30 May 2008

The conflicting sides of today.

Today is awesome because:
I don't have any cavities! Yeah, that seems kind of random, but I went to the dentist yesterday afternoon and I didn't have any =]
The semi-finals and finals of the National Spelling Bee are today! So.......go watch them! They start in like one minute so I'm rushing.

Today is not awesome because:
I'm now officially stuck at my mom's house for the next 14 days and 9 hours. *sigh*
Melissa left for Thailand and Zach left for China--I'm never going to see him again, probably! Sad!
The Spurs lost last night, so they're not going to the finals =[ I mean, it's not like my whole life revolves around whether or not my basketball team wins, but it does make today notsome...

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