28 April 2008

100 hundred days!!!!!!!!

Until Terminus! *faints* *turns blue* Bahahahaha, no, I didn't actually do either of those things. But........ONE HUNDRED DAYS! That's it! (Okay, it may seem large to you, but it's actually really small) I'm so freaking excited. Seriously. Unless you are a big Harry Potter fan who has attended a conference, someone from the Terminus forum, or someone who's going to Terminus, I don' t think you'll understand. But it's exciting. Unfortunately, I haven't printed out my most recent version of my paper yet because our printer is out of toner. I could just put more in there but I really don't want to break the printer. Yes, my dad will be annoyed if I ask him to change the toner, but he'll just be flat out pissed off if I break our printer. SO. I'm going to just risk it and ask him, then watch him do it so maybe I can do it myself the next time and not break the printer. But...anyway. That was a really long rant about toner. Sorry.

Right. Back to the subject: 100 days until Terminus is here! Well, I also haven't had time to do a test pack recently. Or maybe I just don't want the weird looks from my family. I really honestly want to do another one, but I'll wait until a time when I have the house to myself and don't have driver's ed and Shakespeare festival and math and biology and health and earth science and french and...well, when I have TIME. Which won't be until like...June. *winks* Exciting news, though: My dad and stepmom agreed to get me the Atonement dress if I wear it to Sam's quincenaera (spelling?), Terminus, homecoming, and my sweet sixteen. Which I will. It's beautiful...though I just hope it looks just as good in "person."

Well, I had a really good weekend. On Saturday was Hannah's birthday party, which was amazing, no less than I'd expect from her. We played several fun games and she taught me how to play Egyptian rat slap, which is the funnest card game you will ever play. Then, on Sunday (morning) my English group met and spent more time laughing at Ian in his fat suit. The Spurs lost Game 4, but they are now ahead 3-1 back in San Antonio tomorrow, and the Suns aren't about to pull off four straight wins, since no team has done it before. (Hang on while I knock on my wooden desk just to make sure....Okay, I'm back.) We went to go see a play, which wasn't great, but THEN we went out to California pizza kitchen where I had the most amazing dinner =)

But as good as my weekend was, today actually kind of sucked. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a good day either. Earth Science was brain-numbing, in English Austin and Ian would not focus, health was more boring than usual, and...all right. Biology was okay. But I've done several stupid things lately: helping someone cheat, accidentally breaking a paper lantern and not saying so, and refusing to do this improv thing in front of my peers (which was weird, because I'm willing to do it in front of strangers, but not these people who I've known since elementary school). In the long run, I think I'll forget all those things (and, frankly, I'd probably be thinking about it just as much if I had gone to do the improv thing, just in a different way) and none of them are really incredibly stupid. It's just I can't get them off my mind, especially at night. *sigh*

Currently/coming up for me: I am rereading Prince Caspian in anticipation of the movie. I am drowning in English homework. Drowning in stupid driver's ed stuff, too, but the classroom stuff will be over soon. Meanwhile, teachers are piling on more: a health project, a biology test, and an earth science test. A take-home Algebra II test in addition to a section of homework. To get through it all, I'm listening to PotterCast, thinking of Terminus, camp, and summer in general, reading, and trying to get as much running in as I possibly can.

If anyone actually reads this, I am sending happy thoughts your way. But depending on how far away you live, it could take a while for them to get there, as I have no control whatsoever over the postal service!

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