06 May 2008


Hi! So, today was actually quite an amazingly good day. Granted, this morning sucked, since Earth Science was positively brain-numbing, and English was just aggravating because we had an obnoxious sub who didn't know any of the instructions Mrs. Pierce gave us and kept trying to interfere when she shouldn't. And, Austin and Ian were being freakishly argumentative. BUT, the things that followed totally made up to a crappy start to the day.

Well, like I've said, Lunch is always absolutely amazing. I guess there wasn't anything exceptionally amazing today, but it was really nice outside and we had good conversation--very random conversation, but good nevertheless. Biology, however, was phenomenal. For whatever reason, I was really hyper in the afternoon, which is a totally rare occurrence for me because I'm usually way too tired to even attempt being hyper. And I didn't even have any sugar before that. I, personally, think it's the beautiful weather. But anyway, we were supposed to be studying for the test, but I studied last night under the sad realization that the Spurs WERE NOT going to win that game. So, Haley, Hannah, Malia and I were being incredibly random and a lot of the things we said were quite funny, though I can't remember too many specifics. I do know that I kept getting really excited and saying "Yay!" while waving my arms around, and that I once randomly said Hufflepuff while also doing the weird arm waving thing. And, despite the lack of studying that went on, I think I did pretty well on the test.

Anyway, after school Travis, Emily, and I sat around for a while--they were supposed to be working on Shakespeare Fest, but no one else in their group came, so we instead decided to play Clue since none of us had cards. Well, Clue with only three people is really easy because EVERYONE figures it out. After one quick game that we all technically won, we attempted to get Mrs. Bieger to play. Amazingly, she said she would have, but that she had to leave. Sad. :[ But, then Malia and Hannah came with the cards and we proceeded to play a few games of Egyptian Rat Slap, Spoons, and BS. God, we are such nerds! We sat in the library until 4:30 playing Clue and card games. But it was a lot of fun, especially once we were the last students in there and could really be as loud as we liked.

Leslie and I went to cardio interval, which felt absolutely amazing. Exercise is officially the greatest "high" on earth. :] And...........OBAMA WON NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!! And, Indiana is "too close to call" at the time I'm writing this! SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Apparently I'm still hyper. Well, I hope anyone who reads this also had a great day! Cheers!

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