16 April 2009

Being brainwashed by teachers?

Disclaimer: Okay, now before I start this blog, I want it to be known that this is just making fun of how much teachers teach us and how they drill it into our brains. I am not criticizing teachers...just stating how it's kind of funny how we NEVER forget somethings we are taught. On to the blog....

So, I was talking to my friend while we were working on our physics project about how certain things that teachers tell us NEVER get out of our minds....and we seem to apply them to everything. I'm not saying it's a BAD thing that teachers drill things into our minds, but sometimes those things come up when and where they have no logical reason to come up for the average person. But they do, because we can't forget them.

For example, English. GAH, English. After freshman year with all the stuff about archetypes (colors, seasons, etc), I CANNOT read books or watch movies without thinking at least once, "That's an archetype." about something or other. Whether it's the fact that the person is wearing white or that everything takes place in winter. Or the really annoying, "Look! The Hero Cycle!" Or, I'll be reading a book and thinking about all the things that an English teacher would want me to annotate. I don't, because it's not for school, but it's just so annoying! I sit there now and analyze every little thing sometimes. Not ALL the time...but especially when I'm reading classic books that I want to just sit down and enjoy. It's almost like we can't just sit down and simply enjoy a classic book anymore, because our teachers have ingrained into us that EVERYTHING is there for a reason and EVERYTHING means something and we need to analyze EVERYTHING.

And I'm not saying that authors don't put things in their books for a reason. I know they do. =] (Although I'm doubtful about SOME things English teachers claim. Some things, I'm sure the author just thought would be cool, ya know). But I am saying that we shouldn't have to think about all that every time we read a book. Sometimes a book's purpose is just so that people will enjoy it, and if they find any symbols or analysis, good for them. But, usually, an author's main point is not to put a bunch of stuff that English teachers will love into their books.

I'd really like to just be able to sit down and read a book without wondering if the fact that so-and-so is wearing a blue dress to the dance when she wore a white one to the last one. (I don't think this is actually in any book that I've read, it was just a random example.) I love the analysis and deeper thinking and all....but sometimes you read to relax, okay? Back off just a little if you could, English teachers...

Also, we were working on our Physics project on Newton's three laws. So at the time we were supposed to be analyzing what movements of a cat could apply to the laws. But, when we were editing the video, my cat jumped on my lap and I leaned forward. And I say, "That's equal and opposite reaction! She jumps on me, and I move forward!" And then, I immediately thought, Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Brainwash!!!!!!!!! Physics!!!!!!! AH! and hit myself on the head. I do not want to go into physics, so I should not be analyzing how every movement applies to physics. Or, at least I don't want to.

My math teacher also seems to want us to think about math constantly. He told us to walk to school "in vectors" and then have "your friend walk in the resultant vector." And I was thinking, Yeah, NO!

I like school, really I do. There are many criticisms I could make, especially of Rampart High School, but I don't want to do that right now. I just wish that teachers didn't ingrain material so deep into your brain that you think about it constantly. It's annoying, and often quite pointless....

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It's supposed to snow a lot again tomorrow and Saturday. Great..............*sarcasm* *rolls eyes*

Well, until tomorrow, then! Cheers! DFTBA!

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