08 April 2008

Four Months!!!!!!!!!

Until Terminus, Terminus, Terminus.....IS HERE!!!!!!!!! (that was kind of supposed to be musical, but I don't think I got the message across...) I'm really excited =) If the past three months seemed to fly by this fast, the next 4 shouldn't feel much longer, especially since I'll be gone at camp for basically one of them. But, really, I can't wait. I just want them to come out with the schedule already, because there are about a billion things I want to do, but I can't do all of them, and I need to see a schedule so I can better judge how I should be spending my time, when my presentation is, and when I should set up my Luna and Neville Intersection. I decided to sign up to volunteer at Terminus, though, finally, because Hallie said that I'd actually be arriving right on time for the training! SQUEE!!!!!!!! =D

Okay, enough of Terminus. Sorry. But in case you didn't gather, I'm really excited. Hmm...well, it snowed yesterday, which was really strange, because it wasn't especially cold outside. In fact, by the time I was walking home around 3:00 (I hung out with friends for a little while), it was warm and sunny. The thing I liked, though, was that it smelled like rain. I don't know why, really, but it did, and I love the smell of rain. =) It's just so beautiful. For some reason, that random rain smell really brought it home that it was spring now--even though the smell technically came from a snow shower...But, that's spring in Colorado for you!

April 10th is drawing ever closer, and I'm getting more and more upset about Fountain Valley. I'm trying not to express it too much, because I know my dad and stepmom feel bad, but...I want to go SO MUCH. I get really upset sitting in class usually because I find myself daydreaming about how much better, more stimulating, and more interactive {insert class name here} class would be at Fountain Valley. Of course, then people ask what's wrong and the whole thing gets kind of messy. But I'm just so bored and unhappy at Rampart and I don't feel like I'm being challenged or getting anywhere. *sigh* However, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to change about it. Which is just even more depressing.

Today, however, I stayed after school until 4:30 because the library stayed open later. It was actually really nice, because most people had left the library so it was really quiet in there and I could do my homework in peace. Ali and I finished MOST of our math project, I finished my math homework, biology homework, health homework, part of my french homework, and looked at MP's comments about my Terminus paper. Which is a lot more than I would've gotten done at home, with my sister blaring the television. It was just nice to work in a quiet, peaceful environment. I still have a little bit of French and some English, but the English isn't due until Thursday.

Well...I don't have that much else to say. I'm uber excited for Terminus, I'm happy that it's (sort of Spring), I'm upset about Fountain Valley, and I finished most of my homework. Oh, and Leslie and I are going to aerobics really soon. Yep, that's basically the summary of my life right now.

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