30 March 2008

I don't know what it is with me...

Earlier this morning, I called my dad to make sure it would be okay if I came over at some point today to drop stuff off--because he asked us just to check in before we just come over(you know, in case they were having a party or something, which has never happened). Anyway, as soon as I heard his voice, my eyes actually filled with tears. So, after asking, I couldn't say anything except for "no" when he asked if I needed to be picked up, or I'd give myself away. Honestly...*sigh* I really do miss that house so much, and the comforts and food and love that come from it.

16 hrs, 8 mins Until I'm HOME!!!!!!! (and, really, that's about 9 hours wake...)

*attempts at a weak smile and fails*

29 March 2008


I finished my biology project! SQUEE!!!!! (Well, I still need to work out the picture, but I don't think that will take very long) I'm not completely sure I understood the biological effects correctly, but I did my best and I think it ended up turning out pretty good. Out of boredom, I think I'll still start reading Romeo and Juliet because...yeah, it's incredibly boring here and I have nothing better to do. Honestly, I wish it was Sunday already. I know this sounds really strange, but I almost want to go back to school--I won't be stuck here, I'll have stuff to do, and I'll be back HOME. *sigh*

Yesterday I volunteered at my dad's work from 7:30 to 4:30. Basically, I was shredding checks and papers and...DESTAPLING them. GAH!!! It was incredibly repetitive and boring, but I actually felt pretty good about it. Everyone there, including my dad, really seemed to appreciate what I was doing. It felt kind of strange that destroying a bunch of old papers was helpful, but...well, it was. And at least I wasn't stuck at my mom's house all day.

So, I found Chamber of Secrets this morning and started reading it. I'm almost done already--only 50 pages left! But it's been years since I read the book because it was the one I couldn't find for the longest time. Turns out, my sister was hiding it in her room all this time. *rolls eyes* Anyway, it's pretty good...Obviously.

For whatever reason, I was actually crying this morning, homesick for Dad and Leslie and Ebony and my room....I really miss them all, and I wish it was August so I could go to Terminus. I like feeling like I'm never truly alone becaus of my Leaky friends, but I wish they were closer and that I could actually go out and do stuff with them--like watching movies, hiking, talking, laughing.

1 days, 17 hrs, 22 mins until I'm back HOME! =D

28 March 2008

End of an Era

So, for whatever reason, I've been feeling all nostalgic lately about Harry Potter--all the theories we made up, waiting and wishing for the next book, squeeing whenever we found out something new about the books. I mean, I know it's not all over, but it will never be the same...Well, no, we still have the 'Scottish Book' hopefully! (if you are confused, go listen to PotterCast #130! Go on!) But, either way, this song is officially my favorite song ever!!!!

Don't you ever wonder what will happen when it ends?
How can we let go of the, the ones that we call friends.
And I know it's only a story but, for so many it's more than that.
It's a world all on it's own where we want to put on that sorting hat.

And I will miss the train ride in.
And the pranks pulled by the twins.
And though it's nowhere I have been, I'll keep on smiling.
From the times I had with them.

Could there ever be again another one like this?
One that brought us together and started it's own music movement.

And I will miss the train ride in.
And the pranks pulled by the twins.
And though it's nowhere I have been, I'll keep on smiling.
From the times I had with them.

Soon we will see it closed
The final chapter exposed
It's an end of an era
And I'm seeing clearer
Nothing will ever be the same

And I will miss the train ride in.
And the pranks pulled by the twins.
And though it's nowhere I have been, I'll keep on smiling.
From the times I had with them.

26 March 2008

"Brave Walk"

Okay, so I wrote this poem a few days ago and I just thought I'd post it on here. It's about Harry's walk through the forest in Deathly Hallows. =D

"Brave Walk"
This is the end,
Into this night I descend
My whole life
Leading to this final strife
Time to leave the air...
Hope they won't despair
After all these years,
The truth finally appears

His hidden love,
How could I have known of?
I see in his empty gaze,
Love for her, ALWAYS.
With his assistance,
I have gone the distance
All these things I thought;
Now make me so distraught.

No time to say goodbye,
On them I cannot rely
Overhead the dementors...
Don't know how to fight anymore.
Turn over the stone,
Parents help me to the unknown
My mentor: a lifelong lie?
I wonder, will it hurt to die?

Slowly to my death I walk
Ticking on is the clock.
Me, a Horcrux
This fact, a deluxe.
This is my fate--
To die to save our state
No spell can I recite
For now, I cannot fight.

To my enemy I call,
Let the stone fall
Him and me alone
Death, I cannot postpone
Ginny's eyes I see,
But I cannot flee.
Do not touch my wand
I must move beyond.

Tilts his head, looks at me
The end, now a guarantee.
Curse I see him speak,
Everything looks bleak.
Flash of green,
Then, to me, everything is unseen.

Ennui and monotony

In case you are wondering, that means boredom. Because I am incredibly, incredibly bored. Anyway...here are some random tidbits about my life:

  • The past two days I've been "sneaking" over to my dad's house. I guess it's not really sneaking, and there's nothing wrong with it, because I'm not going over there to hang out with my dad or Leslie, but I feel a little guilty because no one knows...Still, all I've done over there is pick a few things up and watch last year's spelling bee. Plus, it's good exercise and it's really nice out
  • Okay, what happened to friends? *sigh* I made plans with people, but they haven't followed up. I called Melissa yesterday and she felt bad that she didn't know I was alone, and would have invited me over, but she's leaving tomorrow. I kind of want to call Malia or Michelle, but I don't really have any ideas about what to do...I just want to do something.
  • I might go volunteer at my dad's work tomorrow or Friday. Woopee...
  • You know how big of a dork I am? I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix twice yesterday--once with the PotterCast commentary finally, and then again just to see if I could pick up on some of the details they mentioned
  • I despise my Biology project. I mean, I love biology (hence why I want to be a marine biologist), but we have to do a project on a microorganism--I'm doing malaria, and I'm having a hard time finding some of the basics he wants us to have, especially a diagram of it...
  • But, I did finish my Earth Science report, math homework, and reading my French book/answering questions! SQUEE!!!

Hmm...I don't really have much else to say...Cheers!

23 March 2008

Spring Break

So...yeah. Gah, I'm stuck alone with my mom this Spring Break. Luckily, the fights have stopped, but I'm still not happy here. She treats me like I'm about five years old and always wants me to do something with her. Honestly, I still don't feel at all happy around her, and she's definitely not my favorite person. Plus, I hate her house. It's dirty, it constantly smells, and she still has Amy. *sigh* But I can't do anything to change these facts. So I'm just trying to be pleasant, because I hate fighting with anyone.

Hmm...what else? Well, I have a lot of homework to do this Spring Break: read Romeo and Juliet, do my Biology malaria project, finish my Earth Science mineral lab report, and finish reading Le Tour du Monde en Quatre-Vingt Jours and answer another 14 questions. Somewhere in between all that, I hope to watch December Boys, Once, Bee Season, and OotP with the PC commentary.

I just wish I could figure out a way to make Fountain Valley work. I want it more than I've ever wanted anything--honestly, I'd probably give up Terminus if it meant I could go to FVS. And if you know me/have been reading this blog, you know that being willing to give up Terminus means a lot. Strangely, I feel like it's my fault because I didn't get the Summit Scholarship...*big sigh*

Well, I'm actually really missing Mary Rose. (If you read this, please talk to me =D) It feels like no one has been in the RGs lately--I posted on Thursday and no one posted back yet!

Okay, I wish I was at Dad's house. Really, I do. I'm happier there by about a billion times.

22 March 2008

Spring: Blizzards and Sun (AKA Bipolar Colorado)

So, Thursday was Ostara. Better known, to you non-Wiccans, as the first day of Spring. It was really nice, like 60 degrees, I was wearing a t-shirt and would've worn shorts if it wasn't a school day. Now, all that made me happy cause CO is rarely warm on the first day of spring (we had a snow day two years ago). But, today it snowed. (No, not a blizzard, that was just for the sake of the title) I really should be used to this since I've lived here so long, but I hate, hate, HATE it. Come on, it's supposed to be SPRING! Didn't you get the message? GAH! Really, Colorado is bipolar--it can't make up its mind on the weather. We'll be getting snow until May. :)

12 March 2008

Updates on my life

You know, since it's been a month since I last posted! So much has happened, too. I wrote it all down in my handwritten journal, thank god, but I need to remember to update in here more often. So, let's start at the beginning, just after my birthday:

~My Terminus proposal was accepted! SQUEE!!! I almost screamed when I got the e-mail. At first I was really scared, especially when I learned that I was the youngest person presenting a paper. But, now that I've written my first draft (12 pages long), I'm just incredibly excited =D And my RG friends have been there for me the whole way.

~I was asked to, and did, write a thread on the Weasleys for my Reading Group. I was flattered that the staff asked me, though I haven't gotten all that many responses

~BCA is back up!!!!!!!!........Sort of. It was all active and stuff for two weeks there, and then..people disappeared again. *sigh*

~The Reading Groups had an Open house weekend a week and a half ago, which was actually pretty amazing, cause I got to see the thoughts of people I missed, like Mary and STS

~This isn't exactly exciting, but I reorganized my bookshelves and labeled them and gave them names. I'm such a nerd.

Most exciting update:
~I was accepted to Fountain Valley! SQUEEEEEE!!!!! Woot-woot!!!!!! Woohoo!!! (just cause I can never remember which one is for Tranquility and this doesn't count in Squidditch, I'm putting both.) Really, I'm so happy. I know we're still waiting for financial aid info, but, well, I can't help but get excited! It's such a great school.

Well, yeah. We've been taking CSAPS. A lot. I despise them. They're stupid and I never need the whole time and...GAH! The first day was nice, though, cause we didn't have to take Science ones, so we only went to school for two hours. Then, 15 of my friends and I (Ali, Melissa, Aya, Jenny, Lizzie, Joel, Zach, Kelsey, Emily, Malia, Michelle, John, Ian, Haley, and Lisa) went to IHOP for brunch(ish). It was amazing. We scared the waitress with our 16 people party, Ali and I had 7 cups of coffee, we went to Vantage Point (which was beautiful)...All in all, last Tuesday (March 4th) was the funnest day I've had in a long time!

Well, cheers to whoever actually reads this! I'm going to try to update more often!
Eccentrically yours,