29 May 2008

Finals report

This is just kind of for fun, me telling y'all what I got on my finals. Yay!

Earth Science
Final test grade: 95.52%
Final exam grade (with the test, lab, and project): 97.31%
Semester grade: 98.85%
French: <br> Final test grade (oral and essay): 98%
Semester grade: 96.24%
Final test grade: 92%
Semester grade: 93.88%
Algebra II:
Final test grade: 101%
Semester grade: 96.52%
Final test grade: 88.33%
Final exam grade (with the test and two labs): 90.67%
Final test grade: 100%
Semester grade: 100%

The only one I haven't gotten is my health final, which is the first final I took!!! How hard is it to just run the papers through the scantron machine and post them on IC?! Aaaaaaaargh!!!!!

Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed that. Sorry if you didn't. I'm just really bored.

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