20 October 2008

In Your Pants....

Okay, so, once again, it's been over two weeks since I last posted on here. And rather than boring y'all with the many, boring, monotonous details of my life, I'm just going to go over the things that have happened since October 4th that I deemed relatively exciting, amusing, interesting, or fun.
  • Let it Snow. Wow. Such a great book....I really needed something to read after Paper Towns. I hadn't realized that all of the stories would be connected. Funnily enough, I read the book last LAST weekend when it was really cold here in Colorado, and really cloudy, and I honestly started to think that it actually WAS Christmas season. But it wasn't. It was October 12th. Anyway, go read it. =] It's good.
  • Inkdeath. SQUEE!!!! I've been waiting so long for this book! And it was a perfect ending. I mean, I guess I kind of knew nothing too bad would happen since it's a children's book, but there were a lot of places where I got worried and thought there was no way everything would get fixed. I don't know how many of y'all have read the Inkworld trilogy, but if you like fantasy or really just if you like books, you should go read it =] So, I won't tell you any spoilers, but I will tell you this: I will never, EVER look at a magpie the same way again!
  • Town Hall debate/SNL parody that followed it. Ah, the greatest question: "What don't you know and how will you learn it?" McCain wandering.....Okay, so it was actually a really boring debate, but, as always, SNL managed to do something really funny with it.
  • Last Presidential debate. Poor Joe the Plumber....who isn't actually a licensed plumber and hasn't paid his taxes. But........OBAMA'S WINNING!!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!!! *does her happy dance* I mean, really, McCain seemed so uncomfortable and unsure =] Yay! November 4th and a good government, here we come!
  • Long weekends =]
  • Community service roadless area work on Saturday. Not terribly exciting and I doubt y'all will find it interesting, but I did think it was pretty interesting. I really don't understand why people with ATVs find the need to go off roads and destroy the environment and wilderness area. The area we were at was basically just in Colorado Springs' backyard, and it's such a beautiful wildnerness area with so many great views that NEEDS to be preserved. So, at the very least, I felt good for doing it.
  • The Grapes of Wrath. Went to go see it yesterday--definitely one of the best plays I've seen here in Colorado Springs. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was such a powerful and profound play put on by some of the best actors I've seen. I'd tell y'all to read the book, except my dad says the book version is a lot less interesting than the play. So...either try it or just hope that some theatre in your area will decide to produce it soon!
Now, onto some "In Your Pants" jokes:
These are all books that I own that I thought would benefit from some "In Your Pants" jokes. Enjoy! (mostly they just made me giggle, but some of them are jokes between me and myself. So sorry if you don't get it)
Collapse....in your pants (collapse of what? Oh dear...)
A Thousand Hills....in your pants (those are some pretty big pants!!!!)
The Giver....in your pants (I wonder who it is and what he's giving out....)
Holes....in your pants (oh, those unsightly holes)
Deep...in your pants (oh dear....I don't think this one needs explanation)
I'm not who you think I am....in your pants (What?!? Then who are you...and why are you in my pants?!)
The Secret Life of Bees....in your pants (Oooo...sounds pretty painful...I wonder if bees are any different when they're in someone's pants...)
Beloved...in your pants (does this really need explanation?)
Peter Pan...in your pants (well, depending on whose pants we're talking about, this could be a problem)
Greek Gods and Heroes....in your pants (this sounds like it could get pretty messy. And pretty crowded. And REALLY uncomfortable...so many swords and lightning bolts and fighting animals and tridents!)
Hope is not a plan...in your pants (Well...sounds like one of those poor guys who just HOPES he'll get a girl...or the other way around...dude, it's just NOT a plan)
The Jungle Book....in your pants (man, that's a lot of animals)

Okay, so I hope y'all found that semi-amusing, at the very least!

Sending y'all happy thoughts! Cheers! DFTBA!

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