18 July 2008

My realization...

Is that I honestly don't have a life. My life is books and running and the internet. I've been reading what my friends are doing and watching 5AG videos. And all of them are going to do stuff with friends constantly, or going somewhere, or...doing something exciting. While I sit at home curled up with a book and music and go on the internet and fantasize about my friends...who don't seem to care, because if they did they'd invite me to do something. Yes, I know I went to camp, which was awesome. And, yes, I know I'm going to Terminus. But...I wish I had something more to do. Or just someone to do stuff with. *sigh* Okay, time for updates on what I'm looking forward to over the next seven days:

Tomorrow: Mom's birthday (which actually doesn't mean much of anything), going to see Dark Knight (with my mom. Uberly pathetic), Freaky Friday on TV =]
Sunday: New songsfromahat video!!! and maybe a new PotterCast...sometime this week, I hope
Monday, July 21st: Year anniversary of Deathly Hallows
Tuesday, July 22nd: Gym class with Leslie, new episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager
Wednesday, July 23rd: ???? (sad)
Thursday, July 24th: Gym class with Leslie, new episode of My Boys
Friday, July 25th: HOME!!!!
Monday-Friday: new 5AG videos

I still hope that I can do something with my friends in the upcoming week. By now, Water World is probably out unless my friends can get me a ride...but, I doubt it. I probably WON'T end up doing anything with friends, but I'm allowed to hope. Even if it rarely brings me anything.

I'm sorry I'm such a downer today. But I've had a pretty crappy day. And though I've survived 7 days at my mom's house...there's still 7 more to go. *sigh* At least I do have my books. Er...cheers!

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