with the Philosopher's Stone one. Allie is my reading group again, so I'll probably actually participate in this one. I'm still trying to convince Mary Rose to join again despite her bad experience in HBP, because I sincerely miss hearing her thoughts each week! *sigh*

And (recent news!) Allie agreed to look at my paper for Terminus, which is a relief. I'm glad I'll be able to have a big HP fan look at it from the fan perspective, since that's who I'll be talking too. Now I'm just hoping she won't say it's crap! (Just kidding =])

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