04 November 2008

YES WE DID!!!!!!!!!!

YES, YES, WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRESIDENT Barack Obama. VICE PRESIDENT Joe Biden. FIRST LADY Michelle Obama. US SENATOR Mark Udall. A NEW ERA for the United States!!!!!!!!! =]

I can't believe it!!!! I still feel like I'm dreaming....I'm worried I'll wake up tomorrow and find that it's still November 4th and the election hasn't happened yet....But, guys, WE DID IT! We showed the world, the people, the government what we think is right. As Hal Bidlack said tonight, "It's not about left or right, it's about RIGHT or WRONG. And tonight, America made the RIGHT choice." A change is coming to America, though I can't stress enough that Barack can't deal with everything right away--he needs to deal with economics and national security before anything else. But you know what? Tonight, for the first time I can remember, I'm proud to say, "I'm a United States citizen. And I volunteered for Barack Obama. I helped him get elected." Tonight, I'm proud to fly an American flag. I believe in our country, and I believe we've sent a message to the world that America is still the great country it once was, with ideals of liberty and justice FOR ALL, ideals of doing what is fundamentally right, and of truly being a government run BY the people and FOR the people.

Today. WE MADE HISTORY. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. The first African-American president. I mean, I still remember November 2006, when Obama won the US Senate seat, and thinking how amazing he was. I remember that first debate with all the democratic primary candidates. I remember....I remember coming all this way these past two years, and now.....I mean, is this real?!

I went to an election party at the Antlers Hilton here in Colorado Springs, and the energy was positively ELECTRIC the whole time. There was just so much hope, so much happiness....I almost hadn't dared this day would come. When MSNBC projected Obama as president....chills ran down my spine. And when COLORADO went Obama.....WOW. I helped with that. I volunteered, I knocked on doors, I encouraged everyone who could to go get out and vote. I got tears in my eyes when Michelle came out, and tears in my eyes when Obama told the story about the 106-year-old in Atlanta. YES WE DID. But, still, YES WE CAN. Yes, we CAN make the changes that need to happen. Yes, we CAN show the people that we really are going to make a better country. Yes, we CAN.

In other happy news, the Personhood Amendment on the Colorado Ballot, the one that would ban abortion, was pretty thoroughly defeated! SQUEE!!!!!


Thank you so much, everyone.....I have hope tonight...and I'm not sure I'll sleep!

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