15 July 2008

Wednesday 18 June 2008--Fun =]

Okay, so we never actually did equipment training. Instead we watched Finding Nemo and learned that "your camper can teach you stuff" and wrote about Gill being Nemo's mentor figure. Funnily enough, it was the idea of our counselors. Totally. But, I found it really annoying because sitting on my bed doing nothing is something I can do at home--I came to camp to do stuff and hang outdoors. Then we had to do flag again and ate dinner--stir fry! =]

After dinner we all got to dress up really funny and hide--I hid with Nudge (Katie) behind this really big tree behind flag circle. We were so freaking obvious, but only three of the 5 groups found us! I wore this funny black, old lady dress with sequin designs and a masquerade mask. But it was really a CIT hung plus Sketch. Oh, and Sketch got a picture of a bunch of us and I desperately want her to send it to me! For dessert, we got this amazing brownie covered in mint chocolate chip ice cream. =] But I was so tired last night--I was falling asleep while we were hanging at the lodge and I fell asleep before everyone else even turned off the lights last night. And I slept like a rock--8 1/2 hours of sleep! Squee!

We slept in a little this morning until 7:15, and today was pajama breakfast. And we got to pet a pony this morning! =] Granted, it was J-lo and Gigi, who are big butts, but I was happy to finally see and take care of a horse (okay, pony). Then we got to spend some time writing down songs we knew for a song book and playing a bunch of games we knew. Then lunch and pulling equipment for the overnights/cookouts tonight. The first 15 minutes or so of metime I spent shaving my legs with Critter, Basil, Houdini, and Sunshine. It felt so good, but was vaguely awkward when Pebbles drove by in the golf cart.

I think we're doing crafts and something else this afternoon. Dinner. More girls coming, including some girls moving into Arrowhead. And sports later tonight. =]

Er...well, happy thoughts! Cheers!

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