05 May 2008

Extraordinarly Long Post (Also known as: Kat has too many thoughts and needs to update this more)

Yeah. Cause I last updated this a week ago. And SO much has happened since then. I doubt anyone reads this or cares (shows the great confidence I have in myself, eh?), but I feel I should document my life somehow. I'd write it in my actual journal, but I type so much faster than I write by hand that this just makes a hell of a lot more sense to me.

Hmm...so if I posted on the 28th, that means I have to start with the 29th (wow, I know my dates!) I actually don't think anything happened on that day. *thinks hard* French, RamTime, Algebra II, Health, Lunch, Journalism, Driver's Ed...Yeah, unless that was the day Hannah and Emily tossed a bag full of Ramen back and forth so much that it got a hole and started spilling as it was thrown, nothing exciting. And I'm not sure it was that day. Wait, the Spurs played the Suns that day, too. And they won, winning the series, locking them for semi-finals against the Hornets. More on that later. Well, then on the 30th I took my permit test and passed. SQUEE!!!!!!! Other than that...umm...???(yeah, now you see why I really need to update this journal more often! For all I know, something freakishly exciting happened on that day and I just don't remember. But I sincerely doubt it.) Well, Thursday wasn't exciting school-wise as far as I know, either. It was Beltane, though! And..........IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!! That's just NOT okay! I hate snow, and it just had to snow on my holiday. Hmmph. I don't have any control over the weather, though, so...We also took our actual Final for Driver's Ed that day and I passed with a 98 percent. :] Amazing, because I didn't think I'd do nearly that well--although, the final doesn't mean anything, really, just money off insurance to make my parents happy. But it was good and it made me happy (hence the smiley face).

Well, now, I actually have stuff to talk about related to Friday. In Earth Science we took our last test before the final, which it turns out I got one hundred percent on. Not surprising, since that is the easiest class (for me). In English we had our CLASS dress rehearsal, which actually went really well. Mrs. Pierce stopped all the other groups a bunch of times to tell them how to do certain things, where to move, how to act, and all that. But she didn't stop my group once!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I've finally memorized all my lines, but I need to get a tad bit better at the timing that I say them (knowing what line by someone else leads into my line). Ian's somersault also went great, but we all need to work on not laughing at him and Austin on the stage, since we're supposed to think Ian's this big, strong, menacing, unbeatable wrestler. I also took a quiz in Biology which I forgot to study for but managed to get one hundred percent on by guessing and eliminating answers I knew weren't true. There's also the fact that I find that class really easy and know the material really well. But, anyway...That evening we had our May Girl Scout sleepover. They're always fun, though I'm definitely the quietest and most reserved of the group, so I feel a little left out sometimes. We watched the Mask of Zorro, which is a great movie, but I've been so tired lately because of driver's ed and the playoffs that I fell asleep halfway through. *sigh*

Okay, now onto Saturday. (Jeez, this is a long post!) Well, in the morning Dad and I went on errands: we finally cashed my checks from my birthday and returned two of the repeat gifts I got for my birthday. I also finally shipped the Girl Scout cookies to Anna and Mary Rose. Granted, two and half months late, but it's better late than never. And, now all their friends can be jealous because they have Girl Scout cookies and their friends have probably eaten all of theirs already. After that, I went hiking with Dad and Leslie. It was actually a really beautiful hike in a canyon by Cave of the Winds. It was the perfect day for walking in a canyon, too--it wasn't hot (but it wasn't cold) so the sun wasn't baking the bottom of the canyon. It was windy, which made it a good day to hike in a canyon where most of the wind was blocked rather than through a field like in the Paint Mines or on a ridge or something. Overall, the hike was just absolutely beautiful--fantastic views of the mountains and the blue Colorado sky. :] Unfortunately, my sister kind of ruined the overall pleasantness of the day by getting into this huge argument just because Dad has been asking her to clean her bathroom for months now and she refuses. She brought in so many things that had absolutely nothing to do with the bathroom--basically every bad emotion she's felt at this house and all the supposed bad things she has to do here (FHI: nearly every kid in the world does chores). And, somehow she worked me into the argument which just totally pissed me off. Going off on a tangent here:
  • Okay, so supposedly I'm mean to my friends. I guess I honestly don't know, because that's all in their eyes and opinion, but I sincerely doubt it. I know I get grouchy and annoyed sometimes when I'm stressed or tired or sincerely upset about something, but I don't think I'm truly mean. For one thing, Allie and Mary Rose and Justi and sver/nor have told me how friendly, understanding, and honestly compassionate I am. I've heard it from my school friends, as well. And, for another, there's no point in being mean to my friends: I have so few of them that doing that would honestly be the stupidest thing in the world, way above all the things I mentioned doing in the previous post. I mean, maybe I should ask my friends if I think I'm mean to them, but...
  • She got that supposedly because Malia told her that I said, "My sister and I don't really get along that well." Which is completely, honestly, one hundred percent true, whether she realizes it or not. She takes all the attention away from me--her bad things take the focus away from even the biggest good thing I do. Everyone worries about her and discusses her and...well, I feel left out. I've described the true feeling to sver/nor....*goes to search and see if can find the post to her* Yay! found it (well, at least a portion of it: Jaime, the reason for my questions about your siblings, or sibling, was because of your comments about how she is the one that gets the attention. I have two daughters, 14 months apart, and there was a certain amount of sibling rivalry going on there. The younger one was used to seeing the older one getting most of the attention, so she reacted by not wanting anything the older one had, or reading something the other one read first, etc. etc. It was the relatives that gave all this attention to the older one as she was the first baby in both families. However, the younger one was like you, Jaime. She was very diligent in her studies, and she loved books. She was also a perfectionist, so everything she did, she excelled in. She , like you, was friendly and outgoing, and nice to everybody, and didn't take sides. The older one was very smart also, but she was very social, and didn't apply herself as much to her schoolwork. The end result was that the older one got good grades but not outstanding, and the younger one received straight As always, and high SST scores. When the younger of two sisters outshines the older, you cant' praise the younger one too much, in front of the older one. And my mother was very protective over her, and didn't want her hurt. (me)Oh, well thanks. It really does help to feel like I have someone who really understands what I'm going through. Your younger daughter really does seem a lot like me, except for the outgoing part. I really am very shy, which doesn't help the whole my older sister gets more attention thing. The barrier seems to fall away once I start talking about Harry Potter, which is why y'all have probably never noticed. I am very friendly, but shy...someone has to talk to me first; I won't just go up and start a conversation with someone I don't know well. Still, other than that, your daughters are pretty much exactly like my sister and me. She gets good grades I suppose but is more into friends, while I sit at home and read. Maybe you could put me in contact with your younger daughter?
  • Umm, I was going to say something else........Ah, right. What right does my sister have to say that I'm mean to my friends and how the hell does she know? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!
Anyway, she apologized for her behavior to Dad and Leslie, but she never said sorry to me. And she knows perfectly well that I heard every f-ing word she said about me. It peeves me that Dad and Leslie just accepted her apology, when she does this all the time. Seriously, this is not the first time she's turned a refusal to do something on her part or a refusal to give her something on Dad's part into World War III inside our house. So that kind of ruined my great Saturday...

On another note, I spent a good part of that night making my mixed CD for Peace46, which I think turned out really good. I went for a Harry Potter theme--a mix of songs from my previous two Harry Potter CDs I made for me and a few new songs. I sincerely hope she likes it anyway. And, the Spurs played the Hornets that night. They actually played real well the whole game, but the last quarter (the last 3 minutes, actually), the game got incredibly out of hand and they, unfortunately, lost. Ooooo, and I baked these amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies during the game! Omigoodness, heaven in a circle of dough :] And they're gone already! Sad...

So. Sunday. Was pretty boring. I kind of wanted to go for a run, but I didn't know how to bring it up last minute with Leslie, so that idea flew out the window to join the robins. I spent the morning retyping my Terminus paper because I couldn't find the file on my computer or the flash drive I saved it to. I've gotten it down to 17:44, which is good, but now I'm really wishing I kept it a 50-minute presentation instead, cause I'd like to include a video. But, if I can shorten it a bit more (by cutting out The Greater Good and psychology, which I might do), then I'll probably make at least a 3-minute video, since there should be time for questions according to Terminus. But I'd have to have someone show me how to make a video. ;] I also made the cover for my CD for Peace46, which took a surprisingly long time. I did a sunset on the ocean since that's what I'm best at drawing and it's kind of a universal theme. And, I went for the title of, "Wash off the Scars." It means a lot to me, since that's a line I included in my poem to Jo; "Jo, you've had your final word, now let us have ours:/There's only one thing left to do, after washing the scars". But, since y'all don't live in my head, I'll explain it to you. It actually kind of has two meanings. One: well, you know all those people who draw lightning bolt scars on themselves for the book releases? Well, that was part of the meaning that went into that line, because those people usually leave their drawn-on scars on while reading the book, and would wash them off after finishing. I originally meant the second line to include the word "off" but it didn't flow as well. Second meaning: Basically, just that all the deaths left scars on our hearts that, while we can't physically wash them, we had to cleanse--you know, cleanse ourselves of the sadness and the hurt we all felt. So, I'm not sure Peace46 will get that, but I'm going to try to include it in the letter I put with the CD. And, at least I'll always know that "Wash off the Scars" means something special Harry Potter-related to me.

Today, though, has been pretty...blah. French, Access, Algebra II, Health, Lunch, Journalism. Well, we got our Algebra II projects back...Ali and I got 100% (wow, is that becoming really redundant, or is it just me?) In Health we used the "drunk goggles" and did a bunch of stuff with them that made for a pretty amusing class. Lunch is always a good time, especially since today has been incredible weather. :]

(Note: This post has officially become too long and I am continuing my thoughts on Harry Potter into another journal entry. Please hold on tightly.)

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