10 April 2009

Oh, the joys of high school

So, I had a pretty amusing day today at school. While I usually do not enjoy sharing my day, this includes things that will then go off into some rather amusing stories and rants (I hope).

Now, my first class of the day is precalculus...not a very good first class, granted. For the first 45 minutes, I often don't register anything that my teacher is saying...I mean, I take the notes, but then I get home to do the stupid homework and I don't remember actually writing DOWN any of the notes. So I'm lost. Anyway, today we were taking a quiz on vector quantities or....whatever....and my teacher is very violent. The problem was a stick figure guy being pulled with different sized weights from his arms, legs, and his HEAD. Seriously, he actually said, "And don't forget that he's also being pulled on his HEAD." WHAAAAAAAAT?! Eeeeeek! Never piss off Mr. Perry, apparently. And then, he was discussing how it would be fun if gravity was positive....and then he made a weird noise and some weird movement that I don't think I can really explain. Anyway, then my friends and I were laughing for a really long time....Imagine, you let go of your pencil and it flies up and get stuck in the ceiling! And then, you just stand up and fly up to the ceiling to grab it! So much fun! Although, actually, everything would just be backward....our floor would be the ceiling, and our ceiling would be the floor....except we wouldn't KNOW it was backward, because that's just the way it would be. Oooooooooo....(thanks Haley)

Next, I go to physics. Now, my teacher is big on finding "real-life" examples of physics. So he was doing this thing on the forces and the friction on Bruce Springsteen during the half-time show for the Super Bowl. If you didn't watch it, basically he doesn't start his power slide soon enough so he runs into the camera man. We also did an experiment involving your weight on an elevator to calculate the acceleration, and Mr. Pohjola said that in college he went to a hotel, in their elevator, riding up and down, standing on a scale. And...wow, is that going to be me in college? The nerd, doing experiments in hotels? Probably....well, no, because I'll need an ocean most likely, but....okay, maybe you had to hear him tell it. Sorry...

Okay, onto the hilarity of French class. Now, we never get ANYTHING done. But today she was trying to teach us the "futur anterieur," which my old french teacher told us was pointless...but whatever. She can't think of anything else to say, I guess. Anyway, funny points of this class: ~Our teacher tells us that her outfit doesn't match because she ran out of quarters for the washing machine!!! And then I told her there was an ATM in the school and she was like, "KWAAAAAAA????" (that's seriously how she says it)
~Then, this kid in our class went into the little closet where we keep the extra books, and stayed in there until she noticed, at which point she said, "Jon, come out of the closet, NOW!" And then we all burst out laughing.....I mean, it's not even that great of a joke if you think about it, but we were all really....easily amused in that class today.
~Short one, but my friend Joel asked if douche was masculine or feminine...(douche means shower, if you didn't know) and then she laughed...and then got mad at all of us for laughing. Stupid.
~We were doing an exercise from the book because she got annoyed with us (which usually happens, but I'm sure it won't be for a grade). Joel said that in his next class he was going to, "tuerai un chat et viderai les poubelles" (kill a cat and empty trashcans) Then, I said I was going to "je tuerai Joel dans la prochaine classe apres il tue le chat" (I will kill joel in the next class after he kills the cat.) Then she made a new class rule that you couldn't use the verbs "tuer" (to kill) or "violer" (to rape) in her class anymore. *rolls eyes*
~COME BACK IN 15 MINUTES AND WE WILL HAVE DONE IT (a way to use the futur anterieur)
Then lunch...where some pretty hilarious things happened, but I think they're kind of hard to explain...they involved a lot of talking about how stupid and incompetent our french teacher is. And then my friend Sarah said this girl "lacked the cervical ability to communicate." Now, what she meant was "the cerebral ability" and I knew that...but it was still really funny.

Er....History class wasn't particularly amusing (I mean, it's world war two....) But our teacher was really tired. So I went to go print something out after school and then turn it in and I asked, "So, Mrs. Gillette, do you just want it in the basket?" and she just looked at me and said, "What?" and I had to explain to her what I was doing and why and what it was....then she told me to have a good weekend and I said, "Yeah, you too..." because she REALLY seems to need a weekend.

Umm....so, I have to do a French project, read the Great Gatsby, do a Physics lab report, and do math homework....Thank you teachers. Non-existent weekend.

I hope that was amusing, maybe. And, remember, COME BACK SOON AND WE WILL HAVE DONE IT. (sorry, I don't know why I find that so funny!!!!)

Cheers! DFTBA!

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