05 February 2008

Joys on Birthday day

Much much thanks for all the happy birthday wishes from my Leaky friends! And...my Facebook/school friends! As my birthdays go, it was a phenomenal one. I got sang to in English by my class and my teacher was the first person besides my dad to tell me Happy Birthday (Oh, and STS, but you kind of cheated and told me yesterday ) I also got sang to in Math and French yesterday. My sister took me out to lunch at Chipotle and then when we got back my friends sang (yep, again) during the few minutes that were left. And I had a pretty easy day, too! It was a two hour delay and we didn't do very much actual work...or get much homework, so I've mostly just been watching the caucus. Speaking of the caucus, SUPER TUESDAY, Obama is doing pretty well. He's won about 10 states so far and is doing well in others that have yet to be called. Really, when they called Connecticut in his favor, I was SO happy. That's just politics oriented me...And he's actually ahead in Colorado right now, too! He won our precinct, which means that my dad and stepmom did their job VERY well. Yes, it was a bit disappointing they couldn't be home with me for much of tonight, but I'm rather enjoying celebrating all the little victories on my birthday. All right. Sorry. Enough of politics from me So, back to birthday. I got an amazing iPod from my mom!!!! Also, I got a lot of books that I didn't get for Yule: The Princess Bride, The Book of Merlyn, Peter Pan, and The Neverending Story. Two repeat books that I'll exchange for store credit and maybe, possibly, buy the DH deluxe edition with because it makes me happy. That, or get a few other books that I still want. I also got an HP journal, a Best Buy gift card, an HP drawing from my friend, and......December Boys!!!!! SQUEE!!!! Now, if only PotterCast 137 would come out and make my birthday even better. (Ah, also happy birthday "gift" was making page 3 of top overall posters on Leaky) Mary Rose, especially, left me a message that made me a little teary-eyed with happiness: Happy Birthday Kat! You're precious and I love you dearly. You deserve a fantastically wonderful day (to match your fantastically wonderful self!). *smiles happily* Oh, how sweet she is! Yea, so overall, it was a pretty dang good birthday. I still say though, that birthdays always feel strange because I don't feel older, even though I really am. Honestly, I feel the same way I did yesterday, if a little happier because of the nice gifts and wishes. My Leaky friends were especially sweet and funny with their wishes. But, really, I'm the same 14 year old I was. But technically I was born 15 years ago, so I'm 15 now. *sigh* Birthdays are strange, aren't they? Again, thank you very much to all who wished me happy birthday. I don't have enough time to list all your names, but you know who you are!

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