01 November 2008

Happy New Year! Now, please sit and listen to Kat ramble for a while

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!! =] *fireworks* *loud noises* *champagne* Okay, so, no one understands this, and y'all probably think that I'm crazy, but for my religion, the 31st of October is considered the new year. I'm Pagan, and in the olden days this was the new year because it was the end of the harvest, when the days started getting a lot shorter and colder, and people prayed for the return of the sun and another good harvest. Really, all I do is perform a short ritual (which I actually didn't do this year)....well, this year I just "prayed" to the god and goddess and gave thanks and everything. It really is a nice holiday. But, to everyone else, it's just Halloween...but I celebrate Halloween, too! Who's gonna give up free candy?!

Which brings me to my first section of this entry. Halloween. I had the most fun Halloween that I've probably ever had. I was kind of lazy and just decided to be Luna again because I already had everything for the costume, and I have an awful lot of fun dressing up as her. I did add some things this year, though: A fairy dust necklace, a pop tops necklace, striped long socks, and my friend's pink and brown converse. Oh, and my Obama/Granger button. =] So, anyway, the day started with Arts & Tech...my last day of Theatre!!!! Darn. =[ But, we got to tour the theatre (go look at the costume loft and sound and light stuff) and do a fashion show of the costumes, which was hilarious. Erm...so Pre-Calc actually wasn't amazing at all, because I think that's kind of impossible. But during French I just got to go eat a crepe, and then proceeded to have roughly 2 more during my actual lunch (Literally, 3, but 2 were awfully small so I counted them as one). Leslie and I made crepes on Thursday night, and they went really fast, so I guess they were good! In English all we did was our ELF career folders, which, while being really obnoxious, also managed to be hilarious! Umm...so I went home and did homework (yeah, cause I'm a nerd), and then ate a small portion of pesto because our couscous didn't work out....

Okay. THEN Melissa's house. Omigod, it was so amazing!!!!! We sat around for about an hour at her house before leaving--everyone else ate the pizza her mom made at one point, but mostly we just talked and laughed and were kind of inappropriate. I introduced the "In Your Pants" joke to everyone, and we fit all 14 of us on the couch at one point. Afterwards, we went trick or treating...for about an hour and 45 minutes around her very large neighborhood. It was so fun! John was a trumpet player as his costume, so we played the Rampart Rams tune but shouted "Trick or Treat" (instead of Rampart Rams) at every house (okay, none of you go to Rampart, so you don't understand, but trust me, it was amazing). I'm pretty sure all the houses loved it, and it was a lot of fun. We were really energetic, and practically running from house to house...which caused one of my radish earrings to break, but I have so much extra clay that I can make another one in a mere hour. Anyway, I'm pretty sure we burned quite a lot of calories trick-or-treating, actually, because we were running a lot, up and down a lot of hills and really tall driveways some of the time. Once we got back to Melissa's house, we kind of did a lot of trading of candy we didn't like....I got more dots than I've ever got!!!!! After trading, I had 126 things, and then after putting the things I didn't want in my family's bowl, I have 110 things of candy to eat! Squee!!!! We also watched Scary Movie 4....I'd never seen any of the Scary Movies, but I think I have to now because it was hilarious!!!! =] I got home...hung out on the internet...and went to bed around 11:45 because I was actually quite tired. Okay, so, just for fun, I'm going to list some of the more UNUSUAL candies I got: 1 bag of Cheetos. 1 Baskin Robbins hard candy. 1 Milk Maid (haven't seen in forever!) 1 Goobers (also haven't seen in forever). 1 bag Mini Oreos. 3 Heath bars (also haven't seen in forever). 2 bags Dr. Seuss fruit snacks. And, I got 8 boxes of Dots, including a box of "Ghost" dots, and 7 Reese's, including one full size! =] I'm very excited...I don't even eat that much candy (last night I only had a crunch bar and a Heath bar), but I've never gotten this much!

Okay. Next section. OBAMA (and the election). I went to go see him in Denver last Sunday...100,000 people!!! It was absolutely amazing. I only got to catch a short glimpse, and I had another girl take a picture, but the energy I felt there was just so amazing. I don't want to jinx anything, especially since I can't vote, but I really do think he's going to win. He just seems to have so much support, and he's such a strong speaker, and he inspires me so much. Tomorrow I'm going to go out and walk door-to-door encouraging people to vote. Also, his 30-minute infomercial was absolutely amazing. I just don't see how anyone who listens to him can't be inspired by him. I also went to the Bidlack/Lamborn debate on Thursday...I don't have the slightest idea what's going to happen in that race, but Bidlack certainly had the most supporters at the debate and I think he really did the best during the debate in getting his ideas out and really telling the people what he'd do.

But, you may be asking yourself why I'm putting so much time into the election when I can't even vote. And, yes, it is certainly true that I can't vote, but if I put time into the election, I can at least say later on that "I was a part of it." I don't know that I've actually made anyone vote for Obama who wouldn't have before, but the feeling is still with me. And you know why I'm so absorbed in this election? It's not just because of Obama, even though I agree with everything he says (except for clean coal technology) and I believe he can do it. It's because I believe WE need a change here in America, that WE deserve better than the past 8 years, and that WE can do it. This is our nation. It's not the nation of Dick Cheney, and we deserve to have a say in what's going on in our country. We need to be able to send a message to Washington that we don't agree. This election decides OUR future, but especially the future of me and all my young adult friends. It's time we do something right with our government, it's time we focus on the important issues, and it's time that we send a message to the world that America is still the great nation, full of leadership and freedom and hope, that it once was. It's time for a change, and we can bring it, even if we don't get Obama elected, the fact that so many people got involved sends a message to Washington that times are changing.

This brings me to a sort of sub-section. The issues in this election. When I was sitting in the debate on Thursday, I began to get a little annoyed about some of the issues that were discussed. One main one, really, but...anyway. I believe the main issues in this election are energy, the economy, and national security. Which, actually, are all connected. It is essential that the next administration research renewable and alternative energy and SINCERELY reduce America's dependence on foreign oil and nonrenewable energy resources. As everyone who hasn't been living in a cave knows, our economy is in shackles, and the next administration is going to have a tough job fixing it. And, our national security is also very important--terrorism certainly has not died, Bin Laden is still out there, and al-Qaeda is getting stronger. So, when all of these main issues and many, many other very important ones are out there, how do we get along to talking about this issue of gay unions/marriages as if it were a top priority? I mean, I'm a complete GLBT rights supporter, and I believe that they should be able to have a UNION (not marriage) and that couples should have the same visiting rights. But, when you really think about it, this issue isn't....really all that important. It does nothing to our economy, nothing to our national security, nothing about the war, nothing about energy...it's just a bunch of freaky Christians saying that gays/lesbians should have no rights. I strongly believe that when voting for a candidate, people shouldn't take this issue into that great of consideration...maybe the last thing if you do at all. Because it definitely won't be the first thing dealt with after January 20th, and...well....there's just so many more issues that should decide this election.

Now, another sub-section, quickly, on abortion. (*WARNING* This will quite possibly offend a lot of people) Now, I hate the pro-life, pro-choice thing, because it makes me sound like I support killing people, but I do have to say that I'm pro-choice. I believe life starts when the baby could live outside the mother's body, and that if an abortion happens before this point, it's not really killing a person. I also believe sincerely that it's the mother's choice, and no one should interfere with that choice. What really gets me off is people who want to ban abortion, birth control, and sex ed in schools, because they don't give anyone any options and seemingly just want to overpopulate the world. But beyond whether I think it's right or wrong to have an abortion, I very much do think it's wrong to ban abortion. Because if we ban abortion, it's just goign to go to the outskirts and hidden places of society. It's not going to go away, women are still going to do it. It's just going to become more and more dangerous for women. Like in Africa, where abortion is illegal in a lot of places. Women still do it in village hospitals, but the majority of them also die during the process. So, making abortion illegal would still kill a lot of infants, and kill all of their mothers in the process.

Okay. Getting away from controversial topics now! I think I just have a few short topics...
Nanowrimo: I've never done it before, and I'm kind of scared. I haven't started yet, and I haven't even fully decided if I'm really going to do it. I'm scared I'll fail or give up or....well, I don't really know. *sigh*
Harry, A History: THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!
School: Bleh. Stupid French. Stupid Pre-Calculus. I wish I was still in Theatre. At least I still have an A in math!
His Dark Materials: I am now reading this series, thanks to Matt and Brian at Terminus, and I love it. I'm sorry for all those years when I refused to read it.
LeakyCon: I'm now officially going! SQUEE!

Okay, I think that's it, though I'll probably think of something else when I'm done. I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this entry...and if you got all the way to the end, thank you! Because that took a long time. (It was 4 pages on Word) Well....Best Wishes! DFTBA! Cheers!

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