28 May 2008


Is now officially here! Well, technically it's been summer since 12:07 pm (yes, that IS when we got out of school. Random.) But I only just got home about 45 minutes ago and then I decide to empty my backpack and binders and clean my room and straighten up my bathroom. Yes, weird thing to do when I get home for summer, but I'm going to my mom's house tomorrow (ugh) and I come back here on the 13th and then leave for camp on the 15th. And I really didn't want to spend the one day in between cleaning (I'll be packing). Plus, it's nice to come home to a clean room.

So, I'll go through my day with you! Squee!!! Well, so it was really cold this morning--I wanted to wear shorts to school, but I had to walk and it was 45 degrees and raining and...well, I didn't want to walk into school with freezing legs! I got to school around 6:55, gave Ms. Bieger her cookies, and studied a little for the math final. Then, right at 7:13 we took the free response part of the Algebra II final, which I got 100 percent on! We had a short break and then took the multiple choice part of the final at 8:07 which I got a 94 on...so, overall, with those two grades and the 4 extra credit points I had for the final, I got 101 percent on the Algebra II final!!! =O Geez, that surprised me. Then I went straight from there to Journalism, where I gave Ms. McGuire her cookies as well, we took the final and did a bunch of random ...things. (like Harry Potter hangman!) The final was harder than I thought it would be, but I think I did all right. And considering I can get a 45 on that final and keep an A...I think I'm good!!! Then, like I said, school got out at 12:07. =]

Anyway, once school got out I said last goodbyes to friends (more on that later) and found Joel, Melissa, and Zach. The four of us proceeded to walk to Maggie Moos for ice cream which was about 4 or 5 miles of walking. Lucky for us, it got a lot warmer. I got a kids size of espresso ice cream with Reeses candy mixed in =] After Joel finished his large cone (seriously, the thing was gigantic), we went to California Pizza Kitchen and ordered two things of the Tuscan Hummus and pita appetizer and sat for a fairly long time eating that because...I think it was because we didn't want to leave. Then we finally left the Shops at Briargate (where Maggie Moos and CPK were) and walked up to Mountain Ridge, our middle school that we went to. We got there RIGHT as school was getting out and had the opportunity to talk to old teachers: Ms. Billiard, Ms. Sanders, Ms. Reed, and Ms. Loncar. That was another mile and a half or so. Zach and Melissa had to go home, but I walked with Joel to Academy International, our elementary school. We stayed there for roughly 45 minutes in his mom's kindergarten room, then she drove me home. But the walk to AIES was probably another half mile. So...yeah, I walked 6 to 7 miles today! =] I love walking--I could probably do it forever if I wanted to.

Now y'all have the summary of my day, so I'm going to go into my thoughts about summer being here. (Skip this part if you've gotten tired of my endless ranting) On the one hand, it makes me pretty happy because I'm free from homework and teachers and projects and having to wake up at 5:45 for 2 and a half months. Plus, camp starts in 17 days and Terminus is in only 70 days. But a much larger part of me really doesn't want it to be summer. It's kind of complicated, but mostly it's because I now have to go spend 15 days at my mom's house, which is really boring and aggravating and...well, my feelings and thoughts about my mom and her house could be another entire long entry, but basically I'm not happy there and I really don't want to spend any extra time there. In addition to the disappointment of spending my first two weeks of summer at my mom's house, summer means that I won't see a majority of my friends until August. For one thing, a lot of them are going on vacation. And for another, the ones who aren't probably aren't going to invite me to do anything with them, though Hannah and Malia might. Besides that, several of my friends are moving, including Zach, which just gives me a lot of conflicting feelings. I have so few friends that I hate losing even just the smallest ones. *sigh* So at the moment I think there's more negative feelings I have about summer coming than I do positive. Still, once these next 15 days have passed, I'll be a lot happier and excited about summer, I think and hope. And I will survive the 15 days at my mom's house, since I do it every summer. I just hate it.

Getting away from the negativeness! I'm really happy today, though. I smiled and laughed so much with Joel and Melissa and Zach that my face actually kind of hurts. And I have this tired happiness from walking that 6 to 7 miles.

I'll probably be posting in here a lot up until the 15th when I leave for camp with NO computers, which I don't mind, but just to let y'all know! Oh, and watch the preliminary rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee tomorrow! =]

Random pictures:
Clean room
School stuff
Empty backpack! *gasp*

Wellllll...happy thoughts coming y'alls way, as usual! Cheers!

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