23 May 2008


Are annoying. Not exactly evil or even particularly hard most of the time, but just obnoxiously tedious. I hate taking long tests, no matter how easy I find them. I'm actually not worried about any of my finals too much--a little worried about English just because I didn't do too well on the tests on The Once and Future King and Oedipus, and worried about Algebra II just because...well, it's math and there's a heck of a lot to remember!

So far, I've taken just Health and Biology. We didn't take a multiple choice final in French, but about a week ago we did an oral and an essay that are being counted as our final. The Health final was the easiest test I've probably ever taken. It only had 43 questions, and for 20 minutes of the test period we were allowed to use our books, so basically you could do the entire test in those 20 minutes. =] I wasn't worried at all and I barely studied for it. Plus, the short answer question was really open-ended: What works best for you to relieve stress? Explain why? Jeez, I mean, you could put anything and have a legitimate reason and get credit. Anyway, the only final I had today was Biology, which wasn't actually hard at all. There were only a handful of multiple choice questions that I wasn't sure on, and out of the five compare and contrasts I did, I'm positive on my answers for four of them and pretty sure about the other one.

So. Earth Science and English on Tuesday. End-of-year-party tonight at Kelsey's. Grocery shopping tomorrow for the first time in what feels like forever...Rafting pretty much all day on Sunday!!! And, hopefully, Prince Caspian on Monday. Somewhere in there I hope to work in time to go to the gym, study for the finals, read more of I Capture the Castle, and fix my Terminus paper.

To all those who are busy with finals, I wish you luck on them! To everyone, I wish y'all happiness and good fortune beyond your wildest dreams, though I still can't promise when they'll get to you because of the postal service! ;] Cheers!

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