26 March 2008

Ennui and monotony

In case you are wondering, that means boredom. Because I am incredibly, incredibly bored. Anyway...here are some random tidbits about my life:

  • The past two days I've been "sneaking" over to my dad's house. I guess it's not really sneaking, and there's nothing wrong with it, because I'm not going over there to hang out with my dad or Leslie, but I feel a little guilty because no one knows...Still, all I've done over there is pick a few things up and watch last year's spelling bee. Plus, it's good exercise and it's really nice out
  • Okay, what happened to friends? *sigh* I made plans with people, but they haven't followed up. I called Melissa yesterday and she felt bad that she didn't know I was alone, and would have invited me over, but she's leaving tomorrow. I kind of want to call Malia or Michelle, but I don't really have any ideas about what to do...I just want to do something.
  • I might go volunteer at my dad's work tomorrow or Friday. Woopee...
  • You know how big of a dork I am? I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix twice yesterday--once with the PotterCast commentary finally, and then again just to see if I could pick up on some of the details they mentioned
  • I despise my Biology project. I mean, I love biology (hence why I want to be a marine biologist), but we have to do a project on a microorganism--I'm doing malaria, and I'm having a hard time finding some of the basics he wants us to have, especially a diagram of it...
  • But, I did finish my Earth Science report, math homework, and reading my French book/answering questions! SQUEE!!!

Hmm...I don't really have much else to say...Cheers!

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