09 April 2009

Pet Peeves

So, once again, I didn’t really know what to write about today…so I searched only for “good questions to ask people.” Guess what I came up with? (Okay, don’t actually guess, because there are too many options.) Anyway, I’ve decided to make the topic of this blog entry a list of some of my pet peeves.

1. School computers
Okay, this one is just because I am currently typing this during study hall on one of the school computers, and they’re…awful. First of all, the ning is blocked, so I can’t go on there during study hall. But mostly, they have the most annoying keyboards where you have to press down really hard for the computer to register that you typed that letter. So it takes a while to type anything…and I’m a really fast typer!

Okay, sorry….on to some more interesting ones, maybe?

2. Spelling/grammar mistakes.
Yes, I admit it. I’m a grammar freak. I’m the sort of person who if you say, “It’s the funnest…” I’ll interrupt you and say, “most fun.” Or if you say I did good, I’ll say, “No, you did well.” Also, having been in the Colorado State Spelling Bee, it really bugs me when people spell things wrong. If a teacher spells a word wrong on the board, I have to go fix it. But it especially bugs me when someone uses improper grammar or bad spelling when they have access to the spell check on the computer. Because then it’s not even a matter of knowing how to spell/use grammar. It’s a matter of pressing a button and letting the computer do it all for you. I just really don’t see why people find it fun to use bad grammar/spelling…I mean, it’s really not even faster. Honestly, how long does it take for you to type that one apostrophe or spell out the word “you”? Come on people. ENGLISH. Use it, and use it right.

3. When someone either says “I’m starving” or “That’s retarded.”
Both of these will include some very long ranting. First of all, I hate it when someone says they’re starving. Because unless you literally don’t have any food, you live in a third-world country, or you’re neglected/abused, you’re probably not actually starving. Unless you haven’t eaten in a few days, you can’t legitimately say you’re starving. You’re just really hungry, okay? Merriam-Webster says: a: to perish from lack of food b: to suffer extreme hunger OR to deprive of nourishment. And those most likely do not apply to the everyday person who says, “I’m starving.” Now, onto the second one….this one is for a relatively personal reason. My dad’s friend’s son actually is mentally retarded, which of course doesn’t mean he’s really a lesser person or anything. He’s really nice. But it just bugs the heck out of me when someone says the word “retarded” because…it’s just really impolite. I mean, if I put my dad’s friend’s son with them and told them to say the words, “that’s retarded” to his face, they probably wouldn’t. It’s…derogatory, in a way. So, please, find another way to say that something is stupid!

4. People who don’t apply themselves.
I’m sorry, but I really hate people who have no ambition. I firmly believe that anyone, no matter their intelligence, can do almost anything they want if they really want it and if they apply themselves to achieving it. It just seems like it’s “cool” to not do your homework and skip class and not try…and…really, these so-called popular people in high school? They’re probably not going to get much of anywhere in life…I mean, I know it’s hard. But no one ever said life was going to be easy. So it really bugs the heck out of me when people don’t apply themselves because they think it will make them popular. Maybe in high school, but, honey, you’re going to have a harsh wake-up call when you decide to enter the real world!

5. People who use religion as an excuse for EVERYTHING.
Now, I’m not trying to be offensive here. Even though I’m not Christian, I respect people whose faith is a large part of their everyday life. I think it does make them a stronger person, and if it helps them get through crises and all, props to them. So I’m not saying I hate Christians. No, I’m saying that I dislike people who use their faith as an argument for things that have no business being “religion-icized.” Especially politics, and especially when it’s high schoolers who are just using their parent’s arguments and don’t really know what they’re saying. If you have a valid reason for being opposed to gay unions that does not involve the lie that “the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman,” then I’ll listen to you and respect you. But, really, don’t try to preach your religion onto me, okay? I respect your choices and your faith, but not if it gets in the way of people’s freedom of choice and privacy…(Once again, I hope this wasn’t offensive. I don’t hate religious people who are simply faithful!!! This is just something I had to rant about)

Random HP connection...Do you think it would be fun to have Peeves as your pet? I think it would definitely allow for entertainment, but...he'd probably play pranks on you, too, right? Peeves as a pet???

Anyway…as I’m running out of ideas, I think y’all should leave me questions to answer. Please?

Well….I don’t really know what else to say, except thank goodness it’s almost the weekend. Oh, and I’m really loving The Great Gatsby! Have a good afternoon/evening/day, everyone!

Cheers! DFTBA! Until tomorrooooooooow………..

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