04 April 2009

Confessions....of a Teenage Nerd

You know, I think I have decided that every Saturday I will make several "confessions." Well...confessions at least that the people of BEDA/YouTube/Nerdfighters/online friends might not know. Some of them will be shameless, some will be embarrassing, and some will be...odd. Theme days FTW!!!!

1. I am completely obsessed with politics.
Okay, in all honesty, pretty much all of my friends already know this. You know those little "Tag which one your friend is" pictures on Facebook? Well, I'm almost ALWAYS tagged as "The Political Guru." If I'm not, it's just because there isn't that option on that picture. But anway, YOU, the people of BEDA, do not know how obsessed I am with politics yet. Teehee. Now, for us nerds, this probably is not all that unusual. But....well.....some of the things are quite funny.

For example, do most 13 year olds stay up until 10:30 during the 2006 Congress elections to see if the Democrats will become the majority? NO. Do most 13 year olds then go to school the next day and talk to their friend about how amazing Obama is and how we hope he runs for president in 2008? NO. (remember, this is 2006. When a lot of people didn't know much about Obama. I, Kat, was "wooed" by him.) My dad had a few friends over, and we literally cheered whenever a Democrat won a seat. Seriously. Walking by, you would've thought there was some huge, exciting sporting event on. And, I guess, to us, the 2006 elections WERE a huge, exciting sporting event.

I proceed to cheer when Obama announces his candidacy, watch all of the debates....and make a lot of fun of Hillary Clinton's laugh. And I mean EVERY SINGLE debate. The ones when every single candidate was present, including Chris Dodd and Dennis Kucinich and Joe Biden. And then I would endlessly discuss them. I have a feeling most of my friends got incredibly annoyed with me. But that's their issue.

Last year, my birthday was on Super Tuesday. And both my parents were gone being precinct captains. So what did I do? I watched MSNBC from about 3:30 to 10:30, doing homework, and writing, and cheering when Obama won a state.....Dorky much? MSNBC is my friend. It's ALL I watched during election season, bascially. Rachel Maddow? Yeah, my hero.

Hmmm....well, I was incredibly disappointed that we couldn't go to the DNC, because it was in Denver...and we live only 60 minutes away. But, alas, no invites =[ Anyway, you know who I was after the DNC? One of those annoying people who walked door to door asking people who they were voting for. And not just Presidential wise. US Congress and State Congress as well. My dad and I had a few people almost slam the door in our faces...but they were actually more polite, usually, when they saw that a 15-year-old was campaigning for Obama. I DID get to see him speak in Denver in October (at the end of this confession, I will post pictures). Then, we got to go to the Antler's Hilton on Election night. That ballroom was so charged. I got a bunch of free stickers and signs and posters. And I have video...and sound files...and pictures....I don't think I've ever screamed so loud IN MY LIFE as I did on that night. And, I then proceeded to stay up until about 1 or 2 in the morning because I was too happy and excited to go to sleep.

To accentuate my point, my English teacher used to joke that one of my classmates, Sean, and I shouldn't talk during October and November lest we kill each other. He's a complete Conservative Republican Palin supporter....and....yeah. We were the two extremes, luckily on opposite sides of the classroom!!
PICTURES: Obama in Denver Colorado for Obama

This one is inspired by a conversation in the ning chat last night. But basically, I still love all the old Disney Movies and TV shows.
TV shows: So Weird, Smart Guy, Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire (guilty pleasures much?), The Jersey, Bug Juice...
Movies: I could name a ton, but I'll stick with a few favorites. Zenon (the first two, but NOT the last one), Brink, Johnny Tsunami, The Color of Friendship (beautiful movie), Halloweentown, Smart House, Phantom of the Megaplex, The Ultimate Christmas Present, Motocrossed, Gotta Kick it Up, A Ring of Endless Light (beautiful book, too).

Unfortunately, now, Disney Channel sucks. In my opinion. Though, if you ask my sister, you'll get a different answer. Also inspired by the chat last night, I have to reflect on what Walt Disney's vision has come to. It's so sad, really. I can almost hear the poor guy pounding his fists on the top of his coffin or hitting his head on the gates of heaven or whatever screaming, "NOOOOOOOOO!!! This isn't what I meant!!!!!!!!!!!" (Refering to things like High School Musical and Hannah Montana.) I mean, it feels like all of the original magic that came with disney has been lost. It's simply a franchise now, seeking money, not with the goal to supply young kids everywhere with a magical experience and a chance to gasp and smile and laugh and applaud. The Poor Guy. =[ When I was a kid, in the 90s, Disney was still pretty awesome. Now, however....I don't get a thrill out of it anymore. There's A REASON they do fewer and fewer original movies...because they've run out of good ideas. It's awful, depressing, and I wish I could send a note of apology and sympathy to poor Walt, even though it isn't my fault. His dream, his vision, has all but faded away...UNLESS WE TRY TO BRING IT BACK! US, THE NERDFIGHTERS, WE CAN DO THIS!!!! (MAYBE)
"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained." ~Walt Disney
"Think beyond your lifetime, if you want to do something truly great." ~Walt Disney

3. I'm actually a huge sports fan.
This, in truth, is something not many people know about me. But it's true. The Spurs are my main team, the one I pay the most attention to. Ginobli's my man. =] I stay up until the end of games during April through June (or earlier, if the Spurs lose). But, I also watch a LOT of College basketball (Michigan vs. Connecticut...go Michigan). I'm not really into football, but soccer is one of my guilty pleasures...that is unfortunately very hard to watch because the cable company in Colorado Springs evidently is not a fan of soccer. And, I love watching Olymic swimming

I don't actually PLAY either of these sports anymore. I used to play both baskeball and soccer. At one point, I was actually quite good at both. Then I stopped playing, and now the soccer players at my school scare me too much. But, I do still swim, though not competitively anymore. I was one of the best swimmers on my team in Texas, though! I also run (cross country). But...my love for watching sports is kind of a secret. Shhhhhh.....

So, you definitely know a few more random facts about me now! Yes! Please don't laugh too hard.

Quick word about my day. It's snowing here, and about 10 degrees with windchill. And me, being completely insane sometimes, I went for a walk. Cold. Stinging, sharp snow. Oh, how those cars thought I was crazy. I THINK I'm going to a movie later, provided it doesn't snow too much in the next 2 hours!


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