19 July 2008


It's 200 days until my 16th birthday! Yeah, really random. But I was looking at my Facebook countdowns and...yep, 200 days. There's also 6 days, 6 hours until home. 19 days until Terminus. 124 days until the Half-Blood Prince release. 184 days until Bush is out of office (and hopefully Obama is president!) 513 days until the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park opens!!! I know, aren't all of those really exciting? ;D Just kidding...

So...I'm going to see The Dark Knight today. Yes, pathetically with my mom and grandfather, but I want to see it so much that I don't really mind. And.....I'm kind of hoping to go running tomorrow with Leslie. =]

I know no one really reads this journal, but if you do...I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! *hugs* And I'm sending happy thoughts, though the postal service still has control over when they'll get there! Cheers!


Sosee Alatrophty and Rechtelf the Swedish Model said...

I Love Harry Potter Too!! Nice Blog Keep Up the good work.

Rusty said...