02 April 2009

Walking in Tokyo?

So, what have I done today? Well...let's see, my sister almost crashed into the car in front of us on the way to school, and it took us 20 minutes when it usually takes 5. I "went into the matrix" (nerd jokes!) Erm....I laughed at my French teacher? (not interesting, but okay). And...uh....I watched the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I also "walked around Tokyo"and scared a bunch of birds. I sang French songs, and I swam 1/5 of a mile. Yay?

Okay, so now onto the explaining...sort of.
So, even though the start of school was delayed, my sister and I still almost ran into the stupid Hummer-type car in front of us...which probably would have done A LOT more damage to us that it would've to them. And I was late to math class....where we "went into the matrix." (Okay, I don't know if that's even funny, but my math teacher says it a lot. I don't laugh, but he does) The funny thing was that he was trying to show us an example of how matrices can be solved 2 different ways, but the answers he got doing the "augmented matrices" way was pretty far off the answers the calculator gave. And, I mean, I'm not going to say that he's incompetent, because he's super smart (actually, he's TOO smart in math, and that's the problem. He can't explain things) but I have to admit that the confused look on his face was absolutely hilarious. I know it's kind of mean, but teachers getting something wrong always exemplifies the fact that students are just as intelligent(or stupid, if you want to look at it that way) as teachers, who make the same mistakes we do a lot of the time.

Okay, so I do have to say that my French teacher is in fact completely incompetent, and I haven't learned anything from her all year. Laughing at her in class is pretty much a normal, every day experience, but today one of my friends was trying to ask her what question we were on, and it took her about 5 minutes to actually answer him. *rolls eyes* I mean, the funny thing is that she knows how much all of her students hate her. And the IB coordinator knows that she's awful (he laughs at her assignments) but he can't do anything because she's on a contract and firing her would be complicated plus they can't find another teacher. But, really? I mean, she's 22 years old. Her brother is my age. As one person put it, "O mi god, she could marry one of this year's seniors." Basically....her class is a joke, and I find myself asking every day why I do the homework and even why I come to class. In truth, it's because I don't want to let myself stop caring about French class. Because I really do love the language and everything, and I want to keep working. But most days it just feels incredibly pointless. We had to do a "Vite Fait" today, and one of my sentences was, "Si je parle, le prof ne m'ecouteras pas." Yeah. At least she's only here for one year, and next year we'll get back our old, amazing, sweet, incredible regular French teacher =]

Quick funny story. So we ate outside at lunch, even though it was slightly cold, because there wasn't anywhere to sit inside. A teacher walked by and asked us if we knew the time. I replied, "It's 12:43." She said thanks, and started to walk away. Then my friend Chris said something along the lines, "Of, oh, I thought she meant..." and my friend Sarah said, "Hammer time!" And we all started laughing...including the teacher, because were talking so loud and she was still close enough to hear us. Slightly embarrassing, but mostly just really amusing. Especially since Chris didn't know the song. Sheesh.

Anyway, I don't know why I mentioned watching the bombing of Pearl Harbor...but that's mostly what we did in US History: we watched the part of the movie Pearl Harbor where they bomb it. But that's not interesting, is it? Except then I got into a conversation after class with my friend about two things. One, how the name "World War" seems funny, especially for the 1st world war, when almost all the fighting was in Europe. And then about how everyone always talks about how Germany and Japan were "evil," but really the US was kind of "evil" towards the end, too. Sure, they bombed Pearl Harbor. But we dropped freaking ATOMIC BOMBS on them, which cost way more lives than the bombing of Pearl Harbor did. So, really, I just think that if you look at it in a certain way, the war just made everyone sort of evil...I mean, except all the people stuck in the concentration camps, and the invaded countries, and...okay. I'm rambling. I just mean that people have to realize the damage WE did to other countries as well as what they did.

Walking in Tokyo? Okay, that was just an attempt at being witty, really. All that we did was use that Google maps thing where you put yourself in the streets of a city, and we walked around Tokyo for a while. We saw a few Japanese people, a lot of buildings, and a funny looking car. Really, it was just a way to amuse ourselves in the library after school. As for scaring birds, I have a routine of going for a walk every day, and I tend to scare a lot of birds off the path...and then they fly onto the barbed wire fence, which apparently doesn't hurt....Ah, and I sang French songs (when no one else was around, of course) that I found on YouTube. Ah, Emmanuel Moire and Christophe Mae =] =] =] And, while swimming 1/5 of a mile might sound like a lot...it really isn't. But it was relaxing.

Okay, so I have a feeling that no one is reading this...but I guess at least my posts amuse me, if nothing else. And they're a way...you know...put off my dumb pre-calc homework. =D But really, it's kind of fun to write about my day, even if no one else reads this. Thank you Maureen, for coming up with this idea!!!

Ah, well see (?) y'all tomorrow?

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creativemachine said...

Sounded like a very fun day indeed!! :P

I agree: BEDA is awesome, and so is MJ for coming up with it. looking fwd to reading more of your posts this month :)