15 July 2008

Monday 16 June 2008--Camp ramblings

So, I actually have more time and a lot more to say. I want to start by saying how amazing it feels to have friends around me who are genuinely excited to see me and talk to me. When I walked into Troop House, Nichole, Lizzy, and Katie all ran at me to hug me. That true happiness from friends glad to see me hasn't happened in a long time, and the feeling is just so amazing. I can't help but be happy and have fun =]

Except for last night. Gah!!! It was so painfully hot in Troop House. I fell asleep pretty easy for a hour to an hour and a half, but then Squirt came back, which woke me up. And I was so tired and hungry and uncomfortable and HOT that I couldn't fall back asleep. It must've taken me around two and a half hours to fall back asleep, which made me really angry at my alarm when it went off at 6:45 this morning this morning. And we had to hop. Everyone at my table was really tired, so breakfast was awkwardly quiet. After breakfast, we did health checks, which took absolutely FOREVER. Strangely, I lost 5 pounds and now weigh 104 even with all the weight classes and swimming and running. Then we proceeded to do the first 11 paces in the CIT/WIT handbook. It was pretty boring, and we were all so tired. But we have a large amount of power now! We got to sing before lunch and got first food. And the younger campers find us fascinating and really do look up to us. =] Mmm...I believe we're leaving soon to do archery, which should be fun even though I stink horribly at it. Then hopping for dinner again, and then I think a dance party later tonight. Hopefully, I'll sleep better tonight since it's already cooler and I'm tired. But, yeah, HOPEFULLY!

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