21 April 2009


Bleurgh. I am quite tired today and do not really know what to blog about. *sigh*

Okay, so you might (and probably will) find this entry incredibly boring. But, it's the start of the NBA playoffs, which means I actually start watching basketball games! And...usually get no sleep whatsoever because the games tend to last kind of late. Basketball is basically the only sport I ever watch on TV. I would watch soccer (AKA football for you Europeans) on TV, but Colorado has this prejudice or soemthing against showing soccer games on TV....occasionally I'll find one on DirecTV if I'm at my mom's house. But, basically, it's rather depressing, since I love the action of soccer games =]

Oh, wait, the topic of this blog was supossed to be basketball. Oops. Sorry for the tangent....ANYWAY. Basketball. Yes. I think I love the sport so much because I actually understand it and can play it semi-well (though I'm nowhere near agressive enough) and enjoy the action. My team is the Spurs of San Antonio, since that's where I grew up. And, they are actually a very good team....most years. Although, with my man Ginobli out for the playoffs this year, I'm not getting my hopes up. I mean, I'm also not giving up on them, but I don't think they are going to go all the way this year. Sadly. Ginobli, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker are always the big three, they assist each other and make the big shots....I think that Ginobli is just a great player all around, and it is one of my biggest wishes to meet him.

Fun fact: While he goes by Manu Ginobli, his first name is actually Emmanuel. My dad told me this last night...Manu is more "macho' sounding, I suppose.

Well, THIS is an amusing picture of him =D =D =D (that's me laughing. Trust me.)

Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine, basketball games can get pretty messy. Especially in these "win or go home" situations of the NBA playoffs.* I will demonstrate this by detailing several examples from the Spurs-Suns** match-up in 2007. It was Game 4, and it ended up being a series-tying game (meaning it was now 2-2). During one of the games, Robert Horry bumped into Steve Nash, and it was a pretty nasty flagrant foul I suppose. Then I believe several players from the Suns got up off the bench to hold him back or something along those lines.*** Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw, to be precise (google FTW!). Anyway, there was somewhat of a fight. Robert Horry was suspended for 2 games, and Stoudemire and Diaw were suspended for one. It was rather crazy deal...First of all, it was hard to prove that Horry's bump into Nash was on purpose...and secondly....why the hell are Stoudemire and Diaw leaving the bench because of it?! Sheesh.

Also, in Game 1 of that series, Steve Nash and Tony Parker collided pretty hard near the end of the game. Parker was shaken up, but Nash got a nasty cut on his nose. He managed to stay in the game and make several helpful points, but his nose wouldn't stop bleeding. Which, of course, was a danger to him and a danger to the other players lest they slip in the blood dripping all over the court (yeah, I know it's gross. Deal). Anyway, he ended up missing basically the final minute of the game, and the Spurs won Game 1 of that series. To this day, I'm still not sure the Spurs would have won that game if Nash had not been out that final minute...But, they did, for whatever reason, whatever fates intervened, blah blah blah.

Okay, wow. I'm sure that was really boring. Anyway, the Spurs DID win last night, which means I have a little more faith in them at least beating the Mavericks (maybe). Tony Parker was great, but poor Ginobli looked so sad =[ I don't think he even cares whether his team wins, he just wants to PLAY. Poor guy.

All righty...I'm done talking about basketball for now......

I want to BE Mrs. Nerimon
So we can build a little house with a lawn....
And watch our love go on and on and OOOOOOOOOOOOON...

Ahem. Sorry. I had to.
Uh....so, if that was too boring for you, how about you go watch my Tuesday video for GenerationOfAwesome? =D

Also, I've decided I need to get more sleep...I know, I know, we're Nerdfighters...We run on AWESOME, not sleep. However...sleep is good sometimes. I should plan in getting a tad bit more. So I don't fall asleep in pre-calc or mix my colors wrong in Art....

Hopefully tomorrow I will be more exciting.**** Until then, Winged Monkey ningers Skype frieds! RAWR!
Cheers! DFTBA!

*The NBA playoffs are "Best of 7" whoever wins 4 games first goes on.
**The Suns are from Phoenix, Arizona, if you didn't know
***Wow. I am NOT good at retelling stories....Let's go look this up on Google and see if some old news story will save me...
****Hey, at least you got some crazy basketball stories, right? Maybe? Don't hate me? *nods*

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