14 April 2009

The Complexities of Dating (in high school)

Dating is supposed to be one of those joys of high school, right? *crickets* Um...yeah, NO. I guess I can't REALLY have an opinion on the subject, since I've never had a boyfriend. I went to two dances in 6th grade with a boy named Robert, but that's not really dating girlfriend-boyfriend. It's, "wanna go to these dances with me?" and nothing else. I've had crushes (what teenage girl hasn't). But I'm terribly shy and scared to say ANYTHING to ANYONE. So, yeah, never had a boyfriend, never had a boy tell me I'm pretty, and have yet to have my first kiss. And I'm sixteen.

Okay, just so y'all know, I'm not trying to get your pity or sympathy or whatever. Because when I really think about it, I'm not sure I WANT a boyfriend at this point in my life. It just seems like such a hassle! Call him on the phone, get together during the weekend, make sure you look nice because you MIGHT see him...I'm just not that kind of girl. I mean, I like dressing up every once in a while, and it's not like I'm a slob most of the time....I just don't want to have to go through daily motions worrying about what "he" will think. And, yeah, it'd be nice to have someone who thought I was beautiful and was always there for me. But, especially in high school, that's not necessarily what a boyfriend is....more often, they break up with you and ignore you and hang out with their friends and wonder why they ever started dating you. More often, it's heartbreak*, not comfort and love. Anyway, I think I have plenty of online friends who are there for me when I need them. Frankly, especially with the IB Programme, I'm not convinced having a boyfriend would make me feel better...it'd probably just make me more stressed out!!!! I mean....I don't really need a boyfriend right now whether I want one or not. There's no physical need that teenagers have for a boyfriend--contrary to what some say, a teenage girl will survive without a boyfriend in high school. In fact, she'll probably get through high school a lot easier, with less drama and tears and losses and all that.

The expectation seems to be, though, that teenage girls have a boyfriend who they hang on and can't stand to be away from (stereotypes...) Well, Hollywood's stupid expectation. Not only does this just not happen believably or realistically or anything, I'm also pretty sure it's mathematically impossible.** There isn't an even ratio of guys to girls in an ACTUAL, not-invented-by-Hollywood, American high school. More than that, there's definitely not an even ratio of guys and girls who want a girlfriend or boyfriend. Geez, I hate Hollywood's assumptions about high school. But, really, what's the point of dating in high school? Probably 1%*** of high school sweethearts actually get married. All you're setting yourself up for is a lot of break-ups and A LOT of crying. Sure, you love your boyfriend/girlfriend now, but I can almost guarantee that will change once you mature and go through college and want to start your life. High school relationships almost always mean nothing. And they're such a hassle! So, I'm not really sure I want a boyfriend right now....

Related topic: The Complexities of Online Dating. Now, I didn't even get Maureen Matched last night, though I desperately wanted to be. =[ Why? Well, the main reason is that I seriously need a date to the Nerdfighter Prom. But also, i was just thinking that almos the whole POINT of online dating is that it's....pointless. I mean, okay, yeah, there are the dating sites and all. But I guess it's just that I wouldn't expect as much from online dating. Also, it feels a lot "safer." Not in the actually security definition of the word, but in the sense that the person is judging you not necessarily on how you look, but on your personality and whether they like the same things and if they like your laugh (maybe). It just seems a lot more simple....even though it's really not.

Because when you think about it, online dating is EXTREMELY complicated, especially if you decide you really like the person. How will you see each other? How will you hug and kiss and touch....you have to adapt to their time zone and you can't actually go out with each other anywhere...Instead, it's like Lauren's song, "Won't you stay up all night on Skype with me?" I mean, it's like, if you do decide you want the online relationship to be a little more serious....GOOD LUCK! Not exactly an easy thing to do, is it?

Still...I wanna be MaureenMatched!!!!!!! I want a date to Nerdfighter Prom!!!!!!!! =[

Er...well....since it's a Tuesday again, I have a video for GenerationofAwesome again. http://www.youtube.com/user/Generationof Awesome WE NEED SUBSCRIBERS!

Well...until tomorrow! Cheers! DFTBA!

*Heartbreak is a funny phrase...I mean it's not like your heart LITERALLY breaks. Pondering....
**I would appreciate it if some resident math whiz confirmed that this is, in fact, mathematically impossible
***NOT AN ACTUAL STATISTIC. Just something I made up off the top of my head....

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