20 July 2008

A year ago today...

I was freaking out, anxiously awaiting the release of Deathly Hallows!!! Actually, if I'm remembering correctly, I was watching Gilmore Girls...(lol) It feels so weird that it's been a year already. In this year, I've had the best times. I joined LL and the Reading Groups and analyzed the heck out of Deathly Hallows...and had so much fun that I proceeded to do the same for Half Blood Prince and Philosopher's Stone. I've made some pretty dang amazing friends through LL and gotten addicted to watching Harry Potter fans make vlogs on YouTube. I've listened to PotterCast...written a poem about the journey fans went through (I posted it a while back)...attempted (and failed) to draw fanart. Most everything that wasn't resolved in the book/Epilogue has been revealed by Jo, and there's been a lot of drama in the fandom: Dumbledore being gay and the whole Stupid Jo VS. Steve Vander Ark fiasco. A documentary about Jo came out, and she released a pretty dang awesome prequel featuring James and Sirius =]

It's funny, because when I go back and read my old posts leading up to Deathly Hallows, I was so worried that...nothing would be the same. It's not, really, because there's no more books to look forward to. (The Scottish Book????) But, there's still a lot of stuff to discuss and figure out and look forward to. Jo has revealed an awful lot of stuff about the characters since last July, stuff that sparks more major discussions and we can try to figure out some other things that still haven't been revealed (like what house Grubbly-Plank was in). Of course, there's the movies and conferences and Theme park to look forward to!!!! The fandom is still just as close and just as fun and...I love it just as much.

I mean, I definitely experienced a lot of Post Potter Depression, and I still have my Harry Potter memorial up on my wall. But I'm not any less obsessed with Harry Potter, and I'm not any less excited when there's new Harry Potter news...even if now, it's mostly about the movies. Basically, as long as there are people who love Harry Potter and worship the very ground Jo walks on, the fandom will live on. And, personally, I hope that will be forever =]

So.....ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!! Wow. Such an awesome year. And I can't wait until Terminus, either!

Anyone who's reading this and is a Harry Potter fan...tell me about your year since Deathly Hallows came out!! What did you think before the book came out and after the book came out? Are you still obsessed? Has anything changed??? And...anything else you'd like to say! Leave me a comment...or something like that!


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