17 April 2009

Welcome to the joys of Colorado!

We have a snow day today. And according to Joe, I should blog about that. But that would be one very short paragraph. So I will blog about that, and also the other aspects of Colorado....some of which are great, and others of which suck. Seriously.

Snow? GAH!!!!!! Photobucket I mean, okay. I don't actually mind TOO much today, since it gets me out of school. And now I have a 5 day weekend. I just hate the cold, and snow is cold, therefore I dislike snow. It's not like this is anything particularly unusual. We, here in Colorado, usually do get our blizzards in March and April. But I much prefer rain and sun and that sort of stuff. But...it's also thundering DURING a snowstorm, and I am greatly confused. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE! I do not know if this is supposed to happen or what's going on....but, whatever. I have 5 days now to work on vectors homework and prepare for my Personal Project presentation on the 27th.

Kat says: :^) colorado is so weird
Tobias says: how so?
Kat says: because it's thundering during a snowstorm
Kat says: don't you think that's just A LITTLE odd?
Charlee says: lol, maybe its like in the wizard of oz
Charlee says: weird weather patterns and all
Kat says: :D
Charlee says: and then you wake up in Oz...
Kat says: and now the Wicked Witch of the West is going to start chasing me

So, much about Colorado weather is rather sucky. But as an extra perk, Colorado has SUPER beautiful scenery, what with the mountains and the forests and the rivers and the sunsets and the rain and the animals (horses!!!!) There are so many beautiful, amazing places to go hiking or running, and none of them are too far away. =]

This seems like a very short blog compared to what I usually write....But, Well...I have vector homework to do and I have to think about how to present my personal project (IB) and how to turn my research paper for English into a speech and...and, a lot of stuff. Plus I'm being distracted by skype right now.

Okay. Sorry for the distinct uninterestingness* of this blog. I will leave you with one last thing: THIS PICTURE OF THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE THAT I DREW!!!!!!! =] =]

Well, until tomorrow. When I will blog more confessions and we will probably EVEN MORE snow.
Cheers! DFTBA!

*I know that's not a word. But...deal.

EDIT: It's clearing up a bit!!!! New picture:

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