30 March 2008

I don't know what it is with me...

Earlier this morning, I called my dad to make sure it would be okay if I came over at some point today to drop stuff off--because he asked us just to check in before we just come over(you know, in case they were having a party or something, which has never happened). Anyway, as soon as I heard his voice, my eyes actually filled with tears. So, after asking, I couldn't say anything except for "no" when he asked if I needed to be picked up, or I'd give myself away. Honestly...*sigh* I really do miss that house so much, and the comforts and food and love that come from it.

16 hrs, 8 mins Until I'm HOME!!!!!!! (and, really, that's about 9 hours wake...)

*attempts at a weak smile and fails*

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