22 March 2008

Spring: Blizzards and Sun (AKA Bipolar Colorado)

So, Thursday was Ostara. Better known, to you non-Wiccans, as the first day of Spring. It was really nice, like 60 degrees, I was wearing a t-shirt and would've worn shorts if it wasn't a school day. Now, all that made me happy cause CO is rarely warm on the first day of spring (we had a snow day two years ago). But, today it snowed. (No, not a blizzard, that was just for the sake of the title) I really should be used to this since I've lived here so long, but I hate, hate, HATE it. Come on, it's supposed to be SPRING! Didn't you get the message? GAH! Really, Colorado is bipolar--it can't make up its mind on the weather. We'll be getting snow until May. :)

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