15 July 2008

Sunday 15 June 2008--First

This won't be very long, but I just really want to get camp stuff down in a journal some way. So, I had a bunch of strange fears about coming to camp. But I'm really happy to be here. It's great to see Vegas and Katie--and Lizzy's here too =] Plus, I'm just really happy to be back at Sky High because the atmosphere and everything here are so amazing. Oh, and just to get general information out of the way, Squirt and Tinkerbell are the counselors and we're in Troop House. And we did a Barbie Girl parody for the campfire song. Fun, fun. =] But, I honestly don't have much else to say...just to get to the end of the page, I'll rant a little about the fact that we don't have cubbies to put stuff in. *sigh* But that's the one complaint I have.

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