12 March 2008

Updates on my life

You know, since it's been a month since I last posted! So much has happened, too. I wrote it all down in my handwritten journal, thank god, but I need to remember to update in here more often. So, let's start at the beginning, just after my birthday:

~My Terminus proposal was accepted! SQUEE!!! I almost screamed when I got the e-mail. At first I was really scared, especially when I learned that I was the youngest person presenting a paper. But, now that I've written my first draft (12 pages long), I'm just incredibly excited =D And my RG friends have been there for me the whole way.

~I was asked to, and did, write a thread on the Weasleys for my Reading Group. I was flattered that the staff asked me, though I haven't gotten all that many responses

~BCA is back up!!!!!!!!........Sort of. It was all active and stuff for two weeks there, and then..people disappeared again. *sigh*

~The Reading Groups had an Open house weekend a week and a half ago, which was actually pretty amazing, cause I got to see the thoughts of people I missed, like Mary and STS

~This isn't exactly exciting, but I reorganized my bookshelves and labeled them and gave them names. I'm such a nerd.

Most exciting update:
~I was accepted to Fountain Valley! SQUEEEEEE!!!!! Woot-woot!!!!!! Woohoo!!! (just cause I can never remember which one is for Tranquility and this doesn't count in Squidditch, I'm putting both.) Really, I'm so happy. I know we're still waiting for financial aid info, but, well, I can't help but get excited! It's such a great school.

Well, yeah. We've been taking CSAPS. A lot. I despise them. They're stupid and I never need the whole time and...GAH! The first day was nice, though, cause we didn't have to take Science ones, so we only went to school for two hours. Then, 15 of my friends and I (Ali, Melissa, Aya, Jenny, Lizzie, Joel, Zach, Kelsey, Emily, Malia, Michelle, John, Ian, Haley, and Lisa) went to IHOP for brunch(ish). It was amazing. We scared the waitress with our 16 people party, Ali and I had 7 cups of coffee, we went to Vantage Point (which was beautiful)...All in all, last Tuesday (March 4th) was the funnest day I've had in a long time!

Well, cheers to whoever actually reads this! I'm going to try to update more often!
Eccentrically yours,

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