16 July 2008

Sunday 22 June 2008--Blah

Well, okay, so after dinner we played a few games of Statues. And Twitchy totally made my day because she was wearing one of Mrs. Pierce's AP Lang and Comp shirts. I kept making myself get out during statues, though, because I don't like the game very much. After a few games, we all went into the lodge to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I simply adore that movie, but Sunshine hadn't seen it before so it was quite amusing to watch her. My ankles got really dirty after the hike yesterday, and the cabin smelled horrible when we all took off our shoes last night. But once again I fell asleep pretty much as soon as the lights turned off and my head hit the pillow.

We got to sleep in an hour this morning, though =] Flag was after breakfast for the first time in my memory, and then we did crafts. I made another lanyard fish and a weird Shrinky Dink keychain with Luna on it. We're doing fire building during check-in and have another campfire tonight--which we need new song for. *sigh* Well, Cheers!

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