15 May 2008

Time for Updates again!

Friday: A surprising amount of stuff happened, actually. It was a kind of funny day with a weird schedule because......WE GOT OUR YEARBOOKS IN THE AFTEROON!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :] Yep, I basically spent from 12:30 until 2:30 signing yearbooks of my closest friends, but I couldn't find everyone I wanted to get. After we got kicked out of the library at 3, we sat outside until a little after four to go to the Metro boy's swim meet which was actually really...fun. It lasted forever, though, and didn't finish until seven at which point Haley and I decide to go see Mr. Rampart. O mi god, hilarious!!!!!! Personally, I didn't think the guy who won was the best, but he did manage to balance a kayak on his chin! So, end of story, I spent 14 hours at school! Eeek!

Saturday: Was freakishly, incredibly busy. *sigh* I woke up at 6:45 so I could be ready when my dad picked me up a little bit before eight for my camp physical. Then, we rushed from the hospital over to the chapel for my first driving session =( I didn't enjoy it much, especially because Mr. White scared me out of my mind by making me drive on the highway my first day! Eeek! Well, anyway, it ended at 1:00 so I rushed home to change into my dress and get the gift and all for Sam's quincenara, which started at 2:00 way down in Security. We were a tad bit late, but...it didn't really matter. Anyway, the service in the church was absolutely beautiful--I'm not Christian, but I still appreciated the beauty and the tradition of the celebration. Since the reception didn't start until 4 and the service ended a little before 3, Leslie and I got some onion rings in Security since I hadn't eaten anything but waffles since 7 in the morning--which was hilarious, because we were in these fancy dresses in a diner. We proceeded to travel then over to Fort Carson for the actual reception/dance, which, again, was beautiful. It was great just to simply see Sam again, even though she was surrounded by her FVS friends and we didn't get much alone time. I did dedicate "I hope you dance" to her and we talked a fair amount--she's honestly the most honest, truest friend I have here in Colorado. This is us at some point during the dance part...It ended at 9:00 but I didn't get home until about 10, when I promptly went to bed.

Sunday: Wasn't quite as busy. Driving again from 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. I suppose it was a little bit better, but...I still wasn't very confident in myself. After driving I did homework and watched the Spurs game--they slaughtered the Hornets 100 to 80!!!!

Monday: Gah. Interesting Day. First, I had to go get blood drawn :[ Actually, it didn't hurt very much when it actually happened, because I wasn't looking and trying to focus on Leslie. Apparently, they took three vials of blood!!! Eeek! Sadly, it began to really hurt when I got back to school. Seriously, I couldn't move my arm about an inch both ways from this bent position it was in. And, since we got schedules in the morning (I had to go get mine at lunch), we didn't have Access to prepare for Shakespeare Festival. Gah!!!!!! So, unfortunately, we left a few things back in the classroom--Austin's costume, basically. But, other than that, it went really well because we all remembered our lines and there weren't any awkward pauses. Not sure if we were loud enough, but people seemed to enjoy it. It was really awkward though because I couldn't move my right arm and had purple gauze wrapped around it. Very Shakespearian. *rolls eyes* The day was pretty uneventful at school after that...I got my schedule changed. I had driving AGAIN from 2:30 to 6:30, and it wasn't quite as bad. We drove to and from Woodland Park, which was a highway with a lot of curves, but I happily admit that I needed the practice with that. And, we got smoothies at Maggie Moos! Yay! But, let me just say how much I dislike my driving partner. She's a sophomore, and she's just really rude and thinks she's incredibly cool, but I can't really understand why anyone would want to be friends with her...I got home a little early, ate dinner, did my French oral, and played a really long game of Egyptian Rat Slap with Dad and Leslie that I ended up winning even though at one point I was out for like 20 minutes.

Tuesday: Erm...well, that day at school was really boring. Yeah. I did my French oral, and got a 92 on it, but other than that....yeah. nothing. I had my last driving session from 2:30 to 6:30. Yay! I'm now officially done with driver's ed! This one I felt went really well because I've gotten good at turning, staying in the center of the road, parallel parking, parking in general, and changing lanes. I'm still not good at being aggressive and turning quickly after being stopped and I still really hate turning when there's traffic coming at me. Actually, this session went until 7 to make up for the half hour I missed on Monday, but I didn't mind. Mr. White still isn't my favorite person, but I think that I might like to "work" for him like Megan (the girl who rode with us) because it pays good and...he's not that bad when you aren't making him upset. And I think it'll be better if I'm not the student. Oh, and the Spurs lost badly. *sigh*

Wednesday: I honestly can't remember anything exciting happening. Really. How sad. I went to California Pizza Kitchen with Dad, which was good, but...wow. Boring day, I guess?

Today: Philosopher's Stone Reading Group opened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! :] And I took the Chapter 11 math test. And I've been really tired all day. And the Spurs play again tonight...I'll tell you how they do!

Other points of interest:
-Prince Caspian opens tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'm going to see it.
-The Terminus programming schedule came out finally! (Funny story. I'd been talking to Leslie about how much I wanted it to come out during the quincenera and....it came out that day!) I'm presenting on Sunday, May 1oth at 2:00 pm in the Ontario room on the 8th floor of the Hilton Chicago. So, if you're attending Terminus, you had better be there! (Or I'll send nargles after you)
-I'm going to get all my gym credits done next year and........I actually have classes with Joel and Michelle! Yay!

Anyway, to whoever is reading this: I hope your days are bright, your problems are solved quickly, and that you find happiness in even just the small things in life! Cheers!

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