20 October 2008

In Your Pants....

Okay, so, once again, it's been over two weeks since I last posted on here. And rather than boring y'all with the many, boring, monotonous details of my life, I'm just going to go over the things that have happened since October 4th that I deemed relatively exciting, amusing, interesting, or fun.
  • Let it Snow. Wow. Such a great book....I really needed something to read after Paper Towns. I hadn't realized that all of the stories would be connected. Funnily enough, I read the book last LAST weekend when it was really cold here in Colorado, and really cloudy, and I honestly started to think that it actually WAS Christmas season. But it wasn't. It was October 12th. Anyway, go read it. =] It's good.
  • Inkdeath. SQUEE!!!! I've been waiting so long for this book! And it was a perfect ending. I mean, I guess I kind of knew nothing too bad would happen since it's a children's book, but there were a lot of places where I got worried and thought there was no way everything would get fixed. I don't know how many of y'all have read the Inkworld trilogy, but if you like fantasy or really just if you like books, you should go read it =] So, I won't tell you any spoilers, but I will tell you this: I will never, EVER look at a magpie the same way again!
  • Town Hall debate/SNL parody that followed it. Ah, the greatest question: "What don't you know and how will you learn it?" McCain wandering.....Okay, so it was actually a really boring debate, but, as always, SNL managed to do something really funny with it.
  • Last Presidential debate. Poor Joe the Plumber....who isn't actually a licensed plumber and hasn't paid his taxes. But........OBAMA'S WINNING!!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!!! *does her happy dance* I mean, really, McCain seemed so uncomfortable and unsure =] Yay! November 4th and a good government, here we come!
  • Long weekends =]
  • Community service roadless area work on Saturday. Not terribly exciting and I doubt y'all will find it interesting, but I did think it was pretty interesting. I really don't understand why people with ATVs find the need to go off roads and destroy the environment and wilderness area. The area we were at was basically just in Colorado Springs' backyard, and it's such a beautiful wildnerness area with so many great views that NEEDS to be preserved. So, at the very least, I felt good for doing it.
  • The Grapes of Wrath. Went to go see it yesterday--definitely one of the best plays I've seen here in Colorado Springs. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was such a powerful and profound play put on by some of the best actors I've seen. I'd tell y'all to read the book, except my dad says the book version is a lot less interesting than the play. So...either try it or just hope that some theatre in your area will decide to produce it soon!
Now, onto some "In Your Pants" jokes:
These are all books that I own that I thought would benefit from some "In Your Pants" jokes. Enjoy! (mostly they just made me giggle, but some of them are jokes between me and myself. So sorry if you don't get it)
Collapse....in your pants (collapse of what? Oh dear...)
A Thousand Hills....in your pants (those are some pretty big pants!!!!)
The Giver....in your pants (I wonder who it is and what he's giving out....)
Holes....in your pants (oh, those unsightly holes)
Deep...in your pants (oh dear....I don't think this one needs explanation)
I'm not who you think I am....in your pants (What?!? Then who are you...and why are you in my pants?!)
The Secret Life of Bees....in your pants (Oooo...sounds pretty painful...I wonder if bees are any different when they're in someone's pants...)
Beloved...in your pants (does this really need explanation?)
Peter Pan...in your pants (well, depending on whose pants we're talking about, this could be a problem)
Greek Gods and Heroes....in your pants (this sounds like it could get pretty messy. And pretty crowded. And REALLY uncomfortable...so many swords and lightning bolts and fighting animals and tridents!)
Hope is not a plan...in your pants (Well...sounds like one of those poor guys who just HOPES he'll get a girl...or the other way around...dude, it's just NOT a plan)
The Jungle Book....in your pants (man, that's a lot of animals)

Okay, so I hope y'all found that semi-amusing, at the very least!

Sending y'all happy thoughts! Cheers! DFTBA!

04 October 2008

This week (well, the past 8 days)

Okay, so it appears that now the only time I have to write about my week is on the weekends. So, here goes.

I guess I'll start with last weekend, since I never covered that. On Saturday we went hiking at the Shaft House--a hike I've done 5 times and never fail to be amazed by. It's just so BEAUTIFUL. I swear, the view behind those rocks is worthy of one of those Nature Valley commercials. It's so pristine, and so peaceful, and so unique...it feels like you are a hundred miles away from any other people or form of civilization. Plus, it's so gorgeous with all the fall leaves and colors. Rain was chasing us the whole way back, though. Seriously, it started POURING rain just six minutes after we got into the car and didn't stop until we got back to Colorado Springs!!!! We stopped in Woodland Park for really AMAZING mexican food---I had vegetarian fajitas, and they were SO GOOD!!!! When we got back home, we watched The Last King of Scotland, which I knew was supposed to be a good movie, but still exceeded my expectations. It's such a powerful movie!!! And....I went to bed pretty early, as usual.

Erm....on Sunday I pretty much did a lot of homework. I wrote THREE dialectical journals in the morning!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!! So obnoxious! And...they're a lot harder to write on poetry because you have a lot less to work with. I think they turned out pretty good....but Mr. Treece switched the due date to this Wednesday!!! Curse me and my intense need to get things done early!!!! I could've had a free Sunday!! Anyway, I also did a little bit of French homework, memorized my lines for Arts & Tech, and read some.....and went to bed, obviously.

Umm....well, we started doing our maxes in Weights & Fitness on Monday. O mi goodness!!! I didn't think I was terribly weak, but compared to pretty much the rest of the class, I am. We only finished the push press on Monday, and my max was 35 pounds. *sigh* (more on maxing to come) Anyway, he totally didn't give us enough time to change....basically when the bell rang, so I ran to Chemistry without any shoes on!!!! The homecoming assembly, in which people from the London parade talked (our marching band will be performing in 2009) And in Chemistry, we took some notes and Mr. McGregor did some pretty amazing things with....well, with fire!!!! =] Lunch was, well, lunch. A presentation in French class. Notes in US History. Homework (Arts & Tech lines, questions for French, research for Chemistry), dinner, shower, bed....

Tuesday was 80s Workout Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] Okay, and so this isn't the greatest picture of me, but I totally went into the whole 80s theme, and had way too much fun: Bad 80s workout day pic Anyway, in Arts & Tech we got our memorization grades, rehearsed some, and then played an improv game (which I didn't participate in) Erm....in math, we got our tests back (I got an 88%, which actually was quite exciting for me) We spent a really long time going over them since the other class was behind, and then I played a few card games with Jenny and Joel. And then Lunch. GAH!!!!!! They closed the library AGAIN!!!! So, Hannah and I decided to sit right outside the library and eat lunch. And the really cool thing, was that A BUNCH of people joined us because they were annoyed too! And......the teachers thought it was a pretty cool thing to do, too! =] SQUEE!! It was a reading day in French, and then, once again we had some really neat discussions in English. =] Right after school I had a fairly quick Personal Project meeting with Ms. Beiger, and she liked my idea, which was good. I got the WEIRDEST looks walking home!!!! Anyway, when I got home I did a portion of math homeowrk, some French homework, and annotated some poems for English. Since it was Tuesday, I obviously had Body Pump, and I went in my 80s workout clothes =] Erm....and I've been sick all week (since Friday, and I'm still sick). But it was worst on Tuesday, so I fell asleep REALLY early. And then, of course, got to sleep in on Wednesday.

So, of course, we were maxing again in Weights on Wednesday. My group did squats, and, omigod, was that painful or what?! Okay, and so I got up to 100 pounds....but that was without going parallel, evidently. *sigh* So, my legs already burning, I had to go down to 70 pounds in weight before I was able to go parallel and come back up =[ And, I didn't even have time to have Mr. West watch, so I had to redo it on Friday. *sighs again* Okay, so in Chemistry we shared research and took notes. Lunch, grammar in French, and then US History.....And then knowledge bowl. Home--more annotating poems (since I'd barely done it before), french homework, and writing my declaration of independence from stereotypes for US History. Cook dinner, eat, mess around on the computer, read, shower, and bed fairly early once again because I had a horrible headache.

Umm...On Thursday we performed our scene in Arts & Tech. I think it went pretty well--I got a 94%, anyway. Mmm....notes and then practice of logarithms in math. Lunch......We had a "pow wow" in French, in which we talked about our ridikulously enormous class. It was good, I guess, but will end up totally pointless if people don't start respecting her more. Then we did more grammar, and she actually TAUGHT us this time, which was good. Really, really positive change =] Umm...vocab test and discussion in English. Then I went home and did some french and math homework....I was really sore that whole day. I think that putting all that weight on my back and shoulders during squats really messed up my back for a little while, because it was quite painful to bend over. I managed to get through Body Pump pretty well, though. Then....the VP debate!!! (we ate dinner in front of the TV so as not to miss anything) Biden actually did really well =] Exceeded MY expectations.

Yesterday we continued doing maxes in Weights--I showed Mr. West the 70 pounds I could do on squats, feeling really pathetic in the process. Caitlyn and I then moved onto the chest press, where I proceeded to feel even more pathetic when she got 55 and I could only do 35. Urgh!!! The 35 was so easy, but I just couldn't go down all the way with 40 pounds!!!!!!!! We practiced our power clean, but ran out of time to do much of anything but the technique. We finished up the notes/talked way too much about gasoline issues in Chemistry, then wrote down the lab we'd be doing on Tuesday. Lunch, because that happens every day. More grammar in French. Then we took notes and did a little work on our political cartoons in US History--well, I actually didn't get ANYWHERE, but that's okay. I guess.

And.......THE SCHOOL SOMEHOW GOT AN ADVANCE COPY OF PAPER TOWNS!!!!!!!!! I nearly fell off my chair during lunch when I looked over and saw it. So, other than dinner/cooking and a little homework, that's all I did yesterday evening: read Paper Towns. I finished it in 3 hours and 15 minutes (and was up until 11:15 finishing it, meaning I didn't fall asleep until after midnight). O mi god. It's BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. I mean, I love John and he writes beautifully, but somehow Paper Towns still managed to exceed my expectations by being even more than awesome...It was so true, and so touching, and....well, unfortunately, most other people have to wait another 11 days, and I feel so blessed that I got to read it early. =] John, I LOVE YOU!!!!

So, this morning I hung out on the computer, read quite a bit, cleaned my room, and wrote in my quote book. Then I ate lunch and read some....and then I spent just about two and a half hours finishing Jean de Florette for French and looking up the vocab words I didn't know since we have to turn that in. It was only about 45 pages, but I'm a lot slower reading French and it takes an awfully long time to look up all those words!!!! Er....then I helped Leslie make enchiladas, ate dinner, and........now I'm doing this. While everyone else is at homecoming. *sigh*

Well, so I feel like an exceedingly boring person. Reading Paper Towns early is definitely exciting news, though!!!! I think all I have "planned" for tomorrow is more homework (dialectical journal #4 and political cartoon) and grocery shopping. And then the week starts over all again. Oh, and if you're wondering, yes, I'm still sick. And I'm also incredibly sore from maxing for the past week.

Go preorder Paper Towns if you're insane and haven't already! DFTBA!!!!!! Cheers!