13 April 2009

Dr. Who and an Amazon rant

This blog comes to you in three parts! =]

Part I: Dr. Who
Thank you, THANK YOU, Joe and Charlee!!!!!! Dr. Who is freaking amazing! I mean, I’m not so uninformed that I’d never heard of it. I’d heard of it, I’d heard it was amazing, I’d wanted it….and then I’d moved on. So it wasn’t exactly a new revelation or anything. But…after Joe got so excited about the Easter special and ALL my friends in England were watching it, I just had to have it! So, Abby and I searched and searched and searched and…WE FINALLY FOUND OUR DR. WHO!!!!!!! So, I watched it yesterday, with Joe and Abby listening to my reactions to the show on Skype. It’s freaking awesome! I suppose I shouldn’t give away any spoilers in case someone reading this hasn’t watched it yet and really wants to. But….IT’S FLYING!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!! =]

Okay, I probably overreacted to a lot of the stuff, because it was the first time I had seen it. And I’m sure it was very funny to listen to me watch it. But it was quite funny, and a little bit sad, and then happy…basically, I loved it. Now, the only problem is that I now absolutely HAVE to have the rest of the show….The problem with this is that it costs 64 dollars to buy just one season here in the states (on Amazon, which I refuse to do for reasons I will state below). And none of the lame libraries around here carry it, either. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!!! I need Dr. Who! And there’s no way I can figure out how to get it! HELP!!!!! =[

Seriously, if any of y’all (especially my English friends) have an idea of how I can legally get the Dr. Who series, let me know.* If I do not get it, I will become very upset. DR. WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!**

Part II: Amazon GLBT/“Adult” books
GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >[ How dare they?! As one of my friends said on Twitter, THIS IS VIRTUAL BOOK BURNING! They have no right at all to do this! And I don’t think I’d be quite as mad if they just admitted their prejudiced mistake and changed their ways. But….when they’re trying to blame it on some so-called “technical glitch,” but have already told certain authors the real reason….Grrrrrr….Watch out for the wrath of the Nerdfighters!

According to the UK ’s Guardian, Mark Probst got this e-mail after he wrote to Amazon last week asking about their new policy: "In consideration of our entire customer base, we exclude 'adult' material from appearing in some searches and bestseller lists. Since these lists are generated using sales ranks, adult materials must also be excluded from that feature.”

First of all, if this was true, then they’d be removing books other than GLBT books. If this is true, then why is Playboy Centrefold collection still in the sales rankings? Okay, maybe I should stop and explain what is going on, in case anyone is confused. Basically, these “adult” books have been removed from Amazon’s sales rankings. Amazon says they are trying to make their bestseller lists more “family friendly.” So, the books have not been removed from sales totally. If you search for the name, it will still be there and you can still buy it. But, the ranking matters because it determines how likely a book is to come up in a search. This new policy (which Amazon is denying…) affects how many sales a book receives and how easily customers can find the book.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me***….It really is like virtually burning books, or telling those authors that they don’t deserve the money and rankings. Now, hear the chant of the Twitter army:

Hey, hey, what do we SAY?
Amazon needs to be more GAY!
Read our TWITTERS, read our RANTS.
Now we all take off our PANTS.
Okay….so I couldn’t actually wear no pants today, since I had school. But I was pantsless in my mind. =] It’s important that Amazon realizes how many people they have upset because of this, and it is important that we stay away from Amazon products until they have fixed this…and APOLOGIZE.

Part III: Crazy Colorado
Oh, the joys of Colorado weather! Snow on Easter! (Okay, I don’t even celebrate Easter, but…really? A half-blizzard on April 12th?!) It was super warm all winter, and then it decides to snow a bunch in spring. I mean, it’s not unusual; we usually get a lot of our snow in March and April and sometimes May, but I’m still sick of Colorado weather. I know that I live in the wrong state if I hate cold and the snow….but whatever. I still do.

I stepped in a freezing, slushy, snow puddle of death while I was walking yesterday =[ My poor cold foot! Sheesh! Now a lot of it has melted, but…Geez. Colorado ’s crazy.

Anyway, live BlogTV show with Maureen tonight! See you then, I hope! Cheers! DFTBA!

*It would be acceptable as a late birthday present/early Christmas present…. (yeah…okay…not going to work)
**Seriously, though, if you know of a way I can get Dr. Who, you will be my new favorite person!
***I’ve probably left out a lot of stuff….so, ask Maureen. AND TAKE OFF THOSE PANTS!!!! =]

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